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Ebranding India data search solution - Mumbai

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1. Database provider of any industry, city, country.
2. Customize Internet Research
3. Data Base Mining
4. List Building & List Research- News letter subscriber building
5. Data Base Research
6. Data Base & Quality Analysis
7. Profile Search & Company Research
8. MS Excel Data Base working
9. Data Base Correction & Data Validation
10. Data Base Management & Data Harvesting
11. Outsourcing Data Management work to India
12. Database for social media Marketing

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Ebranding India data search solution - Mumbai

  1. 1. We are leading database provider & sourcing agency in India. We provide database as per your need . Please visit at for our profile. We provide data of any type, any vertical, industry, any state, any city across India, World , NRI . Let us know your requirement in detail or email your product/services information then We will suggest you appropriate data which matches target audience as per vertical & geo targeting.
  2. 2. Following are Our Services in Database Vertical – •Database provider of any industry, city, country. •Customize Internet Research •Data Base Mining •List Building & List Research- News letter subscriber building •Data Base Research •Data Base & Quality Analysis •Profile Search & Company Research •MS Excel Data Base working •Data Base Correction & Data Validation •Data Base Management & Data Harvesting •Outsourcing Data Management work to India •Database for social media Marketing
  3. 3. Database Building Services & Database Management Accurate prospecting is the key to success of direct marketing efforts, though getting access to current data of prospects is always a challenge. Data Sourcing and Append is an established solution for contact database and contact append with the rare advantage of robust technology, a practitioner’s domain expertise and astute business proficiency. We offer the fullest possible range of service in the creation, extension and ongoing maintenance of enterprise wide database. Building a local contact database is easy as the language and other related barriers are eliminated. DSS can build and append global contact database across geographies of not only UK and US, but also non-English speaking countries across Europe, Argentina, Middle East and Africa, Dubai, Russia and rest of Asia, overcoming linguistic challenges to help you generate more sales leads from the offices set offshore.
  4. 4. Services we offer List Building : A reliable, accurate and quality database is the bedrock of any successful marketing campaign. List building service team is dedicated to helping marketing managers and audience development managers to meet and exceed their response rate and marketing TOI's. Database Validation : Database Validation ensures that your customer information is always updated and current. Our List Validation and Cleansing services unlock the value of your existing databases thus helping your marketing campaigns to deliver the results that you expect. B2B Databases : We can append your existing marketing databases with data fields like postal address, email address, phone numbers, fax numbers, website address, job titles, industry tagging, et al to ensure that the database is comprehensive, and you are able to reap maximum ROI from the marketing campaigns.
  5. 5. Customised Research : Every project we undertake is a little different, sometimes very different, but we pride ourselves on our ability to be flexible and maintain the highest standards of quality and service. No matter how left-field your requirements are, we can deliver to your expectations. We love a challenge and look forward to receiving yours. Web Research : By providing our researchers with your project brief, we can research and build for you marketing and sales prospect lists for all of your campaigns. Data mining : Data mining interprets its data into real time analysis that can be used to increase sales, promote new product, or delete product that is not value-added to the company. The overall goal of the data mining process is to extract information from a data set and transform it into an understandable structure for further use.
  6. 6. Why Us? CUSTOMIZED : Contact database built on customer specific requirements RELEVANT : Deeply rooted decision makers and influencers DATA QUALITY : Complete, Accurate and Phone Validated Contact Database MULTI-LINGUAL : Contacts across the globe (America, Europe, Asia) ROI MAXIMIZER : Increases ROI on Audience development for Events, Magazines and Marketing Campaigns We Serve all sectors across world Conference Organizers Events Organizers Marketing Agencies Publication Companies Global Financial Entertainment / Retail, Hospitality & Leisure Energy/Utilities
  7. 7. Contact Us Mr.Prakash Bhosale Call :- 09222086563,09224335234,08097027355, , , website :- , Skype :- ebranding India Gtalk ;- ebrandingindia