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Edocs article 2

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Edocs article 2

  1. 1. Document Management Solutions for Your BusinessBelieve it or not many organizations have tried to achieve the concept of a paperless office. The vision ofa perfect paperless office is still far from being realized. A single document management system that iscapable of addressing and managing all types of content in an organization is yet to be found but at leasttechnology has been able to find “a single repository of information for all” – SaaS based onlinedocument management applications.Nowadays several organization, SMEs as well as big corporate are waking up to the idea of onlinedocument storage. The global document capture and management market is growing at a significantrate. The primary drivers of this growth being the increasing demand of data, supporting governmentaland regulatory compliance authorities, privacy requirements, low cost of implementation and increasedtime efficiency. Moreover with business going global there is a growing need to share information withremote teams to improve collaboration and increase effectiveness of different organizational functions.Add to this the cost and time spent on filing documents, archiving them, storing them, mailing them toclients within allotted time – it’s no wonder that people and businesses are adopting documentmanagement systems with open arms.Most of the above mentioned issues are easily solved by implementing document managementapplication. These applications allow you to digitally store all your documents and files in an off-sitesecured data server. Indexing and storing of files can be customized according to the needs of the user.The data servers are protected by firewalls and intrusion prevention mechanism. As all data transferhappens through the web so for security purpose 256 bit encryption is provided. Furthermore multi-level security, file and folder based permission and encrypted login ensures data security.People are looking for comprehensive solutions these days and online document management systemsare probably closest to it. They give you the freedom to not just manage documents, but also e-mails,receipts, invoices and a lot of other things. So you know that once you login to your account you will getall your important things in one place, meaning peace of mind for busy professionals. It cuts down onyour time searching through piles of folders and files as well as the cost of separately managingeverything.Collaborating with remote teams is no more a headache. Your remote team uploads a file; you check itimmediately from your office, make necessary corrections and sanction it. How long does it take? Hardlya few minutes. With features like version tracking you can even roll back changes made to a documentand restore it to its original form.With document management application you not just save on time and cost you gain complete controlover your organizations information. Online file storage is safe, effortless and puts you in control.