A SPECIALIST SCIENCE COLLEGE                                    MAY 2007 

    Issue No. 5 

   The Eggar‛s School Class o...
Above:  Harry Kaluzniak, 
            David Mayes, Tom 
            Husbands, Adam Ellis 

        Left: Chantelle Bevis, ...
Above left to right: Dominic Beardsall, Nick Bagley, Zak 
                                     Bulpitt, Sarah Carter, Kary...
Left to Right: Stephen 
                                                 Langham, Katie Marshall, 
REPTILE DAY                                      Aimee Mackenzie 7JH Update!
This term has certainly been jam packed
and has flown by very quickly. Year 8 are
working extremely hard in all their less...
By Harriet Granville­Jones 8KN
On Monday 14th May Year 8 went to Calshot.          Afterwards we chilled out in our rooms ...
School Calendar 2007  ­  Dates for your diary

Summer Term 
June           4     School returns after half­term 
It was another spectacular performance         It was quite a painful experience waiting
        from the mock-trial team ...
BEHAVIOUR &                              June Open Mornings for 
               LEARNING                                  ...
There has been a lot to celebrate in Year 9 ...
                          AWARD GROUP 
Eggar’s  school  will  officially  ...
All the compositions were fantastic.
    GCSE Music                                           It was really good to see ho...
Miss Ross, our fantastic singing teacher at
Eggar‛s school, arranged a concert at the        In  preparation  for 
Monday 23rd April, we set off in the morning        That evening we learnt how to use Spearman‛s
for our trip to Calshot F...
                      RUGBY                       We were very fortunate to have the
                                                         GOES FROM 
Despite a football season of mixed ...
Year 10 and Year 11
         GCSE Art Students
Congratulations to all those students who have
successfully completed their...
Year 7 Geography and Art visit to the 
                Living Rainforest

                   Our  Year  7  visited  the   ...
The Year 10 Prefect Applications                    Sparsholt Success!
process was a resounding success this        For ei...
Pen-pals were met for the first time and,
after a little initial shyness, plenty more
addresses, e-mail addresses and tele...
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May 2007 School Newsletter

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May 2007 School Newsletter

  1. 1. A SPECIALIST SCIENCE COLLEGE  MAY 2007  Issue No. 5  The Eggar‛s School Class of 2007 Leave in Style... Zoe Kinsman & Tom Cooper James Milburn & Bethany Arnott Ian Craig & Bethan Jones Wednesday 15th May 2007 will probably be arrived side saddle on her own charger. remembered for a long time to come. It As usual the event attracted crowds of was the day the current Year 11 left school well wishers, all eager to see the beautiful at 11:00am, all smartly dressed in their ‘red carpet‛ dresses and suits. Eggar‛s uniforms to return to the Grange After dinner, Head Boy, Alex Gillan, made Hotel that very evening looking stunning! a moving speech thanking his teachers for Every year the modes of transport used to all their hard work and Sarah Carter, ferry our students to the Prom get more Head Girl, reminded students of the many and more adventurous. This year was no good times they enjoyed throughout their exception. Students arrived in campervans, time at Eggar‛s School. stretch limos (including a stretch police It was truly a wonderful evening and we car), vintage Rolls, various sports cars, a wish all of Year 11 every success in their bus, a motorised sofa(!) and April Gould coming exams.
  2. 2. Above:  Harry Kaluzniak,  David Mayes, Tom  Husbands, Adam Ellis  Left: Chantelle Bevis, Harry  Yarrow, Meredith Tiala  Rachel Bell, Megan  Whimshurst  Above: Ben Bryan and  Rohan Davies  Above: Jack Stephenson,  Robyn Carroll, Melissa Ogden,  Rob Littlewood, Becky Mclean,  Sarah Blythe, Rosie Joiner Right:  Harry Martin,  Sarah Moore, Emma  Sharpe, Mike Hooper  Left: Carry­Ann  May and Shaun  Harrison 
  3. 3. Above left to right: Dominic Beardsall, Nick Bagley, Zak  Bulpitt, Sarah Carter, Karyn Childs, Meredith Tiala, Tom Van  Dongen, Christopher Boardman, Lauren Ellens  Above: Lee Lucas and  April Gould  Above left to right: Emma Courtnage, Siobhan Tee,  Kayleigh Whistance, Bethan Jones, Jessica Schonutt,  Jess Thomas and Carry­Anne May Above left: Danielle Owen  and Stuart Gagen.  Left: Hollie Dorans, Katie Jones,  Suzie Davis, Peaches Rimmell 
  4. 4. Left to Right: Stephen  Langham, Katie Marshall,  James Harrington, Amy Hunt,  Laura Glover, Alex Gillan, Max  Pemberton, Ali Jenner, Harriet  Rhodes and Morgan Fripp.  Right: Eggar’s Head Girl Sarah  Carter and Head Boy Alex Gillan ‘The Boys!’ 
  5. 5. REPTILE DAY Aimee Mackenzie 7JH Update! In the last Newsletter you may The Year 7s came remember that Aimee had won her way face to face with through to the final of the EHDC Show some lovely reptiles Off Talent Contest at Horndean recently. Technical College. There were a variety of reptiles The panel of on display, ranging judges placed from the Bearded Lizard, a Chameleon to Aimee second, the black and white Tegu. But the just one agonising favourite was the Boa Constrictor which point behind the was over 20’ long...a slight exaggeration winner (also last there! In fact, the Boa Constrictor was 6’ year‛s winner). long (just less than 2 metres if you are into Aimee won £100 the metric system) and had a diameter of for her efforts. 20cm. Many students who were scared of Unlucky this time snakes conquered their fears by touching Aimee — but congratulations on your and stroking the snake. There were no casualties or snacks for the snake luckily!! success!!! Mr Rabani said that the students were Aimee will be performing over the fantastic in their enthusiasm and listening Summer at the Orchard House Summer to the reptile expert. Show on 26th July. A huge thank you must go to Mr Rabani for organising the day. More Musical Success! Hannah Smith and Tom Rudman 7JW successfully passed their A note from Mr Wordsworth… Grade 2 music exams for the flute and alto saxophone. Congratulations to them Well done to the amazing both! pupils in my Tutor Group 7JW Judo Chop! who have earned over 300 Hannah Steel 7JW merits already:- gained her yellow belt Becky Brown, Evie Day, for Judo. Cameron Reid, Fleur Walker Well done Hannah! and Hannah Steel, also a special congratulations to Have a relaxing and safe half Beth Martin who has actually gained over 600!!! term! Mr A Wheeler Keep up the good work. Year 7, Year Leader
  6. 6. This term has certainly been jam packed and has flown by very quickly. Year 8 are working extremely hard in all their lessons and are making excellent progress. Thank you for supporting the parent‛s evening in April, it was great to have the opportunity to meet so many of you again. CALSHOT We have just had a very exciting and busy few days in Calshot. All the pupils who went enjoyed their few days away and many wished they had had longer there. “Kayaking  was  my  favourite.    It  was great fun!”  Olivia Walton  8SMo  “The instructors were really help­  We were relatively lucky with the weather ful and gave me feedback on how  which brightened up towards the end of the to improve.  It was really fun!”  week. Vanessa Anderson 8KN  All of the Calshot staff were impressed with the pupils‛ team working skills and enthusiasm on each activity. Pupils even got “Calshot  was  a  great  experience  to see me climb and ski — even though for and  if  I  got  the  chance  to  go  most of it I was on the floor! again I would.”  I look forward to our busy final term as Laura Fitzgibbon 8RCo Year 8. Miss L Rogers Year 8, Year Leader
  7. 7. By Harriet Granville­Jones 8KN On Monday 14th May Year 8 went to Calshot. Afterwards we chilled out in our rooms before A few Year 7 and Year 9’s came too and going to do our evening activity… ‘Egg Drop!’ many people helped to organise the trip. When in our groups we had to decide on a Everyone was really excited and couldn’t team name and then prepare for the wait to find out who was in their group and auction! Each group was given some pretend who they were sharing a room with! Once money and had to bid for different pieces of we arrived at Calshot we unloaded the rubbish. We then had to use our rubbish to coach and found out who we were with and create a support system for an egg that was then rushed inside to our dormitories. Eggar’s to be dropped from the velodrome onto hard School was in Lawrence House and there flooring! Points were awarded for were also a couple of other schools in presentation, teamwork, and how well our different houses. There were seven different creation worked. In the end our team drew groups, each with a teacher and Calshot first place with a Year 9 group! We then went leader. into the Schneider hangar to play and relax Our first planned activity was sailing but it was before settling into our dorms. way too windy so we did archery instead. Day two and we were woken up early for Archery was really fun even though I wasn’t breakfast and then hurried outside to go very good at it! Our leader, Fenia, thought kayaking. We had to wear wetsuits over our up different games for us to play. One of my swimwear and they were really tight and it favourites was ‘where, how, who’. Fenia took us ages to get in them. Once we had our drew up a table on the board, explaining buoyancy aid on as well we could hardly where you would go on holiday, how you move and I felt like a robot. We all had great would get there, and who you are going fun playing in the water. After lunch we went with. If all three of your arrows landed on skiing. I was really excited and couldn’t wait gold you would go to Australia by private jet to get started! Once on the dry ski slope we with Brad Pitt, if you got all white you would were taught the basics. Next, we went up the go to the sewers by piggy­back with Fenia! I hill using the button lift and skied down. For was somewhere in the middle, going to Spain more advanced skiers, Fenia set us challenges, by parachute with Mrs Martin! some included jumping whilst going down, After this we went to the initiative course. This and even bending back and resting our involved a large tyre suspended a bit off the elbows on the skis! ground by some chains. Our first task was to Following the skiing we moved onto the three get our whole team through it. Easy! But climbing walls. I was quite scared on the third then it got harder. Fenia told us to get one but Miss Hocking helped me find my way through it but with all of our team holding up to the top. After all the groups had finished hands! We then moved onto the spiders web. we went to the Schneider hangar to play This was a wooden structure with ropes some games for the evening. knotted to form what looked like a spider’s It was our final day at Calshot and the first web. We once again had to get our team thing we had to do was pack before going to through; but there were come catches as we breakfast! Our final activity was sailing — and weren’t allowed to touch the rope, we could yet again we had a fight to get into our only lift people if there were three people wetsuits! Sailing was absolutely hilarious! My each side, and we had to do it all in just three sailing partner and I nearly had our heads in minutes! the water as we leaned over the boat to stop After all the activities of the day we headed it capsizing! It was one of my favourite for a well earned tea! The food at Calshot activities at Calshot. After our sailing it was was delicious and there was always a time to catch the coach back to school. vegetarian option. The food is also very “Calshot was really enjoyable, exciting and I healthy as Calshot is following the ‘Jamie learnt things I never thought I could achieve.”  Oliver’ Scheme.
  8. 8. School Calendar 2007  ­  Dates for your diary Summer Term  June  4  School returns after half­term  7  Y10 GCSE Drama  Y7 Parents Evening  11  Y9 Non core exam week  12  Y10 Leisure & Tourism visit to Guildford Spectrum  Y10 H&SC visit to Treloar College ­ TBC  14  Y6 Induction Evening  19  Y4, Y5 & Y6 Open Mornings 9:00­12:00  20  Y4, Y5 & Y6 Open Mornings 9:00­12:00  Y10 Reports to Parents  Parents Drop­in Session in the Library 17:30­18:30  22  Y7 Modern Foreign Languages trip to Boulogne  23  School Fete PSA 13:00­17:00  25  Y10 Modular Science Exams  26  Y11 Repeat Module Science exam  Y6 Induction Day  27  Sports Day  28  Y10 Parents Evening  29  Evening with the Big Band 19:30  July  3  Founders Day  5  Awards Evening  6  Y9 Belgium Trip  9  Music Tour of the Black Forest, Germany departs  13  Music Tour of the Black Forest, Germany returns  16  Y7 X­Half ­  Science trip to Marwell Zoo  17  Y7 Y­Half ­  Science trip to Marwell Zoo  18  Dress rehearsal for Music Challenge in Hall  19:00 Music Challenge in Hall  20  END OF TERM 
  9. 9. It was another spectacular performance It was quite a painful experience waiting from the mock-trial team at for the verdict at the end of the day. I Southampton Magistrate‛s Court. can guarantee that every person in that On Saturday 19th May we arrived at the colossal board room was thinking the same court, nervous, excited and determined to thing; “Please, please let it be us!” After have a good time. Our two new participants what seemed like an age, the High Sherriff Kathryn Taylor 8KN as the Witness and announced that the winner is…. Mark Elson 8LH, who had volunteered as a “Edgar‛s School” reserve but played the part of Defence It took about two seconds for the penny to Lawyer, were particularly anxious as they drop. The team suddenly realised that she didn‛t want to let the team down. I think all had pronounced it incorrectly and she present on the day will agree that they really meant Eggar‛s School. The place were a credit to the team! erupted. I‛m certain that Emily Wang Competing at the regional round meant that 8SWa bounced off the ceiling a few times! we were up against five other schools from Tom Rasburn 8RCo quickly reminded me all over the South East. The sight of so that the promise of onion Bajjis was the many pupils and supporters was enough to only reason we had won. Yes, I admit, I make the already tense pupils go into had been bribing them but at that moment over-drive. An anxious Charlotte Pugh I was willing to cook up a feast for them 8SWa whispered to me, “Miss, they look not just a few onion Bajjis! They certainly really good” with a worried look on her face. deserve it. I tried to reassure her that they were There were many congratulatory hand probably thinking the same about us. shakes, hugs and a few tears of joy. All in Needless to say, Charlotte was as cool as a all, it was a fantastic ending to a brilliant cucumber when cross-examining a witness day. The hard work had certainly paid off from the opposing team. and we left Southampton floating on cloud It quickly became apparent that the nine. Now it‛s off to Nottingham to quality of performance at this stage of the represent the South East! competition was extremely high. The team “Congratulations to all of you for getting seemed to have adopted a mantra, this far and good luck in the final round!” reassuring each other that, “it‛s about having fun so it doesn‛t matter if we don‛t Mrs K Nessa win”. However, I could clearly sense a steely English Department determination that revealed their true feelings. “We will win, no matter what it takes!”
  10. 10. BEHAVIOUR & June Open Mornings for  LEARNING Years 3, 4 and 5  CONSULTATION SESSIONS Once  again  this  Summer  we  open  our  SUMMER TERM 2007 doors  to  welcome  parents  and  pupils  of  our       primary feeder schools to come  EDUCATIONAL and visit our school.  PSYCHOLOGY We  are  always  happy  and  proud  to  NORTH HAMPSHIRE show visitors the excellent facilities and  opportunities on offer at Eggar’s School.  COMMUNITY TEAM Please  come  along  between  9am  and  TEACHERS...LSAs...PARENTS 12pm  on  either  Tuesday  19th  or  Wednesday 20th June. Would you like:- ¨ Support with behaviour and learning issues? ‘Black Tie Ball’ ¨ To prevent small ‘rumbles‛ of behaviour from becoming ‘large Saturday 16th June shouts‛? The Grange Hotel ¨ To work in a confidential manner with Educational Psychologists? The Parents, Teachers and Friends Association of If so, the North Hampshire Community Andrews’ Endowed School, Holybourne would like to Team is offering:- offer the opportunity to Regular, bookable Consultation sessions Eggar’s parents and staff of to discuss your concerns, clarify issues and a ‘Black Tie Ball’ at the together generate possible courses of Grange Hotel on Saturday 16th June 2007 to raise funds for Andrews’ action. If concerns relate to an individual Endowed School, Holybourne. pupil, we find the sessions are most The evening will begin with a complimentary effective if parents are involved in them. drink on arrival followed by a sumptuous If you wish to discuss a named pupil, please three course dinner. Once the meal is over you do ensure that parents provide consent are free to enjoy dancing in the Saxon Room or the excitement of the casino in the Garden before making a booking with us. The Terrace Room. sessions can also be used to discuss The two people who are the most successful broa der (i .e non chil d- sp ecific) on the Casino Tables by the end classroom-based issues. of the night will win ‘Dinner for A number of sessions will be available two at Tylney Hall’ or a ‘ M e t h u s e l a h o f during the Summer Term at a range of Champagne’ (6 l itre ‐ 8 bottles). venues across the Basingstoke & Alton/ To book tickets please contact Bordon areas. Sarah Cross ‐ PTFA Secretary on 01420 543504. You will receive a full booking form and menu choices, tables of TO BOOK YOUR CONSULTATION 10‐12 are also available should you wish to fill SESSION, please telephone a table. Sue Turner on 01252 814728 Book early to avoid disappointment!
  11. 11. NEWS FROM There has been a lot to celebrate in Year 9  over  the  last  half  THE term.  I  was  very  pleased  with  the  results  from  ECO CENTRE the  mock  SATs  and  This valuable area of land continues to h ow  th e  pu p ils  develop apace. At the present time, conducted  themselves  railway sleepers enclose a series of growing in the actual external examinations.  It was  areas, and a dedicated growing team under very  obvious  that  the  year  group  has  the direction of Chris Best 9HR and Ryan matured  by  the  amount  of  revision  and  Heighes 9AV are planting a range of time spent on Sam Learning.  vegetables and flowers. They assure the Some of our Year 9 Students  Science Team that this will allow the will  be  in  Barcelona,  Spain  testing of the with  the  Modern  Foreign  effectiveness of Languages  Department  from  fertilisers and enable 24th  to  28th  May  which  will,  them to cross pollinate I’m  sure  be  an  amazing  to select Lupin colour, experience  for  them.    I  am  very  jealous  that  I  am  not      going  —  I  but we suspect that the thought  I  may  have  been  invited  as  my  motives may have more wife  is  organising  it!!!    I  look  forward  to  to do with the BBQ in the corner! Home hearing  about  the  visit  to  Spain  on  their  grown vegetables, a jar of fresh flowers — return.  what more could anyone want? The pond site is soon to be invaded by the This  is  an  exciting  time  for  Year  9,  with  GCSE’s  just  around  the  corner.    Some  of  Year 9‛s who have begun their GCSE course the  GCSE  coursework  (mainly  core  this term with a unit on ecology and subjects)  will  be  started  straight  away  and  environmental studies. The with  the  Year  11’s  leaving  we  are  now  decking throughout this area officially  the  second  eldest  year  group  in  makes the eco-centre an ideal the school.  habitat for exploring students armed with sample bottles, data capture Keep up the good work Year 9!  kits and microscopes. All we need is the Richard Eost weather to suit what should be a wonderful and productive field study week! Jill Sandeman Science Department
  12. 12. DUKE OF  EDINBURGH’S  AWARD GROUP  Eggar’s  school  will  officially  be  recognised  as  running an Award Group from the end of May  2007.  Adult helpers will have a meeting and  then  current  Year  9  pupils  who  wish  to  As we approach the end of the participate  in  the  Award  Scheme  are  invited  academic year, some of you will be to apply in Year 10 from September 2007.  planning to move and relocate. If your It  is  very  exciting  to  see  the  Duke  of  child is to change school, it is obviously a Edinburgh’s  Award    Scheme  at  Eggar’s  sensible decision to plan such a move School, which offers personal development to  during the holidays in order to minimise our young people.  disruption to your child’s education. Many  thanks  to  those  who  have    already  It is essential that you inform us as soon as volunteered  and  for  your  continued  you know that your child will be leaving so support.  that we can send the relevant records onto Jill Sandeman the new school. VALUABLES  Please can we remind students not  Eggar’s School Fete to  bring  valuable  belongings  to  Saturday 23rd June 2007 school.    If  you  need  to  bring  your  From 1pm mobile phone, iPod etc please leave  Come along and join in the fun! this  for  safe  keeping  at  the  school  Stalls, refreshments and office  and  collect  at  the  end of  the  competitions plus Eggar’s Big day  ­  thank you. Band will be performing throughout the afternoon and don’t miss the fantastic Art Exhibition in the school foyer. If you are interested in helping on the day or would like to make a donation for a stall please contact We would appreciate, where possible, EPSA@eggars.hants.sch.uk payment of trips, extra­curriculum activities etc paid by cheque to ‘Eggar’s School’ with New members are always your child’s name and tutor group on the welcome! reverse. The school does not have the facility for giving change. Payment by cheque We look forward to seeing you ensures students are not carrying sums of money in school. there!  Thank you for your co­operation — Finance Department.
  13. 13. All the compositions were fantastic. GCSE Music  It was really good to see how to make a super piece from the choices we have. Showcase  They were all great at their performances too. They all looked like Year  11  GCSE Music  students  entertained  a  small  yet  they were born to be on stage. I would enthusiastic  audience  earlier  like to say on behalf of all the music this  term  in  Eggar’s  first  ever  students in Year 10 - ‘well done and good Showcase.  luck in your exams!‛ The evening was dedicated to  By Hayley Ward 10CB the  work  of  the  students  who  performed  compositions  and  pieces  which  they  had  prepared for their coursework.  The evening was hosted by Bethan Jones, who  did  a  superb  job  in  introducing  each  musical  item.  As  the  performers  stepped  forward  they  shared  with  the  audience  the  reasons  for  their  choice of piece, or the brief to which they had  composed to.  Memorable  performances  came  from  Daniele  Owen  who  mesmerised  the  audience  with  the  Back  by  popular  demand,  the  5  th  song ‘Arms Of An Angel’, Harry Yarrow and his  Great  Music  Challenge  has  been  band  performing  his  own  composition  launched  to  hunt  out  the  most  ‘Reggaefied’  and  Tom  Van  Dongen’s  excellent  talented  performers  in  the  school.  rendition  of  the  rock  classic  ‘Smoke  On  The  Pupils  have  already  signed  up  for  Water’.  Such  was  the  success  of  the  evening  in  giving  their  chance  to  reach  the  final  and  parents  and  pupils  the  opportunity  to  hear  will  now  have  to  impress  at  the  some of the pieces Year 11 musicians produce  audition stage in June.  for  their  GCSE,  Year  10  music  students  have  The successful acts will then perform  already been informed that it will be their turn  live  to  a  packed  hall  on  Wednesday  next year!  18  July at 7.00pm.  th  Matt Farris and Lisa Hampson  When  tickets  go  on  sale  for  this  Music Department  popular  event  snap  them  up  quickly  as  every  year  has  been  sold  out  at  least a week before the show.  On Wednesday 25th April I watched a showcase of all the current Year 11‛s music work. It was amazing. Some of the work was to such a high standard it was worrying to think that we would have to do that next year.
  14. 14. Miss Ross, our fantastic singing teacher at Eggar‛s school, arranged a concert at the In  preparation  for  Petersfield School for her Eggar‛s and their  tour  to  the  Black  Petersfield students. This was a great Forest  in  Germany,  Eggar’s  night full of enjoyment and laughter. Big  Band  will  once  again  host  an  th  There were many talented singers there evening  of  music  on  Friday  29  June.  and some I never knew had such amazing However,  this  year  will  see  the  evening  voices. It was awesome being on the stage being shared with a professional Big Band  doing what we all loved with all the lights led by trumpeter Phil Singleton.  shining on us. Phil  is  a  composer,  arranger  and  Miss Ross helped us choose our inspirational  performer  songs and gave us ideas of how to who  works  at  Alton  sing them in our own way and College  as  brass  tutor.  A  putting our own variations in, like couple  of  the  band  members  are  ex­Eggar’s  harmonies. This worked really pupils  whose  musical  well as we were able to make our talents have continued to  song our own. Many of her students had develop.    This  evening  will  definitely  be  never sung in front of a crowd before and one to see and hear!  were slightly nervous but Miss Ross made As  before,  the  audience  are  encouraged  the environment on stage calm and to bring along food to enjoy as the bands  everyone started to relax. Miss Ross made play.  the evening really fun, especially with the great treats in the interval! By Katie Brook 10SL My first year at Eggar‛s has been great and Miss Ross has made every Tuesday a lot of fun! She‛s a fab friend, a great person and an amazing singing teacher. Just recently Miss Ross put on a concert for us to perform at the Petersfield School. I opened the show as a proud pupil Trust  me,  because  when  you  see  the  from Eggar‛s singing songs about the sea. effort  some  tables  go  to,  you  will  be  Throughout the show we all supported each hungry  if  you  forget  (just  ask  Mrs  other and everyone who sang was amazing. Martin!)  As well as being a fantastic experience it was great fun and a huge success. Matt Farris  Music Curriculum Leader By Evie Day 7JW 
  15. 15. Monday 23rd April, we set off in the morning That evening we learnt how to use Spearman‛s for our trip to Calshot Field Centre (part of the Rank to do a statistical analysis on our data and Calshot Activities Centre) for our GCSE we rounded off the evening with the Funky Geography Coursework. Mr Wordsworth Welly Competition. This was declared a draw accompanied us on the trip and we were soon to between Toni and Ruby whose efforts included discover his hidden talents! leopard skin wellies and a night scene with stars The weather had been wonderful and so of over a town – both very impressive! course Monday morning it rained. That always Day three and this is where we relaxed and happens; mention the word “fieldwork” and the enjoyed the other facilities Calshot has to heavens open! Luckily for us by the time we offer. The students did a selection of skiing, arrived at Calshot it was dry and the skies were climbing, cycling in the velodrome and archery. clearing. Mr Wordsworth and I had looked forward to After lunch we started work straight away and watching the students enjoy themselves but our learnt about the New Forest area and what plans were hijacked and we joined in the work we would be doing over the next two days. archery. Mind you, I did quite enjoy myself as I After a briefing we went to our first river site, ended up having a “shoot-out” with Ricky for Ocknell Plain; one of the highest points of the first place. In the end he beat me fair and New Forest and the source of the River square - not by much though! Lymington. Before we said our good-byes we allocated the Our course tutor, Andy, had forewarned us that “Thalweg Award” to the person who we felt it would be boggy and marshy but this didn‛t contributed the most in the classroom and the stop the inevitable happening… someone (Toni) field and that went to Lyssa Badger 10MR, well got their welly stuck and had to be rescued as done Lyssa! the mud started creeping up her thighs! I We arrived back at Eggar‛s with plenty of data believe there is photographic evidence for our coursework and eager to start writing it somewhere... up! All the pupils were exceptionally well The students set about collecting data on the behaved and were a credit to themselves and river including velocity, depth, width and Eggar‛s school. Mrs A Sutehall wetted perimeter. That evening we collated our Geography Curriculum Leader  results and started working on cross-sectional profiles of the river. Once all the work for the day was completed we went to the Schneider Hangar for some R&R and started playing football. It was here that we discovered the hidden talents of Mr Wordsworth - a fantastic football player! Well, perhaps that‛s a little generous, but he certainly threw himself into the game and after an hour most people were quite exhausted and went quietly off to bed. Day Two and we set off to visit all the other river locations and were able to collect plenty of data. We then had a picnic lunch whilst Back Row: James Flanagan, Richard Jarvis, Joshua Cole,  Peter  Allen,  Shaun  Littlewood,  Joseph  Lambton,  Gemma  watching a herd of deer grazing peacefully in Singleton,  Lyssa  Badger,  Ruby  Clarke,  Toni  Russell  and  the fields. James Luff.  Front Row: Adam Carter and Glen Parks.
  16. 16. ARCHERY RUGBY  We were very fortunate to have the Alton and Four Marks Archery Club visit During the Spring Term a series of Rugby Charity matches were played Eggar‛s recently and give our students between each half of each year. the opportunity of a taster lesson after Overall the 5 year groups raised school. This again was very well over £330 pounds for various charities. The supported and the students enjoyed this highlight was the Year 9’s who battled a fierce contest in freezing cold conditions to end in a sport, which for some was their first draw. In doing so they raised £104 for experience of archery. C h i l d r e n i n N e e d . Over the winter the number of boys participating in Rugby increased and we now field teams in each year group. The Year 7 and 8 teams should be commended for their commitment to training, and already both teams have recorded convincing victories over other schools. With such an abundance of talent and enthusiasm these year groups are proving Eggar’s Rugby will be a strong force in the future. Our thanks go to the Alton and Four Marks Archery Club for their time. TENNIS CLUB We will be running an after school Tennis Club every Friday from 3:30pm to 4:30pm. This session A big congratulations to all boys involved in will be open to all pupils and will be Rugby. Mr S Gibb taken by a professional tennis PE Department coach. If you’re interested please leave your name with your Tutor. TABLE TENNIS Special thanks should go to Medstead Table Tennis club who have taken three taster Table Tennis sessions here at Eggar’s. The club was really well supported and all pupils thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Mrs J Greatorex
  17. 17. ENTENTE  CORDIALE  GOES FROM  Despite a football season of mixed fortunes,  STRENGTH TO  8RCo’s Matt Berry and Josh Hannon, 8KN’s  Charlie  Verrian,  8SMo’s  Tom  Joy  and  STRENGTH AT  8REo’s  Joe  Puddick  received  the  EGGAR’S SCHOOL  Sportsmanship  Trophy  at  Prince’s  Hall  in  On Wednesday 16th May Eggar‛s School Aldershot.    This  award  was  for  the  Under  received a visit from a party of Year 8 13’s North­East Hants Region, for their team  (or Cinquième students) from the Alton United Harriers.  Collège Marcel Pagnol in Alton‛s French Captain  Josh  Hannon  said  ‘Although  the  twin town of Pertuis-en-Provence. boys are a bit disappointed with some of our  Mrs Martin welcomed the forty-nine results  this  season  we  are  delighted  to  be  French students and their four awarded this trophy and are  teachers to the school with a short really  looking  forward  to  speech in French and was presented receiving  it  on  Thursday  with a beautiful book featuring stunning 24th May.’  views of the Provencal countryside. Our Well done boys!  French guests were then given a tour of the school during which they were greatly impressed not only by the facilities available but by the good behaviour and friendliness of Eggar‛s staff and students. Not surprisingly, they were particularly envious of our I started dancing back in January with the Jansu School of Dance in Whitehill and have a sports hall and ICT facilities! one-to-one tuition for half an hour a week. I Although a walk into Alton had to be have been learning the cancelled due to inclement weather, jive since then and on French and English members of staff 22nd April I took a and students from Year 8 were still able Jive Dance Medal Exam to enjoy a barbeque lunch of (English) and passed it with a sausages and beefburgers, to which our Commended Grade. I guests gave their gastronomic seal of really enjoy the dancing approval! and other pupils from In the afternoon, the PE department Eggar‛s also attend, it hosted some sporting activities in the is certainly one way to keep fit whilst doing sport‛s hall and we were all treated to a something fun. I am now going to learn some very impressive impromptu display of freestyle disco dancing and will do a dance exam gymnastics by one of our French later in the year. I will let you know how I get visitors! on. Continued overleaf... Alice Harrop 8KN 
  18. 18. Year 10 and Year 11 GCSE Art Students Congratulations to all those students who have successfully completed their GCSE Art Exams this term. The Students have spent many weeks preparing for this last piece of art work, made on the theme of ‘Wraps‛. The Art Department is now preparing for a Summer Exhibition of work in the foyer of the school. We hope that you will be able to come and view the fantastic exhibits on show during the School Fete this summer. Shelley Kinteh Art Curriculum Leader By Tuesday Moroney 11KM By Gemma Thompson 10CB By Jack Burcham 10SL
  19. 19. Year 7 Geography and Art visit to the  Living Rainforest Our  Year  7  visited  the  The  afternoon  was  met  with  great  Living  Rainforest  in  enthusiasm  as  the  Year  7  students  had  Newbury  on  the  19th  the  opportunity  to  complete  artwork  and 20th April.  from  the  abundance  of  wildlife  as  well  The  visit  had  two  as learning  many  fascinating  facts such  purposes  as  it  was  an  as  the  medical  properties  of  rainforest  e xt e ns io n  o f  t he  plants.  An example is  pictured below,  Geography  Unit,  where  the  Rosy  Periwinkle    which  is  used  to  we have been studying Ecosystems, and  with  the  Art  Department  in  giving  the  Year  7  students  an  opportunity  to  improve their  artistic skills.  The  Living  Rainforest  is  a  charity  that  promotes  the  welfare  of  the  rainforests  and  all  the  plants  and  wildlife  that  live in it.  From  the  Geography  perspective  we  arranged  an  Amazing  Adaptations  tour.    This  tour  was  very  informative  and  interesting  with  the  children  learning  about  the  rainforests  and  how  help  the  survival  rates  for  childhood  animals  and  plants  adapt  to  their  leukaemia.  environment.  I  was  delighted  to  see  the  effort  put  into  the  many  fantastic  pictures  of  crocodiles, monkeys and butterflies.  All  the  pupils  were  incredibly  well  beha ved  a nd  e njo yed  t he  da y  immensely  including  the  ‘play­time’  in  the garden area and eating ice­creams in  the sunshine!  Mrs Sutehall  Geography Curriculum  Leader 
  20. 20. The Year 10 Prefect Applications Sparsholt Success! process was a resounding success this For eight Year 11 boys about to sit their year with 62 pupils being assigned to GCSE‛s success has come early thanks to prefect duty. Well done to them all. Sparsholt College, Winchester. Every Friday We also appointed a Senior Team of 16 throughout Years 10 and 11 they have been pupils which include: attending the college with the intention of working their way towards a vocational Charlotte Withams, Elizabeth Harvey, qualification. Their chosen courses included Me l i s s a Pi pe r­ K n ig h t, Hea ther agriculture, construction skills and engineer- Rowland, Kerri Fullman, Louise Small, ing. Amongst this talented group there are James Flanagan, Nathan Dibley, Shaun Littlewood, Luke Benton, boys that can now worm lambs, weld sheet Matthew Smyth and Oliver Aitchison. metal together and plaster a wall with the best of them! Not to mention injecting piglets, Congratulations to them all. making a metal funnel from scratch and building a brick wall that was actually level! However, I cannot forget the other four They have all worked extremely hard and were members of the Senior Team who were rewarded with their certificates at a the successful candidates for the presentation attended by their college tutors, positions of Head Boy and Girl and the Principal of Sparsholt College and many Deputy Head Boy and Girl. They were proud friends and family. superb in the interview process, as were the other interviewees, which made the elimination process an extremely difficult one. They should all be proud of their achievements. They certainly left both myself and Mrs Martin feeling very proud of them and of Eggar’s School. So my sincere congratulations go to: Head Boy Richard Hibbert Head Girl Hayley Ward Deputy Head Boy Richard Jarvis Deputy Head Girl Rosemary Croft Pictured above from left to right: Michael Horner, David Andrews, Jack Sholl, Ryan Year 11 is now approaching and I Knight, Ian Craig, Malcolm Page and Patrick know that it will be an exciting and Ayling. successful year to follow. Some of the students will be returning to Sparsholt in September to continue with Have a lovely half term everyone! full-time courses whilst others will be taking up places at other local colleges. Miss N Curtis We wish them every success in the future. Year Leader, Year 10 Mrs C Mathieson
  21. 21. Pen-pals were met for the first time and, after a little initial shyness, plenty more addresses, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers were exchanged during the course of the day. The next meeting between the two schools will take place during the Year 8 French/ Science residential visits to the Loubatas Environmental Centre in October. Special thanks go to Stuart Campbell, Mrs Pennington, Miss Sandemann, Mrs Rushmere, Mrs Eost, Mr Laycock and Mr Eost for their hard work in making the day so successful. Thanks also to all the Year 8‛s who helped out on the day. Mr R Cooper Modern Foreign Languages Curriculum Leader