covid-19 iot satisfaction industrial clusters technology. microcontroller cloud computing zigbee deep learning healthcare sector image processing energy perspective biogas leadership astashine capsules groundwater candida antarctica biomass toxicity sustainability internet of things android rfid cassava myogenic differentiation covid-19 pandemic e-voting fpga fixed bed adsorbent sem bio-sorption tracking blu ocean innovations private limited maize motivation prevalence development agriculture perception prisoner. foreign body perforation ileo-ileal fistula development. human virus immunity curcumet capsules investment savings copper industry growth aquifer vertical electrical sounding treatment vaccine autonomous vehicle artificial intelligence raspberry pi security polyurethane collagen chemical crosslinking hydrogels pandemic stress sensors rotating piston. rotating machine knowledge. lithology profiled rotors tyrosinase gene. melanin oculocutaneous albinism bacillus thuringiensis. food crops transformation genetically modified organisms niger delta techniques. crop cultivation industrialization microbes metabolites degradation pollutants national development integration zigbee wireless mine supervising machines and remo wireless helmet medicine information technology nigeria. lean manufacturing benchmarking grey set ewz system sustainability model ultrasonic sensor detection gps robotic arm resin natural fiber filler materials pir sensor gsm ict manufacturing fingerprint ecg vision and strategy. strategic planning strategy mapping performance wireless sensor network (wsn) jadidism climate change taif roses’ perfume human resource irrigation system cloud technology vietnam tourism phytochemicals saliva swab ecological footprint mass & quark symmetry molybdenum complexes low intensity aerobics hybrid rice phytos food security burnout of nurses hepatitis radicular cyst primary mucinous carcinoma gastrointestinal bleeding diaphragmatic hernia marketing strategy airlines tourism industry entamoeba histolytica electric vehicle community disputes curfew hours cctv cameras ozamiz city crime rates fire incidents jail officers temperature camera abe process model online voting system cancer center public policies dwt based compression patient monitoring cake premix police officer metal detector traffic enforcers fire protection personnel school security personnel composite structures parasitic diseases hyundai motor company digital labour lime stabilized soils genetic diversity composite of hydroxyapatite fairness cream secure data transmission network intrusion detection network coverage mapping road network ai based chatbot credit card fraud emergency vehicle preemption microstrip array antenna microstrip patch antenna economic development green’s function and formula security police air conditioning geotechnical investigation partial integro differential partial integro non-government employee robotic vehicle thermal camera viola-jones algorithm corporate governance standards online shopping robotics concrete image compression rice husk ash sodium silicate thermal extraction goat bone mass symmetry work environment employee grievance management human interest society degeneration line ins police revision senator married women domestic violence awareness maggi noodles food safety. microbiological quality foodborne pathogen ready-to-eat foods dyes. sphagnum cymbifolium customer. retailer marketing light weight cryptography. ternary des triple des s-box des infection. primates parasitology zoology sem. inhibitor 304 stainless steel neem leaves corrosion low side effects. hepatitis c virus viral load codified amount of ions life restoration device lithologies. seismic refraction sandy soil. coconut yields activated biomass coconut fronds empty fruit bunch nutrient management coconuts dye. cedrus libani transform. compression mri images drug self-control concept sufism measure quality lactomega softgels polyester and silk. mixed oxygen mechanical properties esr dc plasma discharge antibacterial properties rp-hplc and ir. gc-ms glycine max ethanol extract (gmee) maternal health care. pregnant mothers health management team kakamega county free maternity services preeclampsia complications therapeutic benefits nutrient uptake. saline soil evaluation arbuscular mycorrhizal biomass. fluid mixing mixer liquid scintillation counters. domestic water mining sites hidex radioactivity knowledge service delivery counselling parents attitude risks of disclosure infected adolescents disclosure art inoculation. slain soils mycorrhizal strain anaerobic digestion. domestic waste strategy heritage freedom civilization dialogue traditions values culture humanity philosophy nation character salary scheme research diagnosis entrepreneur phytochemicals. dietary minerals dakere legume flours flour fractionation polymers. halophilic microbes contamination bioremediation improvisation and biomedical engineering studies. spinning of samples bucket centrifuge social. economic behavior students advertisements sowing date. seed yield incidence shoot fly sorghum aba river. sediment physicochemical parameters speciation. molecular identification plasmodium malaria bacterial isolates. molecular characterization sea foods moulds. health impact analysis mycotoxicosis mycotoxin general population. coping responses healthcare. blu ocean invention ecosystem hypothesis key microbial status. digestibility fura supplementation bambara groundnut pearl millet truckers. physiotherapy low back pain reinforced concrete environment friendly renewable building materia bamboo hardened concrete concrete mix paper sludgeash basalt fiber. bfrp frc fly ash pelletized aggregate compression zone helical confinement reinforcement concrete insulike tablet. herbal nutraceuticals diabetes india. covid-19 pandemic lockdown sports persons’ sleep behaviour experimental study. mathematics education online cooperative learning facebook group teaching-learning mathematics financial performance. public finance management practices sounding curves. resistivity shallow aquifer the gambia. youth empowerment youth radiotherapy. pneumonia adenocarcinoma anal cancer abdominoperineal resection noise pollution system. management alumni diet heart disease garbage monitoring system wireless local area network. communication system network hfss ntenna xilinx. implementation noise vlsi matlab copyright protection. watermarking traffic. network lifetime duty cycling preservation wsn homography. pt camera block motion algorithm pda fir channel. distributed arithmetic 4:2 compressor signal to clamor ratio. minimum mean square adaptive filter programmed ecg analysis debit\credit card payment. transaction secure payment online payment 4g mobile technology road accidents. drunk and driven cost-efficient robotic vehicle. metal detection sensors database. student attendance system face detection biometrics face recognition intermediate code generation. code optimization token generation automation. technologies tools. location identification portable application disaster management home automation radio frequency. secondary users malicious users fusion centre spectrum sensing data falsification collaborative spectrum sensing tts. ocr brand awareness brand perception customer measurement loyalty inventory customer preference job role. waiting time scrutinizing recruitment human resource management and organization culture employee engagement flash advertisements and print media advertisement social media marketing construction industry digital marketing robots rescue unit. motor driver (l293d) uno website. paypal new arcanum multiple instance e-learning heart beat rate and diagnosis of heart attack symp blood pressure entropy coding and cavlc. video coding green purchase behaviour chemical free product taste health conscious environmental consciousness socio-economic status. inducing factor agropreneur light emitting diodes (leds). the gain ratio power allocation (grpa) non-orthogonal multiple access (noma) visible light communications (vlc) gray level co occurrence matrix(glcm). support vector machine(svm) radial basis function neural network (srbfnn) deep neural networks(dnn) low pass filter(lpf) white light emitting diode visible light communication(vlc) mach zehnder(mz) modulator free space optics(fso) gdp &agripreneurship economy wavelength division multiplexing. return to zero non- return to zero free space optics computer aided diagnosis risk and return profit urban rural it sector currency sector farmers agrarian digital platform demonetization cashless economy organisation employee support. functioning financial initiatives nabard benefits bank textile work life balance flexible time meta analysis. mobile penetration targeting mobile telecommunication agricultural services capital and operational costs energy efficient management cloud computing genetic algorithm load balancing data center. energy consumption cloud center efficiency computing cloud alqahtani london atlas method. ubelaker method schour and masseler method schemas of age estimation age estimation charts atlas methods embolectomy. novel oral anti-coagulant (noac) rutherford acute upper limb ischeamia (auli) power energy. ionizing energy atom electromagnetic radiation accelerated charged particle variant mass einstein mass-energy maxwell theory covid-19. natural immune booster questionnaire. oral impact ohrqol gingivitis dental caries child perceptions quality of service. cost reduction managerial skills manufacturing performance cost of quality relationship. models angstrom-prescott sunshine duration global solar radiation immune system pcos. hormonal disturbances ovulation nutrease powder and safety. personnel neutral-grounding effectiveness power system network dry and wet seasons. gastrointestinal eustrongylides parasites synodontis clarias whitefly. post-transcriptional gene silencing (ptgs) betasatellite begomovirus construction workers. work ability index (wai) work ability pulicaria crispa. phytochemical screening antimicrobial folk medicine universal transplantation hepatocellular carcinoma approach disease. organism smart waste management sars-cov-2. immunity booster coronavirus genetic modification. manipulation animal transponsale microorganisms food work engagement. job performance job satisfaction emotional intelligence general public income banker united arab emirates. local rating tools civil engineering sustainability geotechnical engineering ultrastructure. immunocytochemical histochemical respiration rats lungs tramadol acute dose digital game-based learning. information systems education early childhood education game app cognitive development educational games bangladesh. employee’s satisfaction workplace environment pathogens. catfish aquaculture antibiotics resistance aeromonas hydrophila covid and virus innate adaptive hayvit trio rbf neural network. self-learning system expert system neural networks (computer) intrusion detection systems npk salts. biomethane anaerobic digestion diclofenac. osteoarthritis curcumin lead. chitosan evolutionary algorithm granger causality error correction model unit root economic growth and national development. mass media national security strategic communication joints. inflammatory disorder early treatment rheumatoid arthritis natural immune booster. rhizobium. auxin pgpr biofertilizers talinum triangulare. potential medicinal ethnobotanical biological experiment simulation theory physical properties hot wire method thermal conductivity fanonianism. colonised intellectual escapism idealism cultural nationalism new born. fetal development pregnancy zinc premature labor magnesium human milk oligosaccharides (hmos) vitamin d3 calcium citrate malate quality management. ghana armed forces engineering project total quality quality performance ergonomics. occupational risk occupational health water. tilapia zili clarias gariepinus heavy metals barkin-ladi clarias gariepinus. survival fungi contaminated feed web technologies. information society information fatigue syndrome information management information overload pugos nutrition nanoparticles. green synthesis copper oxide copper acetate aloe barbadensis renewable energy. water desalination graph σ versus є. silicone phantom fasterners (bra) biomechanical model vertical displacement δy young´s modulus e firm breast soft breast breast deformation effect of gravity microalgaes engineering project. construction industries delay effects project delays ject management cryptographic techniques. anonymization data splitting integro differential equation. differential transform method maclaurin’s series partial integro-differential equation modified differential transform method driver assistant system. distance calculation color segmentation methyl ester. karanja oil jatropha curcas oil cetane number prince kelvin owusu machine learning algorithms subsurface soils. sounding curve geoelectric sections overburden thickness who sars-cov-2 robot. haarcascade laptop vision object detection self-driving neural network encapsulation. trunking ipv4 inter-vlan routing vlan lan % organic carbon. available nitrogen bacterial population nutrient status monocots safety system. pressure switch child safety women safety mobile tacking & image app. motor & motor driver camera mobile start/stop app sdn. clustering machine learning scheduling traffic management attacks. threats ampicillin. mof profiled rotor rt qpcr. ct scan elisa rt-pcr rca. cagr exports production automobiles deep learning for weed recognition. weed recognition machine learning in weed recognition machine vision in weed recognition covid tractor power. field efficiency mechanization recycling. biocatalyst biodiesel waste cooking oil locations world war iii head resistance separation of particles in the cyclone cyclone particles relaxation exercise medical science transcription. serum amplification analyzer infection maxfibe sachets. prebiotic probiotic non-homogeneous linear fde with constant coefficie particular solutions mittag-leffler function fractional functions modified r-l fractional derivatives fractional differential operator method schlumberger array. borehole log apparent resistivity electrical resistivity geoelectric layers bioesterification. biohydrolysis candida rugosa canola oil deodorizer distillate maintenance of garden. automation cream. cheese milk enterococci lactic acid bacteria (lab) bacteriocins polyvinylchloride (pvc). fishes human food chain plastic debris transposons. microinjection transgenic animal transgene residual anomaly. euler deconvolution inverse and forward modeling airborne gravity data intensive care unit staff nurses mechanical ventilation ventilator associated pneumonia technological age. electronic age /soil resistivity working fluids. refrigerating capacity cooling effect cascade refrigeration two-stage machine with profiled rotors. rotating piston hospital admission environment analysis multiphase fluids. rotating volumetric pump sustainable development delta region maximum likelihood estimators and relative risk. censored data incomplete observations complete observations competing risks transgenic crops. hygromycin electro transformation genetic engineering origin of replication agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated transformation particle bombardment transgenic gene expression caps. issr ssr aflp rapd rflp urine leukocytes. body weight white blood cells in urine leukocytes cheek dimples. ketone in urine ketone level ketosis wireless health hazards: environment nutrition body weight. urine ph biotechnology state solar tracking system photo-voltaic light dependent resistor arduino uno controller academic skills. autism spectrum disorders pre-school age autistic spectrum disorders early mathematical competence disability and special education mathematical competence asperger mathematical skills asd specific learning difficulties. memorizing conceptual mapping inspiration 9' robotic irrigation and robotic de-weeding. agricultural robots precision agriculture nursing law arts science engineering ultra-high birefringence and nonlinear coefficient photonic crystal fiber (pcf) social responsibilities and environmental effects. closed-loop supply chain mathematical modelling cybercrime and positive law. labourers and nclp. laws children child labour money and real interest rate. panel data regression growth rate of gdp final consumption expenditure vibrio species and antibiotics. biochemical test shrimp edo state teaching teachers secondary schools pedagogy etsako nutrease powder- wifi clients. fmf (full multification form). moora (multi-objective optimization by ratio analy benchmarking. multi-criteria group decision making process (mcgd subjective information (si) model lean practice-metrics karnataka watershed development agency. rainfall watershed development drought proofing photovoltaic system converter and inverter. building identification satellite images and adaptive neuro fuzzy inferenc age and sex determination 2d wavelet transformation and forensic laboratory. supraorbital margin physical disability and paralyzed person. electronic speaking system remote controller gps module and voice playback. walking stick mnist database and shape context. digit recognition correspondence license fingerprint reader and wi-fi module. security and emergency. internet of things (iot) rfid and product code reader. face recognition and masking technique. fingerprint module pc common carotid artery (cca) ultrasound images segmentation and b-mode. new algorithm zigbee and arm9 controller. home energy management system (hems) renewable resources (rr) charge controller battery level monitoring crystal oscillator fault detection ultrasonic sensor and mosfet. overpopulation pid controller mathematical model imc and matlab simulink. final control element nano material nano technology nano-structure nano made wire nanotech nano-function nano growth and nano synthesis. nano mathematics cmos transistors nano physics worldwide telecommunications under water communication system personal digital assistant and zigbee. mobile application cloud computing and agricultural world. extracting and highlighting infected cells. human error digital signal processing addition wireless sensor networks and root mean square erro mobile anchor artificial bee colony localization custom optimized iterative adaptive clipping and f orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing peak to average power ratio (papr) tone reservation wireless communication plethysmography cardiovascular non-invasive vein thrombosis and thrombophlebitis patch antenna pin diode and network gas sensors zigbee and oxygen sensor heart rate sensor gps and sms clean india cloud computing and thingspeak ir sensor 3lead ecg clamp bluetooth module and mobile phone ad8232 saline bottle lcd display arduino uno engineering design transportation safety and detection system integration lcd display and bluetooth co2 sensor pressure sensor rtc and arduino uno finger print aadhar based voting and lcd display remote access to machines rf based monitoring and wireless monitoring automatic system control carry propagate adder delay and power consumption carry save adder domino logic circuits smart phones electric devices radiation pattern ansoft hfss (high frequency structural simulator) micro strip patch antenna neural network and genetic algorithm soft-i-robot 3-t xor and sleepy stack 8-t full adder 4x4 multiplier 2-t mux pass transistor logic low power forward error correction and detection convolutional coding wireless communication systems and channel encodin viterbi decoding knn algorithms and face verification attendances system circuit breakers breaker tactile sensor and bio-telemetry. tele-surgery hydroponics and agriculture pretreatment and reinforcement pretreatment and reinforcement. raspberry-pi zigbee and automatic fish feeding system wireless transmission web camera and multi-sensors. respiration sensor pic microcontroller blood oxygen level and heart beat sensor. temperature sensor rfid and finger print. eye-gaze and virtual reality system. eeg road safety vehicle security smart driving license ip camera gsm and pir sensor. bluetooth module duster and lcd. black board full adder and full swing. gdi logic memristor and ltspice. fas and cmos technology. csa scdm and transmission gate. xor/xnor circuits proximity sensor fire accidents gsm and gps. de-clamping wpan led transmitter communication pixel visible light communication and vehicle to vehicle camera receiver aadhar card citizen and database. error correction codes (eccs) fast fourier transforms (ffts) and soft errors. microcontroller and electric fence. vibration sensor seismic sensor thermal performance exhaust fan wind turbine and storage. wind power gsm modem and pir sensor. vibrator sensor server border security automatic alarming system and fishermen. power quality (pq) and voltage sag. minimum active power injection unified power quality conditioner (upqc) software attendance information and department. puberty scebum estrogen adolescent smagma testosterone menses wet dreams and hormones. menstrual cycle contraceptive diosgenin hptlc and moringa oleifera lam. tennyson’s poems macbeth’s pmos network and adiabatic logic. cmos technology pmos dspace greenstone web 2.0 and coimbatore. barrel distortion correction least squares estimation surveillance and horner’s algorithm. power gating schemes diode based stacking power gating stacking power gating leakage power and ground noise. security and wireless sensor networks. energy balance routing spin algorithm forward-aware factor deformation analysis and modal analysis. structural analysis immigration indians cultural differences and uprooted individuals. america racial prejudices the namesake computer architecture and supply chains. informatics gps and application. emergency vehicle traffic clearance internet of things (iot) and message queuing trans skin strength astashine silver capsules elasticity and barrier. asynchronous circuits dgmosfet design binary adders and digital arithmetic. user interface microcontroller and rfid tag. vending machine newspaper message compression check–node (cn) processing trellis min-max (t-mm) and vlsi design. nb-ldpc high-rate high-speed layered schedule emergency vehicle detection and traffic control. stolen vehicle detection gsm sim900 gestures rf module pc and pic microcontroller. accelerometer sensor speaker and electronic components. raspberry pi card web application and server ethernet compressor dadda multiplier and inexact computing. toll collection atcs gsm and sensors. prepaid account rfid tag rfid reader biometric aadhar card and authentication. pre-startup circuits and startup converter. battery thermal energy harvesting pacemakers teg acquisition offset digital lna amplitude and dcc circuit. threshold logic and clock edge trigger. pnand cell current amplifier relaxation oscillator and mems. cmut reading habit method for reading students reading style difficulty while reading area of interest in reading and note taking. volatility international market interest rate monetary policy and investor. cellular technology and rf system. wireless charger smart antenna co2 monitoring and distributed clustering. sensor nodes environmental monitoring greenhouse control sensor distributed clustering algorithm coverage based clustering energy efficiency and network lifetime. 2g 3g 5g and gsm. 1g 4g base station residual energy wireless sensor network energy utilization and network lifetime. cluster head sensor node geographic information system. wind turbine wind lens technology diffuser electrical power and energy recovery system. environmental and clinical monitoring. tapered optical fiber control of biologicals physico-chemical transducer optical chemical sensor enzymatic sensor chemical sensor biosensors complete cell biosensor fiber-optic sensor chemical equilibrium marks
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