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Senegal | Aug-16 | BONERGIE : Water, Energy and Food Nexus

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Presenter : Gabriel Schwarz

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Senegal | Aug-16 | BONERGIE : Water, Energy and Food Nexus

  1. 1. Water, Energy and Food Nexus Workshop, Saly 24.-25. August 2016
  2. 2. Social Business A new Model to address social challenges NGO‘s Enterprises Purpose Driven Profit Driven Social Business Purpose Driven, Solving a Social Problem with Entreprenurial Energy
  3. 3. Bonergie in Senegal • Bonergie provides access to light, energy and water to clients in rural areas using Solar Energy in combination with microfinance • 6 years experience • 4 regional offices with +20 employees • + 1000 customers
  4. 4. Bonergies Product offer Light Solutions Solar Home Systems Solar Refrigerators/Freezers Solar Fruit Dryers Solar Water Pumps Bio Digester
  5. 5. What are the synergies and trade-offs between water, food and energy? The Situation in Senegal • Senegal has a population of 14,8 Million people, 75 % live in rural areas • Food security is a big problem. The country depends heavily on importation (some products > 70 %) • Climate Change – Rainy season not reliable anymore • Almost no access to energy and modern irrigation systems • The Farmers are too vulnerable – no Resilience – Result: Poverty
  6. 6. How can Renewable Energy be part of the Value Chain? „Everythings starts with Water“ Production Conservation Transformation Distribution Sales Solar Pomps for Irrigation Solar Cold Chamber Solar Fridge/Freezer Solar Fruit Dryers Solar Mills, etc. Investing Revenues in Electrification of houses
  7. 7. „Best Practise“ Example Papaya Production in Casamance/Senegal • Senegal wants to become a major producer of Papayas • 200 independent Small Farmers selected in Casamance, 60 have received financing • NGO Apran coordinator of the project • Over 50 Solar Water Pomps have been installed
  8. 8. „Best Practise“ Example Papaya Production in Casamance/Senegal/2 – One Women Group receives their Solar Pompe
  9. 9. „Best Practise“ Example Papaya Production in Casamance/Senegal/3 – The trees are growing
  10. 10. „Best Practise“ Example Papaya Production in Casamance/Senegal/4 – Certification Process starts
  11. 11. „Best Practise“ Example Papaya Production in Casamance/Senegal/5 – First harvest after 8 months
  12. 12. „Best Practise“ Example Papaya Production in Casamance/Senegal/6– Testing the Solar Dryer
  13. 13. „Best Practise“ Example Papaya Production in Casamance/Senegal/8 – Next steps • Roll Out Phase 2 for next 140 Farmers • Installing 16 Transformation Centers for • Natural Latex (Partner from Belgium) • Solar Fruit Dryers to sell dried Papayas • Production of Papaya Puree and Papaya Juice With our Association Yamalé, Bonergie is supporting the Sales Process by finding Customers for Fresh Fruit, Dried Fruit, Papaya Seeds etc. Supporting our partners to participate at International Fruit Trade Fairs We bring in Experts for the Certification Process Global Gap, HACCP, ISO, Bio etc.
  14. 14. „Best Practise“ Example Papaya Production in Casamance/Senegal/9 – Impact 1 Farmer Investment pour 1 Small Holder Farmer/ 1 Hectar 7.500.000 CFA = 11.415 Euro = 12.932 US$ 1 Hectar produces 375 Tonne Papaya Annual revenues 3.500.000 CFA = 5.327 Euro = 6.035 US $ Reimbursement Credit 3 ans 10.500.000 – 7.500.000 = 3.000.000 Profit 4.566 Euro/5.172 US $
  15. 15. „Best Practise“ Example Papaya Production in Casamance/Senegal/9 – Impact • Revenue Generation for Small Holder Farmers • Resilience – Solar Water Pomps make independent from rainy season • Stopping Exodus of the young Generation • Revenues can be invested in electrification of households • Standard of living raises
  16. 16. Thank you Bonergie Dakar Bonergie Louga Bonergie Ziguinchor Bonergie Tambacounda Tel.: +221 33 825 37 95 Email:, Web: