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SoDA Competitive Intelligence Webinar

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Competitive Intelligence Webinar and Demo taking a close look at non-traditional sources of competitive intellegence, resources, and Compete PRO to help you connect the dots between the 10,000ft view of Traditional Sources with the more granular social media sites and blogging platforms. In the webinar we took a closer look at competitors of the custom shoe market, as if we were New Balance with their new US574 offering.

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SoDA Competitive Intelligence Webinar

  1. 1. Advanced Competitive Intelligence Techniques Hosted by Compete in partnership with SoDA Presenter: Lindsey Mark Compete Client Relationsw w w . c o m p e t e . c o m
  2. 2. Competitive Intelligence Gathering Using Traditional Information Sources2 w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m
  3. 3. Classic Sources of Business Intelligence Annual Reports Sales Volumes Subscribers3 w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m Photo credit - andymangold
  4. 4. So I Have Some Information, Now What?! Correlate Hypothesize Infer4 w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m Photo credit - InterContinental Hong Kong
  5. 5. Traditional sources often give a 10,000ft view5 w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m Photo credit - urinpublic
  6. 6. Non-Traditional Competitive Intelligence Sources Looking to the web for Insights6 w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m
  7. 7. Where Else Can I Look? Five alternative sources. Tumblr.com7 w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m Photo credit - eschipul
  8. 8. Slideshare Insights Advanced Search is your friend Market Industry Stats & Research Experts Trends8 w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m -complete-running-kit
  9. 9. LinkedIn Insights Research Employee Group and Top Talent Accomplishments Stream Activity New Arrivals & Leaked Info & Industry Insights Departures Personal Sites9 w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m
  10. 10. User Generated Content Think of advertizing as a dialog.10 w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m
  11. 11. YouTube Insights Use the Advanced Filters to segment via content & channels. Top Engaging Video “View” Channel Content Performance Subscribers11 w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m
  12. 12. YouTube Stats “Unboxing: MiAdidas Adipower blackout”12 w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m
  13. 13. Flickr Insights Search Groups Search People Search Tags13 w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m
  14. 14. Tumblr Insights Research Top Note Engaging Search Tags Contributors Content14 w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m
  15. 15. Social Insights Benefits Drawbacks 1. Relatively easy to find 1. Time consuming 2. Alternate / non-industry 2. Sources can be perspective (competitive inconsistent, inaccurate, view & customer views) and outright false 3. Real-time & always 3. Real-time & always updating (fresh content on- updating (difficult to demand) manage)15 w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m
  16. 16. Where do I start?! High-level Classic Sources Granular Social Sources16 w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m Photo credit – uggboy / viamoi
  17. 17. 17 w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m Credit:
  18. 18. Using Competitive Intelligence Tools Leveraging Behavioral Insights Live Demonstration18 w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m
  19. 19. Questions & Feedback • I can be reached at • You can connect with me via LinkedIn: • You can follow me on Twitter: @linji19 w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m
  20. 20. Flex your Google Search Skills Adding context to your research and assumptions • Timeline • Past hour, 24hours, Week, Month, Year, Custom Range • Local • Choose Location • Related Searches • Page Specific Search • Site:“” + Keyword • Allows you to search a specific website for keyword information. • Related:“” • Great for finding competitors for smaller websites & allows to use keywords to see the relationship to similar domains. (E.G. sailing – results highlighted for Puma.com_ • Link:“” • Great for understanding who is linking back to your client or their competitors.20 w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m Resource Slide
  21. 21. Social Search Skills Advanced Search Techniques Differ from Platform to Platform • Twitter Search •!/search-advanced • # Hashtags • @ Brand Advocates & those engaged in dialog with the brand • :) Happy/Excited Sentiment • :( Frustrated/Angry Sentiment • LinkedIn Search • Industries, Groups, + In Premium Search, References • Google Social Search • Keep in mind this will give you results based off of YOUR profile and contacts.21 w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m Resource Slide