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Presenter : Kiran K. Sharma

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  1. 1. SMART VILLAGES & AGRIBUSINESS Creating smart villages through agribusiness Kiran K. Sharma
  2. 2. 1. Harness markets in ways that include the poor 2. Reinvest gains in innovations that move smallholders along the development pathway 3. Manage risks that are stumbling blocks for the poor, building their resilience IMOD: Three main elements
  3. 3. • Enhancing agricultural development through entrepreneurship, innovation and partnerships Vision • To create, leverage and aggregate programs and services to promote agribusiness and enhance partnerships through entrepreneurship development, innovation and value addition for accelerated agricultural growth Mission About Agribusiness & Innovation Platform (AIP) Value-added food products Prosperity through partnerships Agro- enterprise development
  4. 4. Serve as a mechanism for agro-technology exchange from ICRISAT and its partners to the private/public sector Identify and promote innovations and handhold entrepreneurs to establish sustainable agri-enterprises 1 Act as a catalyst for Inclusive Market-Oriented Development (IMOD) by linking smallholder farmers to different stakeholders across the agricultural value chains and promoting value addition to farm produce Facilitate socio-economic development, especially promoting new livelihood opportunities for women and youth Objectives of AIP 2 3 4
  5. 5. ABI: Improving well-being of poor farmers through creation of competitive agribusiness enterprises by technology development and commercialization. Components of AIP Institutional Impacts: Entrepreneur – farmer linkages • Crop & seed demand enhancement • Outreach to farmers • Strengthening farmer resilience Institutional Impacts: Public/Private sector partnerships • Research linkages with private sector • Subsistence development • New developmental approach Institutional Impacts: Value addition & nutrition • Creating market demand for SAT crops • Promoting nutritional awareness, dietary diversity and health • Reducing malnutrition • Ensuring Food Safety and Quality INP: Developing collaborative research partnerships with public, private and allied sectors to benefit the small holding farmers of dry land tropics across the agricultural and agribusiness value chain. NPK: Value addition, post harvest management, nutritional and food safety awareness in agri-food sector through innovative processing, product/technology development and capacity building.
  6. 6. Business Services: Key Services of AIPTECHNOLOGYDEVELOPMENT • Scientific support • Liaising and networks • Licensing • Technology validation • Lab space and equipment • Testing and trials CONSULTANCY • Technology • Business • Legal/IPR • Market Research • Training programs • Techno- Economic feasibility studies • Soft-landing services FUNDING • Government schemes • Venture capitals • Loans • Angel Investors • Funding directory MENTORING • Business plans • Business meetings • Action plans and reviews • Trainings and workshops • Mentors network
  7. 7. Business Services: Incubatee Profile at AIP Client portfolio 70 45 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 ClientIntake/Exit ClientCategory Bio-fuel Ag-Bio SBV Farm Ventures Ag-In ICT Food Processing Client Intake Graduated Bio-fuel 1%Ag-Bio 13% SBV 12% Farm Ventures 24% Ag-In 27% ICT 7% Food Processin g 16%
  8. 8. Operational Area: AIP in India The numbers… • 22 BPD Units: 17 ICAR Institutes, 5 SAUs • Start-ups incubated: 1218 with 91 graduations • Innovations nurtured: 52 • Jobs created: 219, 973 • Technologies commercialized: 331 • Farmers benefited: 1.4 lakh • Entrepreneurs trained: 3700 • Patents facilitated: 37 • Consultancy assignments: 283 • Revenue generated: USD 3.74 M • Funding mobilized to clients: USD 2.98 M • Global Agribusiness Incubation Conferences: 6 • National Technology Transfer Meets: 2
  9. 9. SCENEOperational Area: AIP in Africa UniBRAIN Project AIP-ICRISAT FTL ProjectFPBIC Project FARA; ASARECA; CORAF/WECARD; CCARDESA; ANAFE; PanAAC ABI MEA, GoI; MoFPI, GoI;NARL, Uganda; CCIMA, Cameroon; CSIR- ARI, Ghana; Mali; Angola INP MEA, GoI; MoFPI, GoI; RBS, Rwanda; DRSS, Zimbabwe; MCT, Republic of Congo; NAFDAC, Nigeria; NPHL, GambiaNPK Value chain agribusiness incubators established6 Agribusiness start-ups incubated186 Agro-technologies commercialized58 Investment mobilized for incubatees$1.3 m Agro-innovations scaled up by incubators21 Jobs created through start-ups3218 Additional consortia developed based on UniBRAIN model9
  10. 10. Partners of AIP
  11. 11. Smart Villages & Agribusiness Focus • How to create energy access and sustainability within villages? • How to improve livelihood and quality of life in rural sector? • How to enhance farm productivity and returns from field by reducing farm input costs? • How to address carbon footprint at farm-level? • How to promote social ventures to challenge grassroot issues? • Can community-driven interventions lead to smart village and rural development?
  12. 12. Smart Villages & Agribusiness FPOs as entry point for farm interventions Agri-Information Center Agro Services Center Agro Storage Center Agro Primary/Secondary Processing Center Logistics FPO FPO FPO NARS NGOs Public/ Private Financial Agencies Government Agencies SHG SHG SHG SHG SHG Seed Production & Marketing Services from support actors: • Knowledge and awareness • Planning and execution of business models • Technology access • Training on production & marketing • Provide resources and services • Connect to market Ag-Tech Start-ups Linking to other actors down the Value Chain
  13. 13. State Telangana Tamil Nadu Andhra Pradesh Districts Medak Coimbatore, Nagapattinam, Pollachi Ananthapur No of FPOs Registered 5 5 5 No of Farmers Mobilized 200 500 50 Major Commodities Pulses Cereals and Vegetables Paddy, Coconut Pulses and Cereals As a Resource Support Agency (RSA) for Telangana, AIP organized 3 training programs for Telangana POPIs Progress: • Baseline survey done in all locations of the FPOs • Cluster identification has been done • Awareness meetings are ongoing • Share capital mobilization is ongoing • Discussions with Agriculture & Government Departments ongoing Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs)
  14. 14. • Registered under Companies Act, 2013, on 03/02/2016 • Located in Siddipet, Medak district • Covering 7 villages and 7 gram panchayats • 68 share holders and Rs.68,000/- share capital • Having 3000 sqft godown on rent • Focus on vegetable production and marketing • Secured seeds and fertilizer selling license SIDDIPET KISAN AGRO PRODUCERS COMPANY LTD FPO awareness program in Laxmidevipally Village FPO awareness program in Ibrahimpur village FPO staff Participated in technical session at Field by Horticulture Department FPO awareness program in Lingareddypally Village About a new FPO
  15. 15. • Connecting ICRISAT research and scientists to farmers • Connecting agribusiness start-ups, services and products to FPO members • Support FPO management team with business development and marketing assistance FPOs & ICRISAT What we also do? Recently inaugurated eFresh-FDC at Narayankhed; eFresh is an incubatee at ABI-ICRISAT
  16. 16. Original Value Chain Capacity to Respond End Market Requirements Harmonize grades and standards, trading protocols, process interfaces and information systems Develop an integrated value chain development strategy Achieve breakthrough improvements in the core value chain functions Develop forecasting methods and systems to balance demand and supply more precisely Customers Customer’s Customer Distribution Channel Extend the value chain forwards Test Alternative Distribution Channels / Invest in new retail services SuppliersSupplier’s Supplier Extend the value chain backwards Core Vendors Procure Produce MarketProduct Distribu- tion Process Develop a sophisticated inventory replenishment and shipment scheduling capability. Strengthening the agribusiness value chain
  17. 17. Smart Villages through Agribusiness FPO Mini- processors Storage Service Providers Ecozen Technologies Solar dryers Fossil fuel Cleaner energy Low-carbon development pathway Inputs Production Processing (village level) Marketing Consumer Claro Energy Energy access • Increase farm revenue • Improve field productivity • Lower PH loss • Nutritional security • Enhance quality of life Bio-energy Bio-gas, bio-mass Husk Power Systems Custom hiring models for farm mechanization, irrigation Linking up for energy access along the Value Chain Chilling units SunDanzer Chotukool IOT / ICT ventures on farm management
  18. 18. Critical aspects to be considered • Defining the problem given the multiple actors, systems and interactions at play • Develop solutions for the problem • Ability to aggregate demand since it is a dispersed market with diverse needs • Implementing renewable energy model at low-cost • Costing per unit of energy • Minimum turn-around time • On-ground technical support • High risk at initial stage • Addressing gender inclusion • Access points for partners to enter and help attain scale
  19. 19. Opportunities for agribusiness in Smart Village  National Solar Mission of Government of India • US$ 769 m for 5 year period to install solar roof-top systems under grid-system  CSR Act, Government of India • Allows for contributions towards rural development projects, eradicating hunger and malnutrition, access to safe drinking water, and ensuring environmental stability  Thrust towards promoting FPOs across India • SFAC & NABARD schemes, State Governments  Increasing Government support for start-ups • Start-up India, Tinkering Labs and Fabrication Labs, Accelerator programs and business incubators  VCs looking at clean tech space • Range of clean technologies that are becoming cost-effective and at scale  International Solar Alliance launched by India and France
  20. 20. Smart Villages and off-grid development Improving farm productivity with FPOs Food processing and non-farm ventures Local business Nutritional security, value- added food product basket FPOs are made by, for, of farmers Renewable energy service providers for households Access to quality education
  21. 21. Thank You Special Acknowledgement: Dr MS Swaminathan Claro Energy Ecozen Technologies Godrej Chotukool SunDanzer Jonathan Philroy, AIP-ICRISAT Team AIP-ICRISAT