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Issue 7

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Dawn Of Smart Vehicles by : Raouf Shabayek
Interview Tips
J.K. Rowling Story Of A writer
4 Things You Should Do Before Starting An IT Company

Import&Export Companies
Shipping Lines
Business Tools Companies

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Issue 7

  1. 1. E CHANCE BUSINESS MAGAZINE JULY ,2014 ISSUE 07 FREE MAGAZINE DAWN or 4 SMART VEHICLES . rrcompany Interview Tips Storv 0! a Writer V y I S S U E www. echance-magazine. com July, 2014
  2. 2. E gs; u, «:’'/ E Wessam Elhenawy Pro_jectManager Marketing IDEA ~L PLAN 4/ Acruo , Esraa Adel Marketing I E Ahmed El-Mallah Art director 1 Mai Ahmed GraphicDesigner E—Chance is an online magazine in the field of Lamis waheb international trade. The e-magazine offers adver— ’ Graphic Designer tisements for import and export companies, shipping and maritime trading companies, and customs . clearance companies. In its "Business Tools" I _ section, E—Chance provides its readers with a list map mpmgncl of service providers (SP) in various fields: such as, legal consultancy services, accounting services, ’ Rehabmohamed and propaganda films. A number of useful articles, Web Designer moreover, are provided by E—Chance. I Maisa A. Rahman Writer & Editor ’ Mohamed Gammal Writer Tel : +2 (O3)4257438 Mob 1+2 01115336337 Fax : +2 (O3)9576715 sales@echance-magazine. com
  3. 3. echance magazine Success Stories Import 8: Export companies I- Z LU Z O U Facts Logistics Roof Shabayek Articles Exhibition Articls ‘ t Business Tools About a Country Ask Mr. Chance
  4. 4. ° Monthly ads including designs. ° Placing a link of your website or your Facebook page on our website for a whole Year for when you publish your ads in our magazine for one month. ° Distributing E—Commerce magazine monthly to a large number of companies. ° Uploading your company's profile as a PDF file. - Banner ads on our web site . You find Us on; . _ - Echancemagazine mob: +201115336337 Te1;+2 (93)4257433 sales@echance—magazine. com Fax; +2 (e3)9575715 6 Top House Compound, apartment 3, Nasr St, Smoha (in front of Green Plaza Mall), Alexandria, Egypt.
  5. 5. Success Stories echance magazine A Joanne Rowling the author ofthe Harry Potter series is by all means an outstanding writer. Her series Harry Potter won many awards, is the best—selling book series in history, and was turned into a series of movies. Such great suc- cess illustrates a great success story of the nov- elist. Rowling was born in Yate, UK, in 1965; the daughter of an aircraft engineer and a science technician. Not only had Rowling lived an unhappy teen- age years due to her mother's illness and her problems with her father, but she also encoun- tered unhappy events in her academic life. 31:12: . .i. lI’ére‘mo; *4. mp «f; '1’. ‘t’-. ‘1i‘; ‘rne*m She took the entrance exam for Oxford University in 1982, but she was not accepted. However, she gained a BA in French and Classics at the University of Exeter. Later, she worked as a researcher and bilingual secretary at Amnesty Inter- national, which is a non—governmental organization focused on human right. Hmwmul mi-i-, pnu".1 n_. _., , mu . -g '. :. ~l? ..1_Ji{Il‘l}/ liullpf ‘r; .,_, il, ,,- . g , .~. .., .. :; —¢: .>A V _ R . , . _ lax h‘ . . . ..“ P1,. ., . , z.. W . . H . 1--, ., »¥I'__{. ‘ IL; , ‘s-—_~, ~“' ; ‘I ,5,-‘ '7‘: ', ;=‘: /7‘ 7‘ ’ ’ . .__. _.. ~ IA R: mIun_: ~,m-.1 In Rnu. l"; A7I, l Jkkinlingin-X Jxum. :mg. ..~. a J. lIiimlingov. i j’). .xm«I. u,a. n;. ' ‘ Many sad events in Rowling's life occurred during the time of writing Harry Potter. She was first inspired with the idea in 1990 on a delayed train inci- dent. During the time of writing her first book in the series, Rowling's mother, Anne, died after ten years of battling with illness. This sad event inspired the agony introduced in Harry's loss in the novel. After her mother's death, Rowing moved to Portugal where she met the Portuguese television journalist Jorge Arantes. www. echance—magazine. com
  6. 6. In 1992, the couple got married and they had their child in 1993 in Portugal. Around four months after having their baby, the couple separated. Despite the actual reason of separa- tion is unknown, some suggest that Rowling was a victim of domestic violence. She and her child moved to Scotland after the separation. After obtaining an order of restraint against her husband, who tried to reach Rowling in UK, Rowling filed for divorce in 1994. At that time Rowling kept on writing her Potter fantasy. Rowling was divorced, jobless, and responsible for a child. She suffered depression and even contemplated sui- cide. Rowling, moreover, faced financial problems that she signed up for welfare benefits describing herself as being "poor as it is possible to be in modern Britain, without being homeless, " and she lived on state benefits. Rowling finished her manuscript for Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone in 1995, but the manuscript was rejected by twelve publishing houses. A year later, Bloomsbury, a publishing house, agreed to publish the book, and the book was published in 1997. Despite the devastating events in her life I marked by the death of her mother, her divorce, and her financial status, Rowling managed to survive through imagina- tion, writing and hard work. In 2001, Rowling married Neil Michael Murray, and they had their first baby in 2003. Now Joanne Rowling is the United King- dom's best—selling author, and she is ranked as the twelfth richest woman in UK with a fortune of £560 million.
  7. 7. 5 ensues II "-III-IF! '3 -Illa-| i.iIf| J'1|f Behind every sueeessfiil persnn, there is always a series ufubstaeles, hardships and failure. The harder life is, the more chances it gives you I: -:: I struggle a gaiust and ultimately euuquer. Entrepreneurs are emengst 1-he greups Thcrl‘ 1'r"; .r their hardest Ire achieve their dreams and to make people believe in them 1" their ideas- ll‘ 3.11:1-1.1 are 1:1r1e eIftl'1ern, . E-CHAN CE MAGAEHE will be hapnyrte nI.1l:1l| :5h your e-1.1.1 n str: Irj. r.1I: intIl: .I attach it wlth a picture at j. I'I'. 'Il. lT'5 and send '1ttr: r us -u-ia e-mail: stnriesgg-ec ha nee-n1agazi11e.1:un1
  8. 8. 6 Tap Hausa -Ila-mpanunitl, apartmentfi, Hear 5|, Ernaha {In 'l1'1:1nl, aI'i'. -ireen Plaza I‘-flail], Alexandria, Egypt. -nrww. a1:. hanae-magazinaanm tel '. +2 {|2IZl]42E‘1|'4EIiE +2 I. 'I'I'i1i5E2IlIi3El'1"
  9. 9. echance magazine lQllil'lI'. lF1 " I've missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed. ” Import and Export MIcIlIaeI. lI1_11da11, NBA [. egernlln. _r, y Iiasketlrrllll MVP Import and Export 9 . www. echance-magazinecom
  10. 10. AGADIII HAGAPI. Al| 'I' Avenue Hassan II BP 314-Agagir - HAROC 060 I 401461 0661 I 3884-0
  11. 11. HTG H JINXIANG HIGH GARLICS CO, LTD. ABOUT US , Iinxiang High Garlics Co. , Ltd, located in the garlic capital of China, is an export-oriented company, engaged in purchasing, storing, processing and marketing of agricultural products. email: fairy@higarlics. c0m TEL:0086—537—8726028 skype : adrianliu20 12 1 FAX:0086-537-87 28028 Contact person: Adrian Liu
  12. 12. . ETG Egyptfiadeaate mymamm 6Top house Buildings flat (3) in Front of green plaza Elnaser st, Smoha , Alexandria , Egypt www. etgexport. com +2 (o3)957e715 +2 0115334083
  13. 13. Address _ 4 iRegd Office: 104 — Rajbindu Estate, Tagore Road, I - ~ Opp. Galaxy Diesel, Bhaktinagar, Rajkot - 37 "S, ,3 ‘, _:, g_. , . .+L. .{~»-1. 360002, Gujarat, India. [3 . . _. — . .- - Email '*~"', i:3,‘, :_~: ‘_ info@finixcorporation. com/ ni| esh. borsania@g: ' mail. com Website wvvw. finixcorporation. com Mobile: +91-9898872084 Tel: +91-281-2468309 _- Skype: nileshborsania , . #2‘ Whatsapp: 00919898872084 5! Gtalk: nilesh. borsania@gmai| .com yr 1.3 I | ' r . ‘I I‘. A . 5‘ ' . I. ‘if - 1 " .1‘ V ' ‘I- ‘ l - ' -‘i 1- I‘ . I '--, ' ‘xi-. —‘; ~‘: f ~ 1' li'*: ".2. *" . . '1 ‘EA ‘Ear’. ' I - tilts r_ I 1"’ I. II‘ C. .. --.4-*
  14. 14. Mr. Hani Alarabi Executive Manager skype : babrezk_mh Mobile: +201210000892 E-Mail: |nfo@babrezkgroup. com Villa 1 55 Road 1-6st District - 4th Area 5th Settlement New Cairo , Cairo, Egypt Tel: 26181079 (02) 2+ (office) Fax: 26181 079 (02) 2+
  15. 15. Kilo 19 Alex-Cairo Desert Road Oiliybia Gas Station St. Merghem Alexandria — Egypt I3‘; ii '4’; info@segaglass. com T2i. : +2 (03) 96 ) 9617.’-s2~= i www. segagiass. com Fe. .:»: : -32 (03
  16. 16. I1-I ALIMECO S. A NTERNAUONIAL TRADE -REPRESENTATIONS ALIMECO S. A, is an international commodities trader, specializing in basic agricultural products, grain, rice, food and feedstuffs, oilseeds and by-products. The company's head office is in Athens, Greece. Alimeco has established a solid network in the Balkans - notably Bulgaria and Romania -, creating a much larger operation area and having access to a much bigger commodity market which is competitive conditions We are interested in expanding our business to the East—Mediterranean Arab countries. 34 Efroniou Street, Athens P. C. 16121, Greece Tei. +30 2107242316 Fax. +30 2103803797 Mob. +30 6932562936 Web. www. a|imeco. gr
  17. 17. echance magazine | nteiVi. eW I Tips . ID :2. i2 I {By : ./ I/laioa . /I/ l fiiafiman 1-Be qualified: A very basic interview tip is "be qualified; " being quali- W 7 rt fied is the core of succeeding in getting the job. Thus, ) be well armed with education and knowledge in the ' field of the job you are applying to; this gives you a , ’ K ‘ A xlgetter chance in getting the job. If you need further 7 ‘g Q) / educational qualifications, do your best to gain Q. W", . r-—r ; ;., ,,. ____gourses and diplomas in the field you need, and if you i lack experience in the field you are willing to join, try to *“’/ get some training before jumping into the job. , , ‘V’ / 2-Appearance: A formal outfit always gives positive impression. Formal clothes give the impression that you are a serious and a professional candidate. 3-Attitude: Adopting a positive attitude can always have a very HeVthQ eh ihterVteW good effect on the interviewer; hence, being patience, Cert be Very $tre$StU' positive, persistent, courteous, cheerful and optimistic eSPeCte“Y it We the is quite significant in an interview as this shows what Cehdtdete'S first thter- employee you will make at the company. A friendly VieW- This is the Very attitude and a nice smile can do miracles! reason why one Sh0U'd be We” Dre 4- Do your homework: pared f9’ 3“ inter‘ Before heading to the company, make sure you have V'eW- enough information about it, its structure, your job, etc. One of the worst interview experiences told by an interviewer is having an interviewee who didn't know for which job he was interviewed! Never be that guy! 17 www. echance—magazine. com
  18. 18. There are some This is one of the most famous interview starters, namelyffo intro- duce yourself. In this part, try to avoid personal information —unless you are asked to provide some —and focus on profes— r‘ " sional information. The best answer to this question is usually a brief introduction to your educational and professional back- '_, ground. When asked about your qualifications, the interviewer needs to know about your educational and your professional background. In other words, you should talk about your education, your previous work experience and any additional courses or diplomas that you joined. This part discusses your personal qualities including your strengths and your weaknesses. Some of the strengths are being patient, hard- working, punctual, a team player, decisive, etc. The opposite of these qualities are weak- nesses. However, many interviewers ask you _A to name one of your weaknesses. To answer T . this question try to avoid mentioning any nega- "‘~; ~"f; . tive quality that can have any influence on " your job. A . _ Some other common interview questions “» x . include: Why do you want to join our company? __, ._j o, What will you add to the company? /‘ , Finally, being well—prepared and self—confident " are the most significant interview tips!
  19. 19. Shipping Lines echance magazine QllltlTlli‘. "Chase the vision, not the money; the money will end up following you. ” Tony [’llS‘ll8tll, ZZ«! Ljll1Dt)S (1lF‘. tl . / I Shipping Lines www. echance-magozinecom
  20. 20. Shipping Lines lfyau want to know what we do ? _ht. iit try freead with us»: fnra II-1£. 'I-fllih sari! Lu. '_I, r-nLr In-go and yin-Lir data mai1tulln-ilfl-acrrnlu: -a-i1'rag, a:i1a. n:nn1
  21. 21. rank name ofnort . Ningho-lhoushan xi’ Shanghai 4‘. Singapore Tianiin '7. Rotterdam L. Guangzhou r lv - «. aran ~' l Tangshan l country total cargo [metric tonsl2ll12 China 744,000,000 China 736,000,000 Singapore 538,000,000 China 476,000,000 Netherlands 441,500,000 China 434,000,000 China 402,000,000 China 373,000,000 China 364,600,000 China 301,100,000
  22. 22. « if ‘i c 9,451! 3._u, ... ... lI 2S, ..‘: ..lI , Saudi Electricity Company Rank: Name: Saudi Basic Industries (SABIC) Country: KSA Sector: Petrochem Market Value: $ 94.4 B Revenue: $ 50.4 B Profits: $ 6.7 B Assets: $ 90.4 B STC E1pg.9.iul| Q.ill. n'J'. iJl Rank: Name: QNB Country: Qatar Sector: Banking Market Value: $ 37.1 B Revenue: $ 5.4 B Profits: $ 2.6 B Assets: $ 121.8 B etisalat Rank: Name: Saudi Electricity Country: KSA Sector: Energy Market Value: $ 17.5 B Revenue: $ 9.5 B Profits: $ 809.5 B Assets: $ 73.8 B lif 'I'Z'. '3': 53.523‘ ‘$35.3 Rank: 6 Name: Saudi Telecom Country: KSA Sector: Telecom Market Value: $ 35.6 B Revenue: $ 12.2 B Profits: $ 2.6 B Assets: $ 23.3 B Rank: Name: Etisalat Country: UAE Sector: Telecom Market Value: $ 25.8 B Revenue: $ 10.6 B Profits: $ 1.9 B Assets: $ 23.3 B
  23. 23. echance magazine iQlll0ll'll: i1 ”TYour work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. “ Logistics Ste ire Jliiillis, (lii»lE‘iiiiiiiile. ii, iCllllHLll, l{”llllll: rll. llt Htlllltil tlllilli, itiriiiille. Customs Clearance Companies Freight forwarder Companies Transporting Companies www. echance-magazinecom
  24. 24. EL THHUJH Customs (leoronc . import & Export 5 mohamed osman st, off nabi daniel raml station - alexandria - egypt 01001392223
  25. 25. .i: Ef. l_l-l tail ii] iiiii 'rl, l.ll s‘ii-lJ, i.. i_ii. J.i. ‘i Head Office: 17 Ibrahim Abd El Sayed St. (El Batalsa) Alexandria, Egypt Tel: +2 03 3901459 +2 03 3907588 Fax: +2 03 3938743 E-n1ail: icm. info@icmegypt. com it i‘%; §fl: .i: i¢i: .i. Ui: i'fi tuinmcni sunniii
  26. 26. i, - Q‘tefi: :*ie: :.: fi: ra. ::: «:: ":= mj J 7 j phone; +2 03-4842727 Fax; +2 03-03 4871700 Mobije; +2 01001384721 - SEA FIIEIGIIT +2 0i i4 500 9543 - AIR FllEIGII'l‘ 5i<yPe= Trust-ShiPPih9i - (jUS'['(}M Website: www. trustshipping. com ' CLEARANCE Address : 5 Ahmed Orabi St. El Manshia, - GEi'ER. AL IARGO - 'l‘l{UCKING Aiexahdriafigypt
  27. 27. echance magazine Dawn 9 of Smart Vehicles By Raouf Shabayek This article was copied based on the approval of the author in Raouf Shabayek articles order to preserve copyrights What makes a car “smart” nowadays? 5, Chevy spark Your Smartphones, smart vehicles. .. we gen— Imagination erally associate this with better-than-aver- Chevrolet has always had a Selle age technology, technology that predicts your repulalleh for hlgh euallly Care aha next question and fetches the answer for it. ls oh parwllh C0ea_Cela lh terms of Smart cars Wlll change the way we drive, hrahd reeeghllleh The Shark ls a change the way we travel, and change the perfect example of lhelr attempt at Way We "V9: creating the perfect high-efficiency, , smart vehicle. It comes equipped with DO you want i0 know hOW much WOUld Ii COSt the Chevrolet telematlcs / lnf0_ to fill the tank at nearby petrol stations? Or lalhmehleyelem realurlhg. 7.. l_CD Color Check °” 3 Fa°eb°°k iiiendis iatest touch-screen intemet/ satellite/ normal check-in? Smart cars should be able to Radle hahr’le_lree hhehe Speech deliver such answers and more. reeeehlllehr MP3 , Vldee player’ Blue _ _ _ tooth streaming andAUX/ USB port Pretty soon we’ll see se| f—driving cars avail- able commercially (Nevada, Florida, and Cali- fornia states in the US have already legally per- mitted autonomous cars! ), and manufacturers today are already integrating “smart” technology into their cars. According to a report by Juniper Research that came out in 2013, the market for in-vehicle apps will be worth around $1.2 billion by 2017. This means that the Smart Car will become the new frontier for app developers over the coming years. It doesn’t pack social media integration. .. yet, but it does . ..drum-roll please, 39 mpg/ highway. Chevy is bringing its game face when it comes keeping the consum- er’s needs first. Base Price: $12,000 www. echance—magazine. com
  28. 28. 3. The VW Golf Volkswagen is innovating in ways that will leave most people immensely impressed. Like a lot of manufacturers nowadays, VW is fitting telematics system into their cabins by default. The 2014 VW Golf model comes with the option of 5-, 5.8- or an 8-inch infotainment systems to choose from. The ‘Radio Composition Media’ model, at 5.8 inches and above, is fitted with proximity sensors that respond to wiping and zooming ges- 4. What’s Your Toyota iQ? Otherwise known as the Scion iQ, this car was introduced in the US in 2011 with plenty of innovation. Not only does the vehicle itself look super slick, it was very purposefully designed, even down to the models name. Recent models offer by default the Scion Display Audio System, featuring a color 6.1 " LCD touch-screen, AM/ FM/ CD/ HD Radio, hands-free phone capability, Bluetooth music streaming, and AUX/ USB port with iPod connectivity. The intuitiveness of a touch screen is making our lives much more conve- nient! The more advanced navigation systems also have an SD slot, USB port, a 10 GB hard drive, and a WLAN hotspot built in. Other fea- tures include Front Assist with City Emergency Braking, Lane Assist lane-keeping assistant, road sign recognition, ParkAssist parking assistant, and the automated light- ing functions Light Assist and Dynamic Light Assist Vlfith the amount of technology packed into the dash, you might never want to Scion BeSpoke Premium Audio system, leave vour oar aoain_ featuring GPS navigation services, geobased hotels, and Weather Updates like yelpl Car-Net, basically an in-car assistance system and Tn'pAdvisor, integration with popu- fithag $33 zaigiy fefattgies stitch iocah lav, Soclal media applmlionsr and on- a roa Sl eassis noe, a omaccras notification, remote vehicle unlock, destination access to 30,000 free audio stations. assistance and more Base Price: $40,000
  29. 29. echance magazine 2, can SUV5 Really Be’smart’? Drivers will also be able to seam- Ford Escape can Iessly sync MapQuest directions Some people think SUVs are the absolute from 3 heme erwerk e°_mpeter'"t° opposite ofsmart. This usually comes from the 3” app '” t_he'r_ ea’ _“aV'9at'°”3 the notion that smart = fuel efficient. And it most °'d deVS °ff'dd"”9 W'th paper maps cases it does, for the little cars. But it does for 0,’ be'a“ei”9 your Smenphene maps the Ford Escape too, at31 mpg/ highway, and Wm‘ your ee_”de, 0” the Whee' ere so much more. But maybe one of the coolest °"er and d''‘’'"9 '5 Safer and eee'er things about this car is the “Active Park the“ eve“ Ferd Escapes Come fitted Assist” feature. AKA the car helps you paral— Wm‘ the ”e”e' peel? _°f SD/ USB pert’ lel park, even in the toughest of spots. It B'”_et°°th e°”"eet'V'tyt hands_ free almost seems as if this is an organic bridge ea"'”9t a_“d'b'e 3M3’ and HD / '”ter' between standard vehicles and autonomous net Rad")- cars — and we’re excited to see what hap- pens in between Base Price: $25,000 1. Ride With the DICE Okay, so this is still just a con- cept, according to Mer- cedes—Benz. But the DICE (Dynamic & Intuitive Con- trol Experience) dash- board concept is so sci-fi, so futuristic, and so inno- vative that it had to be All Ford Escape models now have an HOV (carpool) mentioned First intrO_ lane guidance option so that the navigation panel dueed at me 2012 Cen_ will help you route the shortest commute possible. Sumer Eledmnics Show/ _ The voice—control| ed mapping screens will also show branded point-of-interest icons for places like McDona| ds, Shell Gas, and Starbucks to make it _ easier to find what you’re looking for. Sync b°e"eW'th no hand buttons‘ AppLink (features vary bu model) puts 2 dozens of smartphone apps (Android + iOS) for media I ; and navigation under the driver’s control with 1 I voice commands. case in Las Vegas, itfeatured a completely digital dash- www. echonce—mogozine. com
  30. 30. Imagine a giant iPhone on your dash, The dash will also link you to vehicle oper- and the whole thing is controlled using ations, entertainment, maps, and social motion sensors with hand move- media. This would have been handy when! ments, swipes and voice—based visited San Francisco a few weeks ago for interaction. Mercedes-Benz imag- the first time; I could identify major city attrac- Ines that this is what the future of tions, figure out how to get there, and tweet the automobile will look like, and I about how much fun I’m having- all using my have to say, I like what I see. The car’s built-in technology. I wonder what kind of demonstration also showed a safeguards will be built in for preventing distracted projection area that will show you driving, but I’m sure Mercedes-Benz will have additional information based on the an answer for mat too. Driving might just get context of what you are seeing as you exciting again. drive. e 7 — , vs, Expected delivery date for the DICE? 20 “ {”_T‘---}‘. f 7*, ,: ii| l'- 9 Wing, P. « years! The full system needs some more », -1: f: ‘:'. .;. ,fi: »:, ’ ‘ll W’ ! ‘ ironing and tweaking, but Mercedes l I ' _ I ' , _,, $ models will be fitted with whatever fea- e ture is ready for the mainstream. Our _ e_ if--ti’ ~-wt» money will definitely go to Mercs. Pass by the park? Maybe a blurb will pop up with information about an event taking place there that aftemoon. Driving across the Bay Bridge? Here’s some information about when it was built, and how many gal- lons of paint it took to cover the entire thing (who needs Google anyway? ) is there a Starbucks half a mile up? Today’s drink spe- cial, and the Starbucks logo, shows up on your digital dash.
  31. 31. ‘(ill l)'ll1 F1 / —1 "It's almost always harder to raise capital than you thought it would be, and it always takes longer. So plan for that. ” 4 Iii it; llll1?. l.. ll“tLrl I! lit It” ll“«0tl$ I! l, l/ cit l. lllll‘t) iii; jp ii tt: i.1li’t. si. ii iii‘! Atiti; ‘.liiiiti Exhibtions
  32. 32. Exhibitions If you want: to know what we do ? just try a free ad with us for a month send us your logo and your data marketing@echance-magazine. com
  33. 33. echance magazine I I" lFi9@ifiU[ii@]ifilU The Information Technology field is the most important working field in the world right now. There is almost no field that doesn't relate to or use IT right now. Thejobs related to the IT field are the most wanted jobs in the world right now. If you want to know how IT affects your life, just imagine your life without Face- book, Twitter, YouTube, the INTERNET in general, mobile phones and a lot of other things too. If your passion lies in this field, and if you think you can work as a software pro- grammer or database administrator, etc. , and if you want to start an IT company, then you should do these four steps in order to get what you want. The business of information technology has many fields that you can join; you can be a software programmer, a at to web developer, a web designer, a mobile applications now developer, a database administrator, etc. Whatever the field you are looking forward to working in, you must be really good at it. You have to get a degree in computer science first, or take courses at whatever you're interested in. You can try learn- ing online; it became really popular in this field. It's easy and cheap and you can do it anytime you want. So you just have to MASTER your future specialty. That is the first break and the base of your success in this field. So make sure you're building it right. www. echance-mogazinecom
  34. 34. After you do a great job at learning, you must do something really important before moving to the next level, testing your- self. If you already have a degree in computer science, this shouldn't be that important to you, but it's recommended anyway, and if you're learning online by yourself, well there's no better way to tell how good you are than becoming a free- lancer. To be a freelancer that means to do the job for someone online whether it's making a design, editing an HTML code or any otherjobs related to IT. It's usually a small job with a little cash, but money should not be the important point here if you want to start an IT company. This step should only be a test for you. If you did yourjob right, you will know that you put the basis in a good way, and if you didn't, then you will know that you probably have to go back to step one. It will also give you good experience, one that you will need in the future. Moreover, you will gain some extra cash, so you win at every aspect. However, some people just make enough cash to live from doing freelancing jobs. Hence, maybe if you become really good at that you will be faced with the choice of continuing your way or staying and being a freelancer. You're now an expert in your field. You are ready to move to the next step. You are ready to start an Information Technology company. Well if you really think that you can start an IT com- pany now, I‘m afraid it's not the right time yet. Now you have to get a degree in business. You have to learn how to start a business, the nature of the companies and organizations, how to market yourself and everything related to business. An MBA degree and a PMP are the two best business degrees that you should consider. At least one of them will not only provide you with all the information you need, but it will also change you way ofthinklng, especially the PMP.
  35. 35. echance magazine This is an important step that you must do. Although you now _ have all the knowledge you need to start, you have to apply for 4'“ a a job at an IT company first. 0|] in an The thing is no matter how good you are, or how much you "' know, you have to get to. know the environment of the com- pany that you want to build. In addition, you will gain more experience that you will defi- nitely need. Don't think for a second that the experience that you gained from freelancing will be enough. It's like the differ- ence between playing football through a gaming console and playing it in the real world. No books or degrees will be enough to know about the envi- ronment you want to create. Of course that step is so important because it will also provide you with the money that you will need to start the company. If you do these four steps, then you are ready to start an IT company. www. echance—magazine. com
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  49. 49. Region Northern America Currency Canadian Dollar (CAD) Surface area (square kilometres) 9984670 Population in 2011 (estimated, 000) 34350 Population density in 2011 (per square kilometre) 3.4 Capital city and population in 2011 (000) Ottawa—Gatineau (1208) The capital is Ottawa. United Nations membership date 9 November 1945 199 175 Current male population 482 451 17 Current female population 718 723 17 <§_ 1 L 9 Canada Economy GDP this year (PPP) 3814 272 660 902 GDP this year per capita (annual 811 44$) 323 M9 GDP today $2 409 340 354 GDP today per capita 398 Total National Debt (Public Debt Clock) 37 335 755 7'70 042 Total National Debt per capita $37 975 National Debt this year $73 9'19 3'18 792 National Debt today $41 185 684
  50. 50. The world's twelfth—| argest exporter, Canada shipped US457.9$ billion worth of products around the globe in 2013. , That figure represents %2.5 of world— wide exports estimated at 18.1 $ A 1 trillion. Canada's Top Import Partners Nick. Below is a list of Canada's top 15 named the trade partners that imported the Great white most Canadian shipments by North, the Dominion dollar value during 2013. Also of Canada shares a busy shown lS each import COUl'l- [and border with its try’s percentage share of total largest import partner exports from Canada- the United States of America. 1. United States: %46.8) 347,240,902,000$ _ am of total Canadian exports) if 7 2. China: %4.3) 19,918,246,000$) ‘ . t 3. United Kingdom: %3) 13,680,254,000$) 4. Japan: %2.3) 10,382,108,000$) , _,. .,~-"if 3 5. Mexico: %1.2) 5,275,137,ooo$) top Expo United States (%70), United Kingdom (%4.7), China (%4.0), Japan (%2.7), and Mexico (%1.8) top [mpo United States (%70), United Kingdom (%4.7), China (%4.0), Japan (%2.7), and Mexico (%1.8)
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