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Designing stuff that matters fast ux bristol 2012 eewei chen darius kumana

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UX Bristol workshop to design and minimum viable product in 90 minutes

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Designing stuff that matters fast ux bristol 2012 eewei chen darius kumana

  1. 1. Designing stuff that matters FASTEewei Chen Darius @dariuskumana @ultraman / @dariuskumana / @UXBristol / #UXBristol
  2. 2. Customer Segment Thinking and feeling What is important to the customer? What are his hopes, dreams, fears? Seeing What does the customer’s environment look like? Hearing What influences the customer? Pains Gains What obstacles or challenges does the customer have? What does he hope to acheive, and how might he measure success? What? This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share To view a copy of Alike 3.0 Unported License. or send a letter to Creative Commons, this license, visit 171 Second Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, California, 94105, USA. Form Who? ChallengeIssue a challen 60 minutes ge Behavi ours, m Which? otivati o ns, bar riers 180 mi User jo Wow! nutes urneys Really? Why? How? @ultraman / @dariuskumana / @UXBristol / #UXBristol
  3. 3. This is gonna feel rushed ;-) But don’t worry... @ultraman / @dariuskumana / @UXBristol / #UXBristol
  4. 4. ... We have guns!“If shot - die dramatically.” @ultraman / @dariuskumana / @UXBristol / #UXBristol
  5. 5. The Challenge... Design a mobile app to helpconsumers find more interesting things to watch on TV @ultraman / @dariuskumana / @UXBristol / #UXBristol
  6. 6. Some Context See your stuff@ultraman / @dariuskumana / @UXBristol / #UXBristol
  7. 7. JeffNo Time BoringI research on IMDB, movieblogs and You Tube but it I donʼt just want to watchtakes so long. I want a the latest, most popularservice that can save me movies. I want to betime. surprised by a good movie I have never seen before.Jeff can’t find anything to watch on TVCan’t socialise Not in the MoodI find it frustrating that I I may not always want to watchcanʼt easily socialise with an action movie. I may be in thefriends whilst watching tv. mood for a romantic comedy instead. It should know how I feel. @ultraman / @dariuskumana / @UXBristol / #UXBristol
  8. 8. nature school commute home shopping web mobile workdining play Think Bigexercise Think Holistic 24/7 hobbies sleep cinema family friends tv sport holiday toilet @ultraman / @dariuskumana / @UXBristol / #UXBristol
  9. 9. Smaller screens Heterogenous hardware Limited input capabilities Performance Time and location Battery-lifeYou are designing for Mobile... Voice activation Location-aware Touch & gestural interfaces Hardware and sensors @ultraman / @dariuskumana / @UXBristol / #UXBristol
  10. 10. CompetitionToday’s consumers can watch TV on demandwhenever and where ever they want. Theyalso support their TV watching experience byinteracting and socialising on smart phones,laptops and tablets. @ultraman / @dariuskumana / @UXBristol / #UXBristol
  11. 11. Trends & opportunities Mobile payments Social mediaPoint & Know Mobile advertising Crowd sourcing Second screen GamificationDIY Health Geo-Location Sentiment analysis @ultraman / @dariuskumana / @UXBristol / #UXBristol
  12. 12. Get ready! Work fast No right or wrong Be positive Collaborate but delegate Breadth not Depth Have funChallenge the status quo! @ultraman / @dariuskumana / @UXBristol / #UXBristol
  13. 13. Form 4 teams Cross-functional 1 person needs to draw10/15 @ultraman / @dariuskumana / @UXBristol / #UXBristol
  14. 14. Understand Jeff Pro acc g ram tha ess f me g t a rom uid lso e con smar he c tro tp an IDE ls h hon IDAE is T e IDAE V IDAE IDAEA Quick wins Differentiator Impact IDE IDAE IDAE IDAE IDAEA Building GO Bin it AL blocks IDE IDAE IDAE Difficulty of Implementation 5 remotes IDAE GO GOAL IDAEA on my table! AL 15 mins, GO! Generate Ideas & Features to help Jeff Prioritise features15/03 @ultraman / @dariuskumana / @UXBristol / #UXBristol
  15. 15. Business model canvas Programme guide he can access from smart phone that also controls his TV EPG provision SEM and SEO User control from a single device Ability to Jeff wants to automatically save time find and play finding TV programs something to from a mobile watch device Marketing Mobile TV SEM keyword Pay for movie purchasing (-$) previews (+$)1/15 @ultraman / @dariuskumana / @UXBristol / #UXBristol
  16. 16. Customer journey prototype Programme guide he can access from smart phone that also controls his TV Start Consume Find Learn Belong Monetise 15 mins, GO!15/5 @ultraman / @dariuskumana / @UXBristol / #UXBristol
  17. 17. Presentation prep! For people who need information on the move, the Apple iPhone is a SmartPhone that lets you access your email and internet , unlike the Palm Treo , the Apple iPhone removes the fixed keyboard to give you 40% more room to email and browse the internet + Strapline “Reinventing the phone” 5 mins, GO! Elevator Pitch, Prototype walkthrough Tell a story. Role-Play? TV Ad?5/3x4 @ultraman / @dariuskumana / @UXBristol / #UXBristol
  18. 18. 1. The problem 6. Technology2. Elevator pitch 7. The competition3. Market opportunity 8. Marketing plan4. Your solution (prototype) 9. The team5. Business model 10. Money / Milestones How to pitch an investor Thanks Dave Mclure! @500Startups @ultraman / @dariuskumana / @UXBristol / #UXBristol
  19. 19. Presentations2 mins + 1 min Q&A GO! @ultraman / @dariuskumana / @UXBristol / #UXBristol
  20. 20. What we did not do Usability testing Business Model Canvas Graphic design prioritisation Marketing plan Story map wire frames Resource, cost and delivery planStory writing and estimation HTML prototype @ultraman / @dariuskumana / @UXBristol / #UXBristol
  21. 21. Thank you. Questions? Alex Osterwalder @business_design Dave Gray Luke Hohmann @davegray @lukehohmann Eewei Chen @ultraman @ultraman / @dariuskumana / @UXBristol / #UXBristol