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Ektron Synergy 2014 - Thriving at the Intersection of Marketing & IT

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Marketing is being reinvented as a technology-powered discipline. From new, brand-defining
customer experiences to more efficient marketing operations, software is changing
what's possible. It's also changing the structure and culture of organizations
who embrace these possibilities. We'll take a whirlwind tour of the forces
driving this convergence and the ways in which companies and individuals can
thrive in it. Presented by Scott Brinker Scott Brinker, Co-founder & CTO, ion interactive

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Ektron Synergy 2014 - Thriving at the Intersection of Marketing & IT

  1. 1. Thriving at the Intersection of Marketing & IT 7 Meta-Trends by Scott Brinker @chiefmartec
  2. 2. Marketing is moving faster.
  3. 3. Marketing is increasingly complex.
  4. 4. From Stretched to Strengthened, IBM Global CMO Study 2011
  5. 5. The only constant is change.
  6. 6. Marketing is more strategic.
  7. 7. 7X
  8. 8. AdAge, Keeping Time: Why CMO Tenure Has Doubled (May 6, 2013)
  9. 9. “You may ask yourself, how do I work this?” – Talking Heads
  10. 10. 7 Meta-Trends of a New Brand of Marketing
  11. 11. Meta-Trend #1
  12. 12. We tend to overestimate the effect of a technology in the short run and underestimate the effect in the long run. “ ” – Amara’s Law
  13. 13. The Re-Imagination of Nearly Everything
  14. 14. “Magnitude of Upcoming Change Will Be Stunning”
  15. 15. Where audience goes, marketing follows.
  16. 16. Meta-Trend #2
  17. 17. ZMOT: Winning the Zero Moment of Truth, Jim Lecinski
  18. 18. ZMOT: Winning the Zero Moment of Truth, Jim Lecinski
  19. 19. Query search engines Visit company web site Read educational content Follow on Twitter Visit competitor web sites Read reviews Discuss with friends Check online communities Comparison shop The ZMOT is a flurry of activity:
  20. 20. ZMOT: Winning the Zero Moment of Truth, Jim Lecinski
  21. 21. “Big, large, glass buildings do not buy software. People do.” – Jonathan Becher CMO, SAP
  22. 22. Meta-Trend #3
  23. 23. Shift in buyer-seller information asymmetry.
  24. 24. Shift in buyer-seller information asymmetry.
  25. 25. Shift in buyer-seller information asymmetry. An increase in marketing responsibility. Customer experience Social media marketing Content marketing
  26. 26. Meta-Trend #4
  27. 27. Distance between communications and customer experience.
  28. 28. Source: Forrester Research
  29. 29. Great Experience = Great Brand
  30. 30. Meta-Trend #5
  31. 31. “I feel more like a CIO than a CMO! I have marketing automation, CRM, listening platforms—I’m up to my eyeballs in technology.”
  32. 32. New technology is constantly emerging.
  33. 33. Brands continuously seek differentiation.
  34. 34. Software is now easy to create and scale.
  35. 35. The Golden Age of Marketing Software
  36. 36. Software has become how marketing sees and touches the world.
  37. 37. Analytics shapes perceptions. Automation guides processes. Optimization hones tactics. Listening directs engagement. Targeting defines segments. CRM structures relationships.
  38. 38. “He who controls the spice, controls the universe.”
  39. 39. “He who controls the software, controls the marketing.”
  40. 40. Who choreographs this ballet?
  41. 41. Or is it more of a mosh pit?
  42. 42. Who decides? • Marketers • IT department • Web shop • Vendors • Ad hoc • Technical depth • Right incentives • Business alignment • Accountability • Marketing vision On what basis? Technology Decisions in Marketing
  43. 43. IT Marketing
  44. 44. Marketing’s perceptions of IT: IT is the department of “no.” IT doesn’t speak marketing’s language. IT doesn’t understand the need for speed. IT isn’t concerned with the customer. Mastering Customer Data—A CIO Imperative, Forrester Research July 2011
  45. 45. IT’s perceptions of marketing: Marketing is spin. Marketers don’t care about integration. Mastering Customer Data—A CIO Imperative, Forrester Research July 2011
  46. 46. Not a motto typically seen on the wall in IT. (And for good reason.)
  47. 47. Standardize Experiment The Marketing Technology Cycle
  48. 48. Well, there’s always a committee…
  49. 49. IT MktgTraditional IT Mktg IT Co-located IT Mktg MT Embedded Independent IT Mktg MT Joint Venture IT MktgMT CommitteeIT Mktg iiiii IT MktgHostile LiaisonIT Mktgi Outsourced (Mktg) IT Mktg Outside MT Outsourced (IT) IT Mktg Outside MT Outsourced Triangle IT Mktg Outside MT Direct Report IT Mktg IT Mktg MT Practice Center MergedIT Mktg IT Marketing Marketing Technology
  50. 50. King Solomon’s Marketing-Technology Split
  51. 51. 81% of large organizations now have the equivalent of a chief marketing technologist role.
  52. 52. 2X investment in “innovation” in marketing
  53. 53.
  54. 54. A technologist by any other name… Marketing Technology Marketing Operations Marketing Engineering Marketing IT Marketing CTO Digital Services
  55. 55. Data from Gartner 2012, graphic by IBM.
  56. 56. Marketing Technologist = Choreographer
  57. 57. Creative Agencies Tech Consultants Software Vendors CMO CIO The Marketing Technology Frenemy Triangle
  58. 58. Not all marketers need be technologists.
  59. 59. Just as not all marketers are “creatives.”
  60. 60. But tech must be part of marketing’s DNA.
  61. 61. Meta-Trend #6
  62. 62. 1. What did I do yesterday? 2. What am I going to do today? 3. Are there any impediments in my way? 3 Questions of the Daily Stand-Up:
  63. 63. That is a dead marketing plan.
  64. 64. Plan Create Distribute Measure Time The traditional multi-month marketing cycle:
  65. 65. Our customers are now agile.
  66. 66. Plan Create Distribute Measure Time That’s a problem, because this isn’t:
  67. 67. What’s important in modern marketing? • Individuals and interactions • Responding to change • Customer collaboration • Working content, “experiences”
  68. 68. From agile software development to agile marketing.
  69. 69. In 2009, Google ran approximately 12,000 experiments.
  70. 70. In 2009, Google ran approximately 12,000 experiments. Only about 10% of them led to business changes.
  71. 71. Big Data Big Testing Big Experience Generate hypotheses Prove cause- and-effect Deliver better experiences
  72. 72. Meta-Trend #7
  73. 73. 7 Meta-Trends of a New Brand of Marketing
  74. 74. “…the key meta-trends that will define how all marketing is done in a world of technology enablement...” – Terence Kawaja, CEO LUMA Partners “Scott Brinker helps the reader to understand how technology can be used for both successful marketing strategy and execution.” – Jonathan Becher, CMO SAP Download a free copy at
  75. 75. Co-founder & CTO ion interactive, inc. Twitter: @chiefmartec Author & Editor Chief Marketing Technologist Thank you!