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Computer Vision Anemometer (AR)

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During the Emerge Americas 2018 Hackathon I made an augmented reality application that worked as an Anemometer by pointing the camera to the storm the app was able to compute the wind speed.

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Computer Vision Anemometer (AR)

  1. 1. We have survived many Hurricanes in Miami and Sfla in Genera. Irma, Wilma, Andrew, who knows how many more. The storm chaser with the barometer are widely known icons in Hurricane Season ANEMOMETER Augmented Reality AR Dr. Edwin A. Hernandez EGLA COMMUNICATIONS @edwinhm @eglacomm
  2. 2. ANEMOMETERAR Dr. Edwin A. Hernandez EGLA COMMUNICATIONS @edwinhm @eglacomm Augmented Reality Mechanical Sound/Ultra Sound Main Methods to measure wind speed 3 Old Ways – Require centralized validation In S. Fla we need to make decisions quick
  3. 3. ANEMOMETERAR Dr. Edwin A. Hernandez EGLA COMMUNICATIONS @edwinhm @eglacomm Augmented Reality My Approach Using Machine Learning, Compute Speed and Storm Level using a Mobile Phone (iPhone or Android with ARKIt)
  4. 4. How does it work iPhone sends video + audio feeds to server via ARKit and SceneKit.Snapshot API Server for Visual and Audio Analysis OpenCV2 AI/Neural Net Have learned from Audio + Video JSON with Speed/Wind/Accuray Audio + Video ANEMOMETERAR Augmented Reality Upload a file
  5. 5. Deep Learning Training Youtube and people using Anemometers, Howl sound of 100’s or 1000’s of videos from IKE, Irma, etc Nnetwork LaRosa OpenCV + Neural Nets Speed/Wind/Accuray Audio + Video ANEMOMETERAR Augmented Reality
  6. 6. ANEMOMETERAR Augmented Reality OpenCV – Video How it works • HSV – Hue Saturation, and Value • Difference per frames after Gaussian Blur filter • Number of contours detected is learned as a function of Wind speed • Multiple videos. Audio – How it works • Pattern of Audio as a function of speed • Both together generate a fingerprint to an anemometer reading (_, cnts, _) = cv2.findContours(thresh.copy(), cv2.RETR_EXTERNAL, cv2.CHAIN_APPROX_SIMPLE) # loop over the contours for c in cnts: # if the contour is too small, ignore it if cv2.contourArea(c) < args["min_area"]: continue # compute the bounding box for the contour, draw it on the frame, # and update the text (x, y, w, h) = cv2.boundingRect(c)
  7. 7. ANEMOMETERAR Augmented Reality Math/Mapping • Less 0.8 less than 30 MPH • 0.8-1.0 30 – 40 MPH • 1 – 2 60 – 80 MPH • 2.1 – 3.5 90 – 120 MPH • Over 3.5/4.0 – Over 140 MPH Audio – How it works • Fingerprinting, high frequency over 1200Hz, higher speed • Lower frequency, needs to be fingerprinted Filtering • May need a L1 or L2 Filter coefficient, • Linear alpha*Current + (1-alpha)*Previous Technologies • AR Kit – IOS / AVPlayer • OpenCV - Computer Vision • LibRosa – Audio Encoding • Machine Learning / Deep Learning • Python/Flask/JSON • Signal Processing Math