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How CLUSE built a Brand on Social Media

Digital Marketing Director Eduard Blacquière shares how Amsterdam-based CLUSE became one of the fastest growing watch & jewellery brands in the world, by utilizing the brand building potential of Instagram, Facebook and other major social platforms.

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How CLUSE built a Brand on Social Media

  1. 1. Watch This! Building a brand on Social Media
  2. 2. Digital Director @CLUSE Hi, I’m Eduard Blacquière Digital Marketing Consultant Freelance @Edwords
  3. 3. Insight into customer needs is crucial for (digital) success Key message
  4. 4. Cluses
  5. 5. ❖ Founded in 2013, Amsterdam ❖ Concept: minimalistic women watches with interchangeable straps
 ❖ For millennial fashionistas (18-35) ❖ Use Influencers on Instagram
 ❖ Advertising on Facebook CLUSE Start
  6. 6. CLUSE Core audience
  7. 7. ❖ Watch + Jewellery brand ❖ Retail resellers (+5k) in +40 markets ❖ Digital marketing in +50 markets
 ❖ +925K Instagram Followers 
 +1.75 million Facebook fans ❖ Exploring new markets overseas CLUSE Now
  8. 8. Insight into customer needs is crucial for (digital) success Key message
  9. 9. To be successful, it’s crucial to understand the different needs throughout customer journey UNAWARE NEED AWARE PRODUCT AWARE MOST AWARE Understand needs
  10. 10. Understand touch points (example) source:
  11. 11. Understand touch points source:
  12. 12. Model customers needs in 
 customer journey model Different 
 Objectives, KPI’s 
 Messaging / content Touch Tell Sell Care Full funnel marketing
  13. 13. Touch Tell Care Sell
  14. 14. Objective: Reach 
 create (brand) awareness Messaging: Inspirational
 Video - Audio - Moodshots - GIF Broad targeting of people who might not know CLUSE yet Touch
  15. 15. Trend: authentic content more important
  16. 16. Behind the scenes content,
 CLUSE employees, etc. Matches expectations and behaviour of our audience Snapchat & IG Stories Touch - Example
  17. 17. Trend: Instagram Stories taking off
  18. 18. Tell Touch Sell Care
  19. 19. Objective: Engagement, Traffic Messaging: Informational Follow-up first touch with more product focused content
 Target people that know CLUSE + recently engaged site / social / ads Tell
  20. 20. Own Instagram account Bridging Touch & Sell Based on product feed Both in Feed + Stories Instagram Shopping
  21. 21. Sell Tell Touch Care
  22. 22. Objective: Sales Messaging: Commercial Purchase intent is high
 Show people products they’ve seen on our site (retargeting)
 Target people who viewed product in last 14 days, but didn’t buy Sell
  23. 23. Care Tell Touch Sell
  24. 24. Objective: lifetime value Messaging: commercial Email, Site Repeat purchases, cross-sell Really care! Care
  25. 25. +50% of our content 
 = repost influencers + customers Customers as ambassadors
  26. 26. User generated content fills the Lookbook on our site Blended with Influencer + campaign content And featured on
  27. 27. Let’s look at some (social) channels
  28. 28. Smart(est) Touch targeting Custom content for placements + customer journey phase Full funnel channel Brand lift studies Test, Learn, Iterate Instagram + Facebook
  29. 29. Smart Touch targeting Video format => inspiration Story (45s), Bumper (6s) TrueView for Action in Tell + Sell Strong retargeting possibilities Brand lift studies YouTube
  30. 30. Dominant in young audience People expect non-polished, playful content Strong Reach
 small role in Tell & Sell Snapchat
  31. 31. Touch & Tell Match with CLUSE audience Available in few markets Pinterest Shopping Ad lasts forever Pinterest
  32. 32. Touch focus Image & Audio ads Targeting on music taste and mood, besides demographics Programmatic buying possible Spotify
  33. 33. You can be successful with any (digital) marketing channel if you understand your customer journey. Touch Tell Sell Care Full funnel marketing
  34. 34. Insight into customer needs is crucial for (digital) success Key message

  36. 36. Digital Director @CLUSE Q&A - Any questions? Digital Marketing Consultant Freelance @Edwords