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Ruby object model: A matter of life and death

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Ruby object model internals for MRI. These slides have some animations, so if you want to see them all, you should download it. Created with libreoffice impress

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Ruby object model: A matter of life and death

  1. 1. Ruby object model
  2. 2. Javier Lafora Working at ASPgems
  3. 3. In ruby everything is an object
  4. 4. objectflagsklassinstance_variables
  5. 5. MyClassflagsklasssuperinstance_variablesconstantsmethods
  6. 6. RBasic RClass RObject MyClass flags klass object instance_variables superflagsklass constantsinstance_variables methods
  7. 7. BasicObject *super *klass Object Module *super *super *klass *klass Musician *super *klass name=() name() Class *super *klass bruce IronMaiden *klass *super@name=”bruce” *klass
  8. 8. Every instance of RClass will be an instance of Class even Class itself
  9. 9. Unshamesly taken from Burkey Libbeys presentation“Rubys Object Model: Metaprogramming and other Magic”
  10. 10. BasicObject *super *klass Object *super *klass Musician *super *klass name=() name() bruce IronMaiden *klass *super@name=”bruce” *klass
  11. 11. BasicObject *super *klass Object *super *klass to_s() Musician *super *klass bruce IronMaiden *klass *super@name=”bruce” *klass
  12. 12. Extending an object
  14. 14. bruce IronMaiden *klass *super #bruce *klass *klass *super flight_plane()
  15. 15. Class Methods
  16. 16. Musician Class *super *super *klass *klass #Musician *super *klass awesome_musicians()
  17. 17. FAIL
  18. 18. Object *super Module Class *klass *super *klass #Musician *superMusician *klass *super awesome_musicians() *klassIronMaiden Class *super *super *klass *klass
  19. 19. BasicObject #BasicObject *super *super *klass *klass Object #Object *super *super *klass *klass Class *super Musician #Musician *klass *super *super *klass *klassIronMaiden #IronMaiden *super *super *klass *klass
  20. 20. “The superclass of the eigenclass of an objectis the objects class. The superclass of theeigenclass of a class is the eigenclass of theclasss superclass.” Paolo Perrotta
  21. 21. Modules and mixins
  22. 22. IronMaiden *super *klass ICSinger *super *klass high_pitch_from_hell() #bruce *klassbruce *super *klass
  23. 23. Musician *super *klass ICHeavyMetal *super *klass IronMaiden devil_horns() *super *klass #bruce *klass *super ICSinger *superbruce *klass *klass high_pitch_from_hell()
  24. 24. ICHeavyMetal HeavyMetal *super *klass *klass *iv_tbl *iv_tbl *m_tbl *m_tbl iv_tbl m_tbl devil_horns()
  25. 25. Object #Object *super *super *klass *klass m_tbl m_tbl Musician #Musician *super *super *klass *klass m_tbl m_tblICHeavyMetal HeavyMetal #HeavyMetal *super *super *super *klass *klass *klass *m_tbl *m_tbl *m_tblIronMaiden #IronMaiden *super *super *klass *klass *m_tbl *m_tbl
  26. 26. Object #Object Musician #MusicianICHeavyMetal HeavyMetal ICHeavyMetal:: HeavyMetal::InstanceMethods InstanceMethods HeavyMetal:: ClassMethods ICHeavyMetal:: IronMaiden ClassMethods #IronMaiden
  27. 27. Metaprogramming with Ruby – Paolo Perrotta
  28. 28. Thank you