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Friends forever

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friends quotes with cute photos and soft music

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  • A wonderful show made with excellent photos and music! Congratulations and thanks.
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  • Wonderfully presented!
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  • So beautiful dear Effat love it
    hugs my friend :)
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  • ¡This is very very beautiful... and expresses a big truth...!
    Thanks my dear Effat...!
    And... I love sunflowers and cats and birds and hamsters and little and big dogs :)
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Friends forever

  1. 1. Friends are like flowers
  2. 2. They add color to your life
  3. 3. They spread fragrance
  4. 4. They wipe your tears
  5. 5. They make you laugh
  6. 6. They are always there When you need them
  7. 7. When you are down They give you support
  8. 8. And let you up When you are up They rejoice with joy
  9. 9. Think of them
  10. 10. They may not tell you When they need you
  11. 11. Do you act along Even if you don't
  12. 12. They never blame you
  13. 13. Because they are your true friends
  14. 14. they see only the good in you
  15. 15. they love you the way you are
  16. 16. they think of you a lot
  17. 17. they fight for you
  18. 18. They give you special place in their heart
  19. 19. and they know very well
  20. 20. They wouldn’t survive without you nearby