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26 Things You Can Learn by Living Abroad for a Year

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26 things learned by going to live and work in Asia for a year.

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26 Things You Can Learn by Living Abroad for a Year

  1. 26 Things You Can Learn by Living Abroad for a Year Etienne Garbugli Product Design & Marketing Consultant What I learned and how it changed me
  2. What I did. // Itinerary.
  3. I moved to Singapore in July 2011 I moved to Beijing in January 2011 I arrived in Hong Kong in October 2010 I moved back to Canada in October 2011 Note: The plane probably doesn’t go in this direction. :)
  4. Why I did it. // Objectives.
  5. To travel To evaluate if where I was born is where I wanted to live To take a step back and discover what I want to do To come up with a great business idea To work on myself To take some distance To discover and understand another culture To get some experience working abroad To learn To experience life somewhere else To meet people
  6. What I learned. // Life lessons.
  7. It’s fairly easy to move and take a new place as your home 1
  8. It’s also easy to meet people2
  9. Some relationships last, others are just circumstantial 3
  10. Expat friends are easy to find. Local friends much harder 4
  11. Without speaking the language, it’s hard to fully understand and integrate a culture 5
  12. It’s also very hard to avoid isolation 6
  13. But, you’ll never be as local as the local people; keep your identity 7
  14. People are surprisingly nice and helpful everywhere 8
  15. But, sense of humor & metaphors can easily be misunderstood 9
  16. You soon realize that being abroad changes your perspective of where you come from 10
  17. And that life goes on with (or without) you 11
  18. We don’t change too much when travelling but, things change even less back home 12
  19. You’ll probably miss your friends and family; it’s much harder to center your life without them 13
  20. But, having things or people waiting for you somewhere else makes it easy to give up 14
  21. Comfort comes when you get your own place 15
  22. But, like everywhere else, routine sets in as you work 16
  23. And you realize that it’s hard to have time AND money to travel no matter where you are 17
  24. AND that, being close to a destination does not necessarily mean you’ll actually get to see it 18
  25. Abroad, the most dangerous thing is the downward spiral; when everything starts to suck 19
  26. It can be frustrating dealing with and understanding people from another culture but, people are rarely racist 20
  27. It’s just naturally harder to trust and understand people from another culture 21
  28. Since we naturally see things through our own culture’s eyes 22
  29. Which doesn’t mean that you’ll automatically be friends with people from your home culture (many seem to think so) 23
  30. But, ultimately, there’s good and bad things everywhere; maybe another city would suit you better 24
  31. Moving away is not about having fears or not; it’s about how well you face your fears… 25
  32. Life is more flexible than we think; with enough work, almost everything in life can be changed 26
  33. Thank you. Etienne Garbugli Product Design Consultant Answer ? Phone 514-298-7102 Availabl e to meet? Email Enough info?Yes No Yes No Yes No Blog Twitter @egarbugli LinkedIn /in/egarbugli