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Issue 3

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Why Do People Follow Brands Pages On Facebook
The life Of Brian Scudamore
5 Mistakes You Should Avoid When You Start An Online Business

Import&Export Companies
Shipping Lines
Business Tools Companies

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Issue 3

  1. 1. E CHANCE BUSINESS MAGAZINE '-SSUEO3 IN THIS ISSUE 0, do people follow brands’ pages on ? ! ‘ flan A Scudam ore 0 ° IMPORT AND EXPORT. ' SH| PP| NG LINES. - LOGISTICS. 5 , - ExH| BT| oN5_ Mnsttaflkes you should ' BU5|NE55 TOOLS. avoid when you start an E online busfiness ‘ jj www. echance-magazine. com —‘
  2. 2. E CHANCE BUSINESS MAGAZINE IDEA I PLAN 4/ Acflo E Wessam Elhenawy ProjectManager Marketing Esraa Adel Marketing Ahmed E1—Ma11ah Art director , MaiAhmed Graphic Designer Our magazine provides news and information about business, technology, investments, ’ Lamjs Waheb marketing, companies. Graphic pcsigncr E—Chance is a monthly business magazine that is widely distributed; it aims at being an effective bridge between you and your I R€hab M0ham€d customers and/ or clients. Web Dcsigflcl‘ I Maisa A. Rahman Writer & Editor , Mohamed Gammal Writer COI'ItaCt US Tel ; +2 (03)4257438 Mob 2+2 01115336337 Fax ; +2 (03)9576715 saIes@echance-magazine. com
  3. 3. echance magazine Success Stories Import 8L Export companies Shipping lines You are The Writer Facts CONTENT Logistics Roof Shabayek Articles Exhibtions Articls A Business Tools 7 I I About a Country Ask Mr. Chance
  4. 4. ° Monthly ads including designs. - Placing a link of your website or your Facebook page on our website for a whole Year for when you publish your ads in our magazine for one month. ° Distributing E—Commerce magazine monthly to a large number of companies. - Uploading your company's profile as a PDF file. - Banner ads on our web site . You find Us on; - . U Echancemagazine mob: +201115336337 Te1;+2 (e3)425743s sales@echance-magazine. com Fax; +2 (e3)9575715 6 Top House Compound, apartment 3, Nasr St, Smoha (in front of Green Plaza Mall), Alexandria, Egypt.
  5. 5. U) (D 'C O I-5 U) U) U) CD 0 U 3 (D echance magazine _ I-auujai-luau? ‘ From $700 to Millions! Dropping out of University just one year before gradu- ation, Brian Scudaman (March 16, 1970) decided to establish 1—800—GOT—JUNK? and to become a JUNKMAN! As son of a liver transplant surgeon, Brian Scudamore didn't meet the expecta- tions set for him. He couldn't complete his math class in grade 12, . "l3g: ./I/ (aioa. /l/ l.7?afiman dropped out of Concordia University tojoin Uni- versity of British Colombia out of which he dropped just one year before graduation. With the decision of becoming a fulltimejunkman, Scudamore blew away the image set for him! However, what many considered a failure at that time turned out to be the beginning of one of the most successful business stories! Scudamore started his business with his entire savings of$ 700 and his truck. He called his business The Rubbish Boys which carried the slogan: ”We’| | stash your trash in a flash! " He started The Rubbish Boys in 1989, and in 1997 his business hit $ 1 million in revenue! Later, Scudamore launched his company: 1—800—GOT-JUNK? He decided to depend of franchis- ing to expand his business, and the first franchise was launched in Toronto in 1999. Scudamore didn't prefer to depend on external funding, so he doesn't have to change his vision and his business www. echance—magazine. com
  6. 6. 1 -800-GOT-JUNK? philosophy. "| t’s the ultimate leverage model. addition, became a CEO Hall People pay you a fee up-front to help them grow. of Fame Lifetime Achieve- Rather than lose control my vision by going public ment Inductee with the — I chose franchising. It's the ultimate growth Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ model, "said Scudamore. The first US franchise was Organization, and he won in Portland, Oregon followed by 100 franchises the Fortune Small Business' throughout North America by 2004. In 2005, fran- Best Bosses Award. chising expanded to Australia. Finally, Scudamore Scudamore decided to expand his business and proved that following one's to provide a one-day-painting service, which he vision passionately —regard— launched under the name WOW 1 DAY Painting. less ofthe image that one is The first franchise was launched in Vancouver in expected to follow —can be 2010, and 20 franchises were launched in North a great key to success! America. Scudamore further expanded his busi- ness and provided a moving service called You Move Me! Scudamore has received many awards; for instance, he was named ‘Entrepreneur of the Year" by the International Franchise Association. He, in
  7. 7. cu-mace BUSINESS MAGAZINE Behind every successful person, there is always a series of obstacles, hardships and failure. The harder life is, the more chances it gives you to struggle against and ultimately conquer. Entrepreneurs are amongst the groups that try their hardest to achieve their dreams and to make people believe in them / their ideas. If you are one of them, E-CHANCE MAGAZINE will be happy to publish your own story. Kindly attach it with a picture of yours and send it to us via e—mai| : stories@echance-magazine. com
  8. 8. fl CHANCE BUSINESS MAGAZINE 3 monthly ads + 3 months upload your company profile 240 $ I20 $ 6Top house Buildings flat (3) in wwwfachancesnlagazinecom Front of green plaza Elnaser st, tel ; +2 (o3)4257438 Smoha, Alexandria, Egypt +2 01115336337
  9. 9. Import and Export echance magazine Import and Export 9 . www. echance-magazine. com
  10. 10. Iinxiang High Garlics Co. , Ltd, located in the garlic capital of China, is an export-oriented company, engaged in purchasing, storing, processing and marketing of agricultural products.
  11. 11. BAB R K for FOOD & AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS villa 155 Road 6- 1st District - 4th Area 5th Settlement New Cairo, Cairo, Egypt Tel: +2 (02) 26181079 (office) Fax: +2 (02) 26181079 ‘ I‘-‘ 6 Mr. Hani Alarabi Executive Manager Skype : ba brezk_m h Mobile: +201210000892 E-Mail: lnfo@babrezkgroup. com
  12. 12. ISEGA Inspired For Life Glass Kilo 19 Alex-Cairo Desert Road Oillybia Gas Station St. Merghem - Alexandria - Egypt TeI. : +2 (03) 9613444 Fax: +2 (03) 9612424 . i,n, f - ~ m
  13. 13. Address: Rajbindu Estate, Tagore Road, Opp. Galaxy Diesel, Bhak tinagar, t, India. finixcorporation. com/ nilesh. borsania@gmaiI. com Website: www. finixcorporation. com m B a _ mm ; .I0 mm m. ... om mm .3 Email: info@ Tel: +91-281-2468309 Whatsapp: 00919898872084 Gtalk: nilesh. borsania@gmaiI. com 4 M 2.m .7; as 90 8b 0%. 1 9%. +m mm ow wk HS
  14. 14. .. ;. . . -. -.. , . ... ... .. V. ‘4/ ‘ . ... .'l‘. ;QI V . . 4 ‘W p - I .1 r . ‘- . _ _5g_'L _. §*~, ,. ; , ,_ , , ‘s““’ 2 , j ~ ‘——»— '7' '~—~. _._. . “* ‘ - - : ; . .v _e -' 1 - »- 3 _, - . . <. ,4.. ,g}a 4 ‘ kg‘ < , ' “RV ~ V K ‘Y 4 : 5 Q ~'. 5» 0 ‘ ‘ . M- M in y‘ ? . I ' 3‘-—~> A r . 0 ' 6Top house Buildings flat (3) in Front of green ‘_ ‘_ ‘ #1 -2 3: —- plaza Elnaser st, Smoha , Alexandria , Egypt 1 - tel : +2 (03)9576715 ‘~ " ‘‘ +2 01153340833 www. etgexport. com
  15. 15. .‘l3g, :./ l/laiaa. /l/ L.’/3aFLman , 1- get rid eff cfluttw. ’ ~* Clutter is always there when you think it is important to keep everything. This can be space consuming. Check clutter everywhere: in your closet, on your desk, in your room, on 3 your desktop, in your cellphone; then, decide which items are you ready to get rid of. 2- . ‘}'ind a cfiannd fax tfw clutter. ’ There are many useful ways that can help you get rid of the clutter and feel good about it. a) Recycle: try to recycle the items you don't need. Many countries adopt recycling strategies. If your country is not one of these, you may search for organizations that provide recycling services. How to organize one's stuff can be a challenging task; however, it is quite essential for a more pro- ductive atmosphere. Whether it is one's work- place or one's bedroom, everyone needs to get things organized, but it is not always that simple! It might be hard, but prac- tice makes perfect! b) Donate to art: some old items that you might not need can be used and recycled to create pieces ofart. lfyou are not so skilled at this, donate to someone who can be interested in the idea. c) Donate to charity: you can always donate some of the items you no longer need to charity. This will give you the positive vibes and make another person happy. Don't be afraid of letting go! You should be deci- sive and get rid of old useless stuff to have a space for new important stuff.
  16. 16. 3- (9rLgam'ae wfiat i/ .9 Keflt. ’ I a) After getting rid of the items you don't need, you will have a number of important and essential items. To be able to use these items effectively, you will need to organize them, which depends on the nature ofthe item itself. For exam- ple, clothes should be handy according to the season; in winter, you should be able to reach winter clothes easily while summer clothes can be kept away till summer time. tasks on it are accomplished. Finally, remember that an organized space can help you be more focused, posi- tive, creative and productive! b) When it comes to paper, documents and files you should follow a filing system. This depends on the volume of your work. Make sure you have separate files that are organized by topic. For instance, if you are working on three projects, make a file for each project. If you are a student, make a file for each subject. In these files you should include the items related to one specific topic. Use titles to make the search easier for yourself. Filing can work for hardcopies or softcopies. You may also use tools such as Google Drive and Drop- box. c) Make sure you organize your desktop, drives and inbox regularly. d) Take notes and use tools that help you take notes. Make sure you get rid of a list when the
  17. 17. Shipping Lines echance magazine l / 79: Shipping Lines www. echance-magazi ne. com
  18. 18. . _'_ —v ‘i '» '9.» . . * : .'-_ ____-54., ;-. . _ ff . ‘.«' I - “' V -_ , .,, _ . _-. := t“‘? 'v'-f“. T.'_*~~ . —»~. 3 , . _ -. » ---v‘-'i’. '-'-'‘. ‘‘'§'J’‘‘a. ;:‘'''‘'. .Lo‘''* [(1 I I ' 3‘ ‘ , ‘- <, ;(“}«’, ‘unv‘5", ".‘. -.. -. :._. .,_. .‘, _ ,1. __ . '. if you want to know what: we do ? just‘ try free adv with us for a month send us your logo and your data marketing@echance-magazine. com ' tar 3'8’ 553%; --__V, _ * .9
  19. 19. E“cHANcE BUSINESS MAGAZINE If you are a good story teller, or a general writer, you can join us and write a column. Send us your story with your photo and we will publish it in our magzine. — ‘A (120-180 words), mob : +2 01115336337 stories@echance-magazine. com
  20. 20. You are the %§’E. r?. .Irll. 'E§i. %. About the writer
  21. 21. echance magazine Tour 5 l'lllll. ll3 Coilmlfis ICBC Tllll ll’0lll. ll’S lllGlillS'l' Sales $134.8 B Assets $2,813.5 B ICBM. Profits $37.8 B Market Value $237.3 B CHINA (IONS'| 'l| ll. lC"I'|0N RANK 6 EI_J, Ei§%E1'i Cl mu Uoiisiitictioii Bunk Sales Profits $113.1 B $30.6 B Assets Market Value $2,241 B $202 B . l'l'M0llGilN CIIASE Sales Profits $108.2 B $21.3 B Assets Market Value $2,359.1 B $191.4 B GENERAL lil. £(3'l“BlC Sales Profits $147.4 B $13.6 B Assets Market Value $685.3 B $243.7 B EHO)! ’ Mtlllll. Sales Profits $420.7 B $44.9 B Assets Market Value $333.8 B $400.4 B sales@echance-magazine. com
  22. 22. 7 NAME: Bill Gates NAME: Carlos Slim NE'l‘ WORTH: $76 B ' Helu & family AGE: 58 NET WGIITII: $72 B SGURCE: Microsoft AGE: 74 CGUNTEY: United States SOUl{CE: telecom COUN'l‘RY : Mexico r . -—~. .—. v—- v». 4» . — r— . r—. .— ¢/ -~ v~~ T . - ~ ll Al l N 1- ‘nu . . . . . --. . . . . . . an '. n . .o i . ‘i/7 . ll l I ' lii ‘ l , l . . - _. .l. ‘ii NAME: Amancio Ortega NAME: Warren Buffett NET WGIKTII: $64 B 1.. ' . of 5 ‘ NET | '0l{Tll : $58.2 B AGE: 77 fig . ¥’7S: ".f"" ‘. AGE; 83 SOURCE: retail _ . ‘~ 8 A 1- * 1‘ SOURCE : Berkshire COUINTRY 2 Spain / ii » ‘ Hathaway ; ‘ . " ‘ COUNTRY: United States L ‘ xx ‘ I 7 : B — ‘E cf * NAME: Larry Ellison NET l’0R'l‘ll: $48 B AGE: 69 SGUECE: Oracle COUNTRY: United States
  23. 23. echance magazine Logistics Customs Clearance Companies Freightforwarder Companies Transporting Companies www. echance-magazine. com
  24. 24. l» taiititiaii Euuinniemsuilnlv » l 4 l l Tel: +2 03 3901459 +2 03 3907588 Head Office: Fax: +2 03 3938743 17 Ibrahim Abd El Sayed St. (El Batalsa) E-mail: icm. info@, icmegypt. com Alexandria. Egypt
  25. 25. 2 , . . . 7 7‘ ‘>7 Léit-: ’—~‘m *- ’Y‘. ‘ E lI'w!3"’. ' ~jll‘. :.i _U- ~- . _ g -» 1 ~ A ‘ ~'—~ 7' ‘ Address : S Ahmed Orabi St. El Manshia, Alexandria ». éE;3(: iiis'E“irM: *'= —+-__; ,. Egypt -= !--- ~ Phone: +2 03—4842727 7- ‘. -:; ._‘. "Cl—: ._l37-‘R_f{iN‘j]3_ A 7 1 Fax: +2 03-03 4871700 . . . g:I_g GENERIUI CARG0 » Mob1le: +2 01001384721 _ ' ‘ ‘ T _‘ L _‘_ +2 01145009643 " 1 A , _3q3- § Skype: Trust. shipp1ngl ‘ — ‘ ’ 7' . _ ' 7 Website : www. trustshipping. com
  26. 26. .. _. 7; eL ml-{li. ll'-1 _ ""4 77’ ”"‘2s. , Customs Cleoronc , import Sr Export T‘, T 5 mohamed osman st, off nabi daniel - raml station - alexandria - egypt te| : 01142222312 eltakwaforCustomsC| earance@gmail. com 01001392223
  27. 27. Raouf Shabayek articles echance magazine Facebook has bypassed search engines as the number one source for bringing visitors to my b| ogs. That’s the case with many other bloggers and websites. The old saying: might not be that far from the truth at the moment. With Facebook’s total number of users crossing 1.2 billion users, and if we assume those are real not fake, that means Facebook reaches 17% ofthe world's popu- lation. I've read the results of many studies and surveys (coming from ExactTarget, eConsultancy, GetSatisfac— tion, etc) aimed at under- standing why do people follow a ‘Brand Page’on Facebook. I've found many similarities in the results, which I'm listing here below. uf Shaba Majority of Facebook users following a brand page expect to read about promotions and special discounts. They are actually seeking good deals and benefits, and they expect to be notified long before a sales promotion or an online contest is on. They also expect freebies, samples, coupons and discount codes in return for being loyal fans to the brand. According to eConsultancy, females tend to follow brands on Facebook more than males! ferrari-facebook—page Do you love the Ferrari brand? Join 12 million fans who follow its official page on Facebook. Imagine sharing an image ofthe forthcoming Ferrari model posted by the official Facebook page on yourTime| ine! You can't be a true brand's fan, unless you follow its page on Facebook and share its latest news. You can go the extra mile and start answering other fans questions and solve their problems as well. ”After Goog| e+, Facebook shares were found to be the second—most important factor with regard to ranking on Google. ’’- L2 CEO Scott Galloway www. echance—magazine. com
  28. 28. .opke 4 — Leave Feedback/ Complain igeson When fans love a brand, they take the extra step to report by Raouf Shabayek any problem with any prod- uct or service. On the other hand, decent brands reply to messages posted on their Facebook pages faster than they do on emails, making more and more users opt to leave their complaints there. lfthere was a real problem with the brand posted on its Facebook page, most proba- bly it will be remedied promptly and generously, 3 — Be The First To Know before it becomes a media nightmare, with a backlash Fans take pride in being the first to know about from other users. Power to when will a new product be released by their the people is what comes to beloved brand, or the date of the forthcoming my mind! sales promotion. Is there a new CEO joining the o — Some Shopping company? Was a milestone reached recently? Did a iscounts, Sales, Special ' '~ ns, l>erl<s, etc product set a new record in terms of sales (beating There have been contradict- a competitor) or increase its market share? Whatev— mo feedback about Face- er it is, fans want to know it first. A Facebook page book commerce According should satisfy this need to know. to L2, 3 oioitoj tbinktank IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIQI
  29. 29. echance magazine based in New York City, small companies stand a better chance selling their goods on their Face- book pages, while spe- cialty retail stores tried, failed and stopped selling on Facebook, opting to use it only as a communi- cation channel. For every failed incident, you can list another that did well selling on Facebook. It's safe to say that some people go shopping on Facebook, but it's still a trend to keep your eye on for the moment. With free selling apps like Ecwid, it won't hurt to give it a try. "Facebook—based store sales grew 267% in Q4 2012.”-Jim O'Hara, Ecwid President This article was copied based on the approval of the author in order to preserve copy- rights about Raouf Shabayek Writer and blogger specializing in e—marketing and market- ing through social networks, and the narrative of the success stories, and encouragement to enter the world of commerce, through his blog, Blog Shabayek, and through his books published by himself. V ICTO R I AS SECRET www. echance—magazine. com
  30. 30. CHANCE BUSINESS MAGAZINE '‘v‘‘‘ C C V1 1.114; 1, 1:11 *1 AA" }. L 4‘. 4' . 4. -}. ‘A - ' §_—"
  31. 31. Exhibtions echance magazine www. echance—magazine. com
  32. 32. CHANCE iiUSiNESS MACIAZI NE E}(hi6i'fi'0n5' if you want to know what we do ? just try a l| ‘(‘(‘ ad with us for a month send us your logo and your data marketing@echance-magazine. com
  33. 33. Articles echance magazine 5 Mistakes You Should Avoid When You Start an Online Business lfyou decided to start an online business, there are big mistakes that you should avoid not to let your ship to sink. In this article I'll show 5 big mistakes that many people make and how to avoid them. 1 Believing that online business is a piece of cake: How manytimes did you see the Ad that tells you that you can make millions of dollars online in no time? How about the lady that tells you that she works at home and makes thousands daily? We all see those ads that try to con- vince us that we can win money easily by working online; well if you decide to start an online business because you think its profit will be quick, I am afraid I have some bad news for you. No money can come easily, nei- ther online business nor any other business; it will take a lot of time and effort to succeed, and you will probably lose much money before you start making some profit. Write this statement on a large piece of paper and hang it on your room wall ''It won't be quick! It won't be easy! " 2- Choosing the wrong Business for the right rea- sons: Most people are attracted to the business that makes more money, and that is a very huge mistake to make. Like I said before, online business is no walk in the park; it will take time, money, mental effort and lots of your sleeping hours. In order to achieve success through all those obstacles you need to have passion about what you do. You have to ask yourself these questions "what business are you interested in? " "What is your passion? " "What is the thing that you are really good at? " Answer these questions then decide what to do regardless of the money. lfyou are really good at it, you will succeed. www. echance—magazine. com
  34. 34. Not making a Business plan: One of the most important things you should do when you start a busi- ness is to write a business plan. If you start your business without a plan, you will feel overwhelmed as the time passes by because there is so much to do and so many little details that you have to take care of. You will feel lost among these details, and there will be so much pressure on you, and you will eventually give up. Before making any moves, sit down and take the time you need to make your plan. Write the goals you want to achieve, and how much time you need to do it. It's also important to make a timeline for your plan and to set a deadline for your goal. "A goal without a plan is just a wish! " Antoine de Saint—Exupéry Ignoring marketing research: This is probably the thing that most people ignore when they begin online business although it's one ofthe most important elements to succeed in establishing any business. You should make a marketing research about your product or service, know your customers, find out what they need, learn about your competitors and try to give people something that no other competitor can offer. Without marketing research before starting the business, you will be like some- one who is trying to reach some place without any signs on the road to guide him, so don't make that mistake and learn how to make the marketing research yourself.
  35. 35. echance magazine 3, ¢ . Underestimating the power of social media: Underestimating the power of social medi Don't think Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or any other social media website is just for fun. People now spend more time using these websites than using other websites. For ‘ example, if you have a well—promoted Facebook page and a website, people will reach you through your Face— book page rather than your web- site. It's important to create a Face— 3 book page and to promote it well by using sponsored ads ser- vice. This will help you target the right customers to whom you need to is show your product or service, and it's very cheap compared to newspaper on TV 3 ads. At the end, I must warn you that the most famous mistake that people make is giving up when they fail. "-, , lfyou fail don't just walk away, find out what you did wrong and make it right and try again and again. Did you know that Henry ford the founder of Ford motor company Went Bankrupt 5 times before he Succeeded? ! 3;» www. echance—magazine. com
  36. 36. 7'/ it 9111/2r; _i'_vi‘/2/r1'. v _ t N '-L ~, llrlj, 1 , $ Tel: .2 (o3)c2s743I I lu('” fax; 41 (o3)9s7sns I R nmh #1 01115335337 . Il1‘flI vs lulu x-~iu. ig. uiiu~ Ililll CONTE ‘E I bl INN‘ / ¢'-. Success Stories Import 51 Export companies 5 Tips of 9 Quotes l logistics loounvnunnvuu; 25 “°°""°"*" war of "U lnghtfi Guurotoon Av! i( I95 27 Exhiblio
  37. 37. echance magazine 2 O O l- (D in 0.: E in :5 M Business Tools WWW. €Cl‘lCll'lC€-fI'lClgO. Zll‘l€. COI'l'l
  38. 38. =. -30¢ :99 .3935 s-«vim = .-3'. r~b: .~e-‘-s G935 ~. -AM C2:-:595L5J' 42x0-U 4«. sw. ~“ 9-as 'o. ~.-3915!‘ wail «: =~<»2J| J3»; 4.o. ::>L. .J. | oB, ;—. Ji CJlgL. ».> c_. si, .. <L~zsL. ..l, | c. ts, :.JI QL_»L. ... o car, ‘ o1-o 55.3. evrr 5.5,. » s/ uv'i~s : - dale} on 8:52» -852)! 4 ' &. ;;. uSw 311- $0.11 93,
  39. 39. éfo g {)0 ‘Be’ ’ °”’«"/ "’«9 O w+-J-J. | 1.4 I ‘ J. y . ¢ ‘ y mob : 02 . 01115336337 sales@echance—magazine. com
  40. 40. u'; gJL5;iJl dgu www. eshteree| I}. - ; -3 amazon 1- I, T, ‘ ‘ ‘~ , L. I u—. .
  41. 41. M3,! a5;. :., a J» 3.>L. um $4.53 Jim 5&2?» 3.2». Jlosill ' C1~: >JA-= ’|9¢>1s3J'3—2;9.5;as1=3d‘ 5,294: L4; 3 31.93:: 91; em~. L..3 i l, a._«: »a§sflJg1.xi»0a-3_~§; J3L'>, _}. ou‘l4o)l>| &§¢.5.9<1J Aw 5“-185» JALKIA (>155 9 J»->2» 512L112 . .JLosSII .319, ‘A "5; Phone 03 5843345 Email info@m3ml. com ’ , j . __. Website http: //www. ‘~
  42. 42. Dalian infobank co. ,|td. rovide 153 countries‘ trade a». - merica, Mexico, Columbia, 4 uay, Argentina, Brazil, Chi1«; : years and served more than orldwide. ndia, Vietnam, Philippines, _ Dalian infobank Co. ,Ltd. witi. trade mark "SINOIMEX" is 1’ Oflice: 0086-411 397 07071 Skype: vicki_sinoimex Mob : 0086-186 527 20591 vicki_zhai@sinoimex. com Bldg Cl, No.2 Software Park Road East, Dalian, China. data. sinoimcx. com. cn
  43. 43. Exoenoncc ‘. ‘;l| lZIl_‘w Pmdnet Products and services include 3D animation content used in features a films, movie visual effects, TV series, 3D TV series (Stereoscopic), TV l commercials, Game Design, Educational systems and general advertising needs including creating TV channel identities 0 l fir ll “ l 3,21 -illlllll V cg. ’-)1}: I http: //vmlw. Exp-stuclioscom lnfo@exp-studios. com mob : +2 01008848077 www. Exp-studios. com
  44. 44. .com simple & secure Enjoy online shopping experience Use the only simple and secure payment method in Egypt 6-0 01-01! 8-balq "ajléj. 'i.1.uLo/ lj. _i_. :'>" roailwl M! !fiy. com — OUR TOP MERCHANTS .3,, ,ll. é3.. D,l§l‘5
  45. 45. l i ‘J? u l L‘~~{': ,~J'. ;Lu: , §l, U,~ r to Jl, ‘.lJ‘; ,1) 3) ‘: / w w M, Grail”: or; 3;) J 1“. gm L» ' l‘ r H»), t . _'s_"'u a HH ‘ ‘.57 “' “' ”‘ . , , -/r" -7— t 0 I ' is — - ~_. — I out‘. . -x, :_. ..' ' " ‘*3/"J. ta I , ’. T it)? -ll -‘Us “W * ' . 1 ' 0 " 01112551992 ma. ppm —£>'p. l— stmslleghti n zolqiall 01001848442 info@creatorseg. com=9iq3i$. l agnll
  46. 46. CHANCE BUSINESS MAGAZINE wort‘ mu om: M-I1’IS; StiE cm gt eth TI-EH or EVERY M(; iN'! ‘l~E
  47. 47. RUSSIA http: //countrymeters. info/ L http: //wwwworldstopexports. com! 7 1 / http: //www. wor| dsrichéStcouhtfiossomll Region Eastern Europe Currency Russian Rouble (RUB) Surface area (square kilometres) 17098240 Population in 2013 (estimated, 000) 142836 Population density in 2011 (per square kilometre) 8.4 Capital city and population in 2011 (000) Moscow (1 1621) United Nations membership date 24-Oct-45 CURRENT POPULATION 141 948 935 53.7% 46.3% 3 FEMALE MALE G Russia is the sixth—third richest country and number 17 importer. In 201 2, The Russian Federation bought US$316 billion worth of imported products. That total is up by 18.3% since 2008. “‘
  48. 48. . GDP today ' National Debt this year National Debt today GDP this year (PPP) 676 466 706 451 S GDP this year per capita (annual 863 18$) 182 3$ 758 844 226 45 30$ 952 441 355 365$ GDP today per capita Total National Debt (Public Debt Clock) Total National Debt per capita 574 2$ 822 320 264 55 900 260 49$ -1 L-rg‘ TOP FIVE EXPORTERS TO RUSSIA
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