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Final Presentaion service design presentation

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Final Presentaion service design presentation

  1. 1. Adam Little, Eilidh Dickson and Siddharth Muthyala service design CIID / DKDS Pilot Year Friday 3rd April 2009 from user experience to systemic innovation
  2. 2. Initial Visits to the Library to understand people’s mental models they have of it. What role does it play in their lives? We used active card sorting & drawing tools to trigger discussion
  3. 3. “Being in a Library make you feel like you are part of a community, you can see what other people in your neighbourhood are interested in....It has a really positive atmosphere” Anne, 19, American, Just moved to CPH initial insights and inspiration Quotes from our initial research that stood out for us and triggered us to explore further
  4. 4. “I am here (at the library) while my friends are at work” Anna, Visiting friends in Copenhagen initial insights and inspiration Quotes from our initial research that stood out for us and triggered us to explore further
  5. 5. “It would be romantic to meet someone at the library” Eda, 19, Danish but just moved to Copenhagen initial insights and inspiration Quotes from our initial research that stood out for us and triggered us to explore further
  6. 6. Regardless of what country you are in, the library is seen as a free public space you can spend time in with access to a variety of services Using the library services, or even being in the libary space can make you feel more like a ‘local’ The Library has a special ‘romantic’ quality about it Assumptions we made from our initial research that we wanted to persue further and test through more research
  7. 7. Foreign visitors and new residents are interested in local knowledge and Danish culture that matches their own interests and tastes. The library is seen as a trustworthy source of information, and for the few foreigners that visit the library, it makes them feel part of the local community. But for most foreign visitors, the library plays no role in exploring Denmark. How can the library bring its services to foreign visitors and guests so they have access to Danish knowledge and culture that is both personalised and trustworthy? The main goal for our service. This is the question we wanted to answer through our final concept
  8. 8. concept video A collaborative service between the Library and hotels within Copenhagen that enables visitors to Copenhagen learn more about danish culture and access library materials
  9. 9. “We know nothing about copenhagen, we are using our friend as a guide, we are only here for the weekend” Adrian and Natalie, American, on holiday to Copenhagen After deciding to focus on visitors to Copenhagen, we headed to the airport to conduct interviews
  10. 10. ‘Sure i would like to know more about local films and music.....I expect to have to ask a lot of questions and talk to a lot of people’ Patrick, Oregan, Travelling around Scandanavia After deciding to focus on visitors to Copenhagen, we headed to the airport to conduct interviews
  11. 11. ‘Knowing more about Danish culture would be cool, there is no easy way to access this that i have found. I am a big fan of music, so any Danish music would be awesome” Sam, New York, Been studying in Copenhagen (6 months) After deciding to focus on visitors to Copenhagen, we headed to the airport to conduct interviews
  12. 12. “The typical customer is someone coming off a cruise ship who has about 2 hours to spend, they want to get the best out of Copenhagen in this time. The only reason I direct people to the library is for free Wi Fi. If they want information in specific Danish book or author i tell them where the nearest bookshop is” Gabrielle, tourist information empoyee We visited the tourist information get their view on the library and the services they provide
  13. 13. Tourists and new-comers to Copenhagen are not in touch with local youth culture Bookshops are percieved to contain more specialised content The libraries free services are not recognised as being suitable or accessible for visitors The mental model of a library is not associated with services for tourists The tourist information is seen as a place to find information on the ‘must see’ tourist attractions. People staying in Copenhagen for more than a few days might have time to see more than just tourist attractions and there for avoid the tourist information. Our assumptions based on the insights we gained from our interviews which supported our idea to design for tourists to Copenhagen or people who had just moved to the city
  14. 14. We collected and filtered all our insights and learnings. We created how created ‘how might we statements in preperation for our brainstorming
  15. 15. Giving the library presence in other public and private places throughout the visitors travel experience Visitors becoming more equainted with the city, Providing specific services for foreigners to feel like a ‘local’ Providing visitors with library material based on their personal interests on arrival to the city Before brainstorming ideas these are some of the key values we wanted to generate ideas around, and provide solutions for.
  16. 16. After grouping all of our ideas we voted and developed three ideas and built scenarios around them, to further explain the concept
  17. 17. We chose to focus on how the library and hotels could collaborate as we felt this had most potential to create the most core values we wanted to achieve in our concept
  18. 18. The hotel guests can now pre-order Library sets up a new service where The Hotels collaborate with the books before their trip or use the visitors to Copenhagen can check out library and can now offer their guests library services and facilities once library material. Library begins by offering a book service as part of their stay. they arrive. Their transactions are the service to Hotels as a way to reach The Hotel premotes the new service tied to their credit card used to book the visitors. on their website and when guests their hotel. arrive, face to face. The primary stakeholders involved in our system, that are neccessary for it to function
  19. 19. A simple diagram explaining the interaction between the different stakeholders within the system
  20. 20. -Library material -Website -Delivery system
  21. 21. -Library material -Website -Delivery system
  22. 22. -Library material -Website -Delivery system -Direct access to books, music and DVD’s -Personalised hotel experience
  23. 23. -Library material -Website -Delivery system -Increased visitors to the library -User generated recommendations -Direct access to books, music and DVD’s -Personalised hotel experience
  24. 24. -Library material -Website -Delivery system -Increased visitors to the library -User generated recommendations -Direct access to books, -All the information music and DVD’s about Danish culture on -Personalised hotel the library website experience
  25. 25. -Library material -Website -Delivery system $$$ potential business model -Increased visitors to the library -User generated recommendations -Direct access to books, -All the information music and DVD’s about Danish culture on -Personalised hotel the library website experience
  26. 26. Continue it’s mission of providing free access to culture and information Lead the way in promoting Denmark as a country which places a high value in the sharing of knowledge to people who are not residents of their own country Explore Danish culture through the library and have books, CDs and DVDs waiting at their hotel room when they arrive, all for free Unique service that allows them give their guests a personalized experience. Hotels will also find out what interests their guests have and use this to improve their service exeperience of the hotel. value for stakeholders
  27. 27. Key touchpoints that tell the story of the service throughout the user experience
  28. 28. 4. using the service : library-hotel-customer 6. quiting: 2. evaluate and commit: 5. benefits: 1. awareness: 3. learn and implement: library-hotel-customer library-hotel library-hotel-customer library-hotel library-hotel choosing books awareness: hotel-customer receiving the books changing the books returning the books learning about the service -requested books -door hanger form Welcome Pack containing: -hotel bill if they -Welcome pack -Printed material given to the hotels to make them -door hanger form -Printed material given to the hotels to make them -The Library -Library -printed flyer explaining to hotel cusomers about -confirmation email -library & user physical -information flyer given to guests choose to buy the -information flyer given to guest on understand what services the library can offer. -any new books/media understand what services the library can offer. -An print based advertising material -Hotels how the new service, using this to promote the (to visitor and hotel) recommendations on arrival at the hotel book or have lost it arrival at the hotel with details on -forms of agreement between the library and hotel they receive used to promote the hotels. -Writen agreements of cancellation of service hotel contains name of cards/notes -order forms, feedback forms -airport drop box the different ways to reserve, -Any legal documents needed to complete the -temporary library card -feedback forms: give the hotel from either parties books, date wanted, -hotel bookmark, -recommended book brochure -Library change and return books agreement. (for use in library) insight into what they like. ref.No -book bundles with touchpoints specialised maps. -library website: can libary website: provide all the -link from hotel homepage after -Library website -Library website -Library website -Library website -The Library website -The library website that allows customers to order -Links from hotel websites to the library website (so web based choose by title, information about the service, can booking your room -Hotel Website pages that show their books, which also provdides general guests can access the library material) category, or by the browse material by name, -reminder about the service within what services they offer. information for visitors to copnehagen, availble to -Promotional content of hotel websites to introduce ‘danish classics’ category, linking to your itinary or your booking confirmation email -An web based advertising material those who are not staying in a partnering hotel. the new service -pre-made book through pre-made ‘bundles’ -Library Website used to promote the hotels. -The Library website bundles on website -librarian if they decided -receptionist at the -Librarians -hotel receptionist who reminds -librarian -librarian if they decide -receptionist at the hotel can -The representatives from the library system -The representatives from the library system -Librarians to pick up themselves hotel (return books on -Hotel Staff the customer about the service -book ‘room service’ to choose books at the provide more information on how -Hotel Staff people from the library check-out) on arrival (over the phone) library. it works -library delivery guy -librarian if guests -book ‘room service’ -library staff -hotel staff if they bring return books directly (over the phone) it to the guests room -library delivery guy -the hotel allows the -the hotel will notify -hotel provides entry point for -the hotel will process -the hotel checks that -the hotel staff are on hand to -The hotel can use this new service they offer, as a The Hotel needs to decide whether to sign up for the The hotel can see what the library will offer to them At this stage the hotel has to develop how they For the library to quit they must give adequate customers to order the guest when there the customer to reserve books new orders placed by all the books are help their guests no more about selling point to potential customers. So when service the library can offer them. They need to as a service: can use the services that the notice to the library (would be in a contract) (new) books books have arrived through the hotel homepage the guests through returned either on customers are looking at what hotel to choose they the book service, and explain decide whether the monthly investment for the -A website for hotel guests to order books through library has offered them into their existing however they will then not have the full resources hotel role through room and bring them to website link or reminder the order form or will see the books service logo along side the Wi-Fi, check-out or via post, if service will add more value to their hotel in the eyes how it works infrastructure. They will have to produce printed of the library that they can offer their guests. If service or by using their room if they email(with link) swimming pool etc. they can promote it as a exclusive book ‘room service’ of their potentail customers. they have been lost or -a system to keep track of the guests borrowed material to explain how to use the service to their they were to create their own book service it a fill out form,the order them over the service they provide, that not all hotels do. and notify the guest are not returned by the material customers and add links from their website to the would be far more limited. After quitting they will hotel will then send book ‘room service’ -receptionist reminds customers when these books agreed date the guest library website, so they can order books online have to get rid of any promotional hotel material -by knowing what books their guests are interested in, the request to the -hotel brands the about the service on arrival and have arrived at the is charged for the book -a delivery and pick up service between the library that offers the book service to their guests the hotel can also gain an insight into other services library for the books with a hotel provides them with an hotel through their credit and hotel. thy could provide specific to their guests interests. guest bookmark or other information flyer card, so the library can souvineir be reimbursed -the library will be seen as a public institution that -The library must create a system that would track the library website allows the guest to find out about the service, choosing, changing and reserving books. -As the library is the main provider of the The library must try and convince the hotels that The library wants to promote more about danish does not only provide for tax payers, and people which books were on loan to which hotels. infrastructure for this service,they will have to notify the collaborative service will create benefits for culture to foreign visitors and play a role in living within Denmark. They will be part of spreading all the hotels they provide to if they wish to stop when a book is reserved they send confirmation to the guest and transfer the end user, the visitor to copenhagen, and in speading knowledge to a wider audience, so danish culture and knowledge to visitors to -they would need to implement a system that is (with an agreed period of notice) By stopping this the data to the hotel records. turn this will bring benefits to both the hotel and they offer a collaborative service to hotels. The library role Copenhagen and helping Denmark be the best continually processing the orders though the service they will reduce their amount ot customers library. They will be part of helping promote libraries target hotels directly to tell them about country to promote knowledge and learning. website, directly from the hotel customer and via and any profit they receive from the hotels library processing orders, delivering and picking up books from the hotel and airport on the required dates denmark as a leading city of knowledge the service they would like to offer. they show the hotel reception. business. spreading, not only to danish citizens. them how the system would work. carrying out face to the library checks that -A delivery system between the hotels and library face transactions if all the books have for the books would have to be implemented. the hotel guest been returned by the comes directly to the required date, and library to change their charges the hotel if books this is not the case Full system diagram of our service, outlining the roles of the hotel, library and the key touchpoints that are needed for the system to work
  29. 29. Are guests interested in looking at books and potentially other library material they did not bring with them? Are hotels willing to implement a book service into their existing system? What material would guests of hotels most like to see, what books would be most useful? What sort of hotels would this collaborative service suit? Does the library have a problem charging hotels money for this service? Questions we wanted to try and answer through our experience prototyping
  30. 30. Initial visits to hotels to promote the new service and speak to guests and members of staff, to gage initial reactions. Dan Hostel Radisson SAS, Fredriksberg Comfort Hotel, østerbro D’angleterre A one week experience prototype at Hotel Fox Getting Feedback from Pernille about the service concept (showing her inital concept video) Different methods we used to try and answer our assumptions we had made
  31. 31. “When i get home i just want to sit and relax, I may not always read, but it would be great to have the option of having them their, reading a little is good, it is good for the eyes and good for the mind” “This hotel definitly needs it, there is nothing here at all, you even have to order in your own food!” Indian Business Man “If I was really interested in a book i was reading and didn’t have time to read it all (captain Mehra) before i left, i would try and find it in the next place he was going” Travels between India and Copenhagen Frequently Had been staying the the Comfort Hotel for 3 months to date “People very rarely ask for books, our guests are either on holiday or business men, they don’t want books, i am chief concierge here, i know my guests and they are not the sort of people who want books, if they need information we provide it for them on Copenhagen, we provide the service for them!” Head Concierge at D’angleterre Opinions we got from visiting hotels in the initial stages of our experience prototyping
  32. 32. We were lucky enough to be able to conduct a 1 week experiment at hotel fox
  33. 33. A selection of books that were mainly promoting Danish design and culture
  34. 34. Bookmarks with advice on other books to read and places to visit if they enjoyed that book
  35. 35. Welcome packs containing an information brochure, a catalogue of the books, order forms and feedback forms. These were give to the guests on arrival to the hotel
  36. 36. “oh wow thats lovely” An english couple’s reaction when hearing about the service during check-in
  37. 37. “ I Would like to see ‘classic’ books and Films/DVDs’s would be useful” Pedersen, regular guest at hotel FOX (didn’t loan a book, but filled in the feedback form)
  38. 38. The Hotel FOX was very interested and happy to take part in the pilot service The hotel found the service easy to integrate, the receptionists were great at promoting the new service and handing out brochures was natural to them as the guests checked in The best responses came from people who stayed for more than a couple nights, who had more relaxation time ‘Copenhagen Architecture’ was first book to be checked out! Guests of the hotel were generally very happy when told about the service, they liked the idea of having the option there if they wanted it People enjoyed reading recommendations that were pre-placed in the books The service was easy to implement, but difficult to manage with a single stakeholder, and without a system in place learnings from experience prototyping Insights we gained from our experience prototyping
  39. 39. What happens when library books can be accessed through multiple stakeholders? Books travel in new ways?
  40. 40. What happens when library books can be accessed anywhere in the world? People travel in new ways?
  41. 41. This is possible with ebooks, but what about physical books? A new business opportunity exists. Business people and other frequent travelers, people and airlines that want to carry less and all who love to read can benefit