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Artists Profile

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Artists Profile

  1. 1. Rita Cappello Angellotti Artist’s Profile
  2. 2. Rita Cappello Angellotti Artist’s Profile Rita Cappello Angellotti is an independent artist not influenced by any school, group or current. For Rita Cappello Angellotti, a late artistic career began with a mighty tug on her own strings of fate. She does not follow any rule or yardstick but her art is dictated by strong emotions coming straight from the depth of her soul.
  3. 3. Rita Cappello Angellotti Artist’s Profile Possibly she would never have imagined such a career, but after her son was struck down by a virus infection that rendered him physically and mentally handicapped at the tender age of five, Rita Cappello Angellotti sought consolation and a reason for surviving for her family in painting. Her natural talent permitted her to transform what was initially an escape from folly into something that turned to be a successful artistic career.
  4. 4. Rita Cappello Angellotti Artist’s Profile One might expect dream scenes or bland landscapes as therapeutic pictures. After a first tragic portrait, almost a self portrait, there followed immediately a symbolic version of the theme of hope: a ship braving the hurricane. A cleverly drawn stroke here, a firm outline there are convincing; the colour scale ranges from bold and lively to loud and temperamental.
  5. 5. Rita Cappello Angellotti Artist’s Profile No green meadows and lovely landscapes, but portraits of children, scenes of every day life, little villages in southern countries and thereafter in the last fifteen years an evolution into a permanent cry against the hypocrisy, the mental slavery of our century, the perpetual manipulation of mankind by forces and lobbies which in the dark decide the destiny of humanity and of our planet.
  6. 6. Rita Cappello Angellotti Artist’s Profile What is remarkable in the multi-coloured composition of faces, masks, marionettes are the intention of the artist to express a hidden world of human characters that surrounds us and at the same time a provocative request of freedom. The thematic of the most recent years is condensed in a symbolic language whose colours have been stratified, forming a harmony with figures and shapes.
  7. 7. Rita Cappello Angellotti Artist’s Profile Rita Cappello Angellotti allows the observer of her paintings just such an insight into the depth of the soul in the expressive eyes of children, mothers, enigmatic masked characters and in particular in one of the latter, Pulcinella, the Neapolitan mask of the "La Commedia dell'Arte" and his traditional ambiguity and sarcasm. The characters of the "Commedia dell'Arte", such as Harlequin, Punch, are mixing with their colours and the variety of their expressions' laughter and tears, the tragedy and the vanity of life.
  8. 8. Rita Cappello Angellotti Artist’s Profile They all wear masks, we are all there. Pictures with colourful costumed crowd, Humanity or mankind reflect everything like a large mirror. The passage of time that a play in a theatre, always tries to establish, for otherwise it is uninteresting, is given here the impression of being antiquated and flat, that is the only thread that this cycle of themes is connected via the masks and, in an unexplained explosive way, an insight into human psyche is attempted, behind the scenes of physical pretence.
  9. 9. Rita Cappello Angellotti Artist’s Profile Obviously the clear but gentle hint did not seem assertive enough, tightly held strings make the point distinctly: "Marionettes" is the beautifully turned out, well-made up ladies and gentlemen of some respectable society. A bright, motley crew of dignitaries and good-for-nothing, a "cocktail" of representatives on the stage of life. However, not only have relationship become clearer but initially tinsel background sinks into the white of the canvas or the vivid ochre and so highlight the groups of actors even more strongly and bunch them all more closely together.
  10. 10. Rita Cappello Angellotti Artist’s Profile Concentration is focused on the essential, as though under a spotlight. And from this viewpoint , the artist chronicler seems to have carried out her duty to truth. She can remind us of this with a smile for she knows what it is to bear a heavy burden. These are not political pictures and yet they take a place among the themes of time, implicit ones, so to speak.
  11. 11. Rita Cappello Angellotti Artist’s Profile For on reflection about the essence of meaning in the paintings, everyone finds his own self and not only the one created from the depth of the soul of Rita Cappello Angellotti. She is profound, with a strong hand a touch of genius with her paintbrush, concentrating on remarkable commentaries on God and the world we live in.