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Riding the Waves of the Education Ecosystem

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Geoff Fletcher's presentation from the LRMI Workshop on June 5 at the Sphinx Club in Washington, DC.

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Riding the Waves of the Education Ecosystem

  1. 1. Riding the Data Waves of theEducation EcosystemGeoff FletcherState Educational Technology Directors
  2. 2. A bit about me• Futurist– Possible futures– Probable futures– Preferable futures
  3. 3. The Age of the Waterbed
  4. 4. The elements of the waterbed• Assessments• Professional development• Data• Curriculum/textbooks/content/OER• All riding the technology
  5. 5. Assessments• At least 33 states online now with multiplechoice• 2014 tests are more than automated items– Computer-enhanced– Complex, multi-step– Writing, writing, writing– Simulations
  6. 6. Professional development• On college and career standards• On assessment of those standards• On how to use data• Using technology to deliver
  7. 7. Professional development
  8. 8. Professional development
  9. 9. Resources• Executive Summary• Transforming Data to Information in Serviceof Learning: A Vision• Major Initiatives Table• Initiative Chart: Purposes and Beneficiaries
  10. 10. Polling QuestionHow many of these initiatives are you familiar with?AIF, CEDS, Digital Passport, Ed-Fi Solution, Experience API(xAPI), GIM-CCSS, IMS specifications, inBloom, LearningRegistry, LRMI, MyData, Open Badges, PESC, SIF ImplementationSpecificationA. All – Thumbs UpB. Some of themC. A few of theseD. Wish I knew more
  11. 11. Major InitiativesName of Initiative DescriptionAssessment InteroperabilityFramework (AIF)AIF provides a common structure to allow for the transfer of any data associated with assessmentsystems; including student and teacher information, learning standards, assessment items, results andrelated data across systems.Common Education DataStandards (CEDS)CEDS provides a common vocabulary and reference structure through a data dictionary and logical datamodel for data that needs to be shared across education organizations.Digital Passport Digital Passport is a tool that brokers the exchange of student data between states or districts to enableelectronic record transfer as students move from one school to another.Ed-Fi Solution Ed-Fi Solution is a data model combined with a tool suite that streamlines the sharing of student data andalso provides the elements of dashboards for use by educators to improve the academic outcomes ofstudents.Experience API (xAPI) xAPI is a protocol and simple data format for sharing learning activity streams among systems to trackstudent activities and securely expose data to other learning systems.Granular Identifiers andMetadata for the CommonCore State Standards (GIM-CCSS)GIM-CCSS applies fine-granulated identifiers to the Common Core standards to enable them to be alignedto education resources, for use by digital content creators to align their materials to specific standardsIMS Global LearningConsortium SpecificationsIMS content, application, and data standards enable teachers to mix and match educational content andsoftware from different sources into the same learning platforms.
  12. 12. Recommendations• Develop a consensus-based long-term visionand roadmap for interoperability.• Address concerns regarding privacy andsecurity of student and educator data.• Address standards and interoperability withvendors during the procurement process.
  13. 13. Technology• Devices• Bandwidth• Internal networking• Tech support• Yes, again, professional learning
  14. 14. cc licensed ( BY NC SD ) flickr photo by Grevel:
  15. 15. Why Textbooks Matter• ACCESS: For 50+ years, represented best technology toprovide standards-aligned instructional materials tostudents and teachers• INSTRUCTION: Treated as primary tool for instruction -strongly influencing curricular scope, sequence, andpedagogy• INNOVATION & IMPROVEMENT: Given rise tolaw, regulation and practice that defines the limits ofinstructional innovation and improvement efforts• COST: Represent a significant cost category in state andlocal education budgets
  16. 16. Factors Driving Reimaginationof K-12 Textbook① College and Career Readiness Agenda② Common Core State Standards① Student Demographics & Preferences① Technology Innovation① Intellectual Property Innovation/OpenEducational Resources (OER)① Budget pressures
  17. 17. ① College and Career Readiness Agenda② Common Core State Standards① Student Demographics & Preferences① Technology Innovation① Intellectual Property Innovation/OpenEducational Resources (OER)① Budget pressuresFactors Driving Reimaginationof K-12 Textbook
  18. 18.
  19. 19.
  20. 20. The Age of the Waterbed