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Paper is passé it’s time for online document management

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Paper is passé it’s time for online document management

  1. 1. Paper Is Passé- It’s Time For Online Document Management Everybody uses paper, everybody loves paper. Paper is used in almost every walk of life, be it reading news, writing or drawing, sticky notes, in offices, and the list goes on. But one thing that we do not like is how huge amount of paper turn into a clutter and this is a common problem with every company causing lack of efficiency and loss of valuable time and money. For this very reason companies undertake document management and it is very important for companies dealing with several important documents all the time such as law firms. Butwith changing business scenario nowadays document management has gone digital with several onlinedocument management software offering reliable and effective paper management solutions. Filingcabinets and warehouses full of documents are passé; now everything gets saved in digital format in thecloud.Some might think that online document management is difficult to maintain and complex to understandbut the truth is actually the opposite. These online systems are designed for easy use and maximumefficiency. Users do not require technical teams and technical knowledge to work with it. All softwareupdates and maintenance are carried out by the vendor; as a user you should only be concerned of yourdocuments. If you know how to operate a computer and work with spreadsheets and documents thenyou can surely work with modern online file storage and management systems.You must have heard that document management system makes employees more efficient and it istrue. These systems have a number of advantages over conventional paper-based system of managingdocuments; they are more efficient, faster, save time and money, helps in collaborating with remoteteams and a lot of other benefits. If you look at the big picture then you will see that the total losscompanies bear at the end of each year due to delays in getting the right document at the right timethen it is a huge figure. The only way to avoid losing time and money in today’s competitive businessscenario is to implement the right type of online document management application.Once you have converted all your physical documents in to digital and uploaded them in the system youcan dispose of the paper records, meaning that you can save on space. The space you save can be put tobetter use for other things in the office. Digital document management systems are not only for a selectfew, now everyone can use it and several are using it. It is the best solution of document management,especially for SMEs.