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Need online documet management system

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Need online documet management system

  1. 1. Signs That You Need Online Document Management System Everyone these days is talking about online document managementsystems. There is a buzz going on that online file storage systems are affordable, they are very easy towork with, you do not need to install any kind of hardware, can be accessed 24/7 and a lot of otherthings. But the question is, is it right for you? Do you actually need online document storage solutions?Online document management applications help users to store all their documents in electronic formatin a single web based server or repository. A few years back document management systems were theprivilege of a few but now it has become necessary to have one. So here are a few signs that will tell youif you really need one:1. Supposedly when a client calls in and asks for a copy of his contract how much time do you take tofind it? How much time will it take you to e-mail a copy to your client? If it takes more than 6 secondsthen you do need online document management. As storing files with online document storage keeps allyour files organized and properly indexed it hardly requires a few seconds to search for the file. Onceyou get it you can right away mail it and all this while the client is still on the phone.2. Do you usually find yourself in a spot where you cannot find the right document? Have you ever lostsigned documents? Did your documents get misplaced? If things like these are common to you then youneed an online document management application.Typically whenever a new document comes in the office, if you are using document managementsolutions then it immediately gets scanned and uploaded into the web repository. This means that thereis no chance of losing or misplacing documents anymore, your documents will never “slip through thecracks”.3. Are you renting a different place to store your documents? If you are moving documents to an off-sitestorage location and every time you need important papers your employees have to go to the locationto retrieve it then you must consider switching over to online document storage solutions. With onlinedocument management system all you need to do is just scan your documents and upload them. Youcan access them whenever you want from any location. It not just saves time but also cost as you nomore have to rent another place to store your files.4. You have multiple copies of the same file. Well research says that almost 80% of information in anoffice is redundant. But with an electronic document management system you can easily do away withduplicate versions of the same document.
  2. 2. If you are facing any of these problems then it’s time to make your move to a paperless office and reapthe benefits of online document management software.