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  1. real estate investement and development company marketing plan Presented by: Eissa Alesayi
  2. Executive summary Real estate marketing is one of the marketing activities aimed at transferring ownership of real estate or renting it, knowing the current and future needs of the population, and working to meet them. This research intend to build a marketing plan for real estate investement and development company . The plan included several parts.
  3. 01. Situation analysis
  4. • Due to many factors, most notably: • Currency price inconsistency • Riyadh procedures against expatriates • stability and security of the capital Sana’a Market summary Issues • The real estate market is the safe destination for Yemenis' savings... • Escaping from savings in banks to fencing lands and constructing buildings • Sana'a's housing crisis due to the displaced has revived investment in real estate • The security and stability of Sana'a prompted expatriates to invest their money in its real estate • Currency price inconsistencies Results and effects
  5. Results and effects Needs Market summary• Real estate offices located in the main areas within the capital have stopped working in the recent period, due to the fullness of apartments and houses and the exaggerated increase in land prices by more than 400% • The suffering continues in the absence of the construction of giant residential neighborhoods and not random buildings and buildings that do not meet the purpose by real estate brokers and real estate investment companies that only care about • Mechanisms for regulating and monitoring the real estate market. • Real estate valuation law and guide. • Real Estate Rental Standards Act. • Standards for allocating state property for infrastructure services. • Enhancing real
  6. Suggestions Solutions • An urban development strategy that includes a real estate policy, a housing policy, and the reduction of urban sprawl on agricultural land • Solving the problems of slums.......etc • Establishment of a real estate investment and development company affiliated to the General Authority for Land, Survey and Urban Planning • Preparing a strategic plan for the company • Preparing an integrated Real estate marketing deals with a product that distinguishes it from other marketing products and the need for this product to have an official (governmental) agency to confirm the sale and purchase transaction (registration) and control in land and urban planning Market summary
  7. Market segmentation Geographic Segmentation: By dividing the market into geographical units (Governorates, districts, neighborhoods, lanes). Psychological Segmentation: To better understand consumers, Buyers within the same demographic group, Buyers are divided into groups on the basis of Demographic Segmentation: By dividing the market according to Income. Behavioral Segmentation: By dividing buyers into groups on the basis of their attitude toward, use of, or response to a product regarding of needs and benefits (some benefits from it, Some buy for passion,Same for
  8. Market needs • A diverse housing offer that responds to different social groups. • Facilitating citizens' access to adequate housing. In addition to the following benbenifits: • Safe and stable real estate ownership free of problems. • Adequate housing in planned areas, formal urban planning, far from slums. • Adequate housing with all basic infrastructure and services, including education, health and
  9. Market growth If there is an official government agency that undertakes real estate development projects, there will be a revolution in urbanization. This will enhance people's confidence in real estate investment, and growth in the real estate field will increase steadily and with positive steps away from randomness and property problems.
  10. SOWT analysis Strengths • Priority in investing state lands to serve development purposes. • Choosing the best sites to suit the use of lands within the plans. • Selection of planned sites or planning of selected sites at the highest level due to the availability of the concerned staff. • Providing engineering, design and marketing consultations regarding places and prices.
  11. Weaknesses • The absence of a comprehensive inventory of private state lands and real estate (owned by ownership documents). • The assault and appropriation of most of the state's private lands and real estate by property agents and tenants, and their refusal to give it up except for exorbitant sums according to custom, right (naughty). • The lack of clarity of the laws defining the state's ownership of public lands from the teenager and the like of great fluids, beaches,
  12. Opportunities • Partnership with various government agencies, whether in securing land protection. • Partnership with government agencies in providing all infrastructure and basic services for the sites selected for investment. • Partnership with the private sector and banks in financing investment projects. • Opening the door to investment for foreign capital to establish investment projects in the country's lands. • Re-activation of the Housing Bank.
  13. Threats • Stop disposing of state lands and real estate in accordance with presidential directives. • Not accepting the project idea from the government. • Fighting the idea of the project from the capital and the influential monopolists of the real estate market. • Conflict with some laws (local authority law, investment law...etc.).
  14. Competition • Relevant government agencies (such as the Ministry of Public Works and Roads represented by the housing sector, the Ministry of Local Administration, the General Authority for Investment) and other ministries and government agencies such as the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Tourism and the Social Fund for Development. • Public, private and mixed companies such as investment and real estate development
  15. • product& service offering • The company will offer various real estate products( selling, renting) the most important of which are: • (residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural ,.....etc) • Residential real estate (real estate for housing purposes, apartments, independent houses, apartments, villas, Residential compounds, residential cities) and others. • The company also will offer various real estate services such as: • Providing marketing consultations in the field of prices, choosing the best sites, and others. • Providing engineering, planning and design
  16. • Identifying the current and future needs of the population for real estate of all kinds and working to satisfy them in the appropriate time and place as much as possible as much as possible in light of the society's trends, customs, and traditions, and the various regulations and laws set by the state to regulate the real estate market. • In addition, The company must ensure total customer satisfaction. Key to success
  17. Critical issues • Establish itself as the premier Real estate development company. • Creating a distinct brand in the real estate sector and improving its reputation. • Assisting the government in bridging the housing gap and solving the problems of random construction.ase . • Constantly monitor customer satisfaction.
  18. Marketing strategy 02.
  19. The key to the marketing strategy is focusing on Real estate product development, increasing real estate products according to demand, and diversifying real estate products. Marketing strategy
  20. Mission Achieving the maximum benefit from the lands and real estate of the state and making optimal use of it, eliminating real estate speculation, creating a suitable environment to attract investment, developing the republic’s urban areas, and establishing real estate projects to solve the problems of housing and random construction.
  21. Marketing objectives • To Maximize competitiveness through strong growth each year, efficient production and selling at premium prices to the target market. • To improve reputation, creating a positive impression, and achieving consumer satisfaction from the first year. • To plan and act to satisfy continuity, and to achieve a steady increase in market penetration. • To Maximize profits and market share 5 percent per year for the first five years . • To develop research and development budget as a Financial objectives
  22. Target markets • real estate sector market of 50,000 people in the capital, Sana'a • by advertising and promoting real estate development projects targeting all social groups, and we expect the target market to reach 500,000 people. • • after the first year of establishment • we will targeting the governorates of Ibb and Al Hudaydah, and then expanding to the rest of the governorates after the second year.
  23. Positioning The company will position itself as the premier in real estate investment and development market. This positioning will be achieved by leveraging the company competitive edge: staff experience and land ownership .
  24. Marketing tactics 03.
  25. Marketing tactics • The marketing program will seek to first create customer awareness concerning the offered products and services and then develop the customer base. • the company marketing program is composed of the following approaches to: • product, prices, people, process, place, physical environment, and promotion .
  26. product The company, with the staff it owns and who has experience for more than 15 years, is the most capable of determining the needs and desires of the population when choosing the locations of buildings and buildings, in terms of size, design and location, and providing the necessary services. In partnership with government agencies, the company will pave main and secondary roads, dig sewers, and provide electricity , extending telephone lines, and providing potable water and other things before allocating real
  27. Price • The price policy of real estate products depends on a set of interrelated factors, the most important of which are the following: • Location of the property, type of property, competition, standard of living for citizens, need and urgency, cost, level of profits desired by sellers, goals, regulations and laws. • These and other factors combined greatly and effectively affect the buyer's decisions.
  28. People The company's employees play an important role in operations and production and form part of the service. There is an interactive relationship between them and the consumer and an impact on the general acceptance of the consumer. The company will train all staff professionally on ways to deal with the consumer.
  29. Process • The process of transferring real estate ownership from the company to the buyer directly, by registering this process (the buying and selling process) in the competent authority, which is (the General Authority for Lands, Survey and Urban Planning) • And because the company follows the authority administratively, it will complete all legal procedures for real estate registration on behalf of the citizen without resorting to a real estate broker
  30. Place • The buyer looks at the location of the real estate strategically, and attaches great importance to it in the present and the future. The presence of commercial real estate in a commercial area or in the city center or the main commercial streets gives it an advantage over the rest of the real estate located in other places, in terms of its ability to generate profits, and increase the demand for it by those involved in trade • The same applies to residential real estate, as the presence of these real estate in areas or neighborhoods where the necessary services are available such as paved streets, sewers, schools, places of worship, health institutions
  31. Physical Environment • The real estate product is subject to the influence of environmental changes like other marketing products, as the political conditions that the country is going through • As for the economic conditions, they also directly affect the demand for real estate products • As for the social conditions and factors that are related to the norms, traditions and social values prevailing in society, such as keeping the family together in one house even after the
  32. Promotion • The company aims to introduce the target buyer to the real estate (product) and convince him that it is consistent with his needs, desires and financial capabilities, and urge him to complete the purchase or sale transaction. • The company will promote all its projects through the use of a promotional mix consisting of the following elements: • Advertising (TV's, Radio and jjournals ). • Personal selling. • Social Media.
  33. Promotion Create a website The company will create an easy to use and informative website. This site will be the first stop for people looking to learn about the company and browse its products. As well as designing a mobile application for the company. CRM Real Estate Customer Relationship Management The company will design CRM software to allow it to seamlessly manage its real estate business from a single platform both on-premises and on the road because the data is
  34. Marketing Research The company will benefit from the experiences of neighboring countries and successful international experiences in market research by collecting data on the behavior and characteristics of consumers of real estate products and collecting all inputs through surveys when developing the marketing mix and seeking feedback from consumers to develop programs and evaluate marketing campaigns.
  35. Controls • The purpose of the company marketing plan is to serve as a guide for the government. The following areas will be monitored to gauge performance: • Revenue: monthly and annual • Expenses: monthly and annual • Customer satisfaction • New-product development
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