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#VanGives — #GivingTuesday for Vancouver Nonprofits

  1. #VanGives Sharing stories. Encouraging generosity. #VanGives is a civic movement participating in the global #GivingTuesday initiative. We share inspiring stories + encourage generosity in our local communities! From volunteering, to awareness, to helping a stranger, or making donations, #VanGives asks for your participation to share with the world how generous Vancouver is. Share, tag + trend with us here: t: @VanGives I f: @VanGives I #VanGives
  2. WHAT IS #GivingTuesday?
  3. Why Participate? 1. Raise awareness for your cause 2. Increase donations + email lists 3. Recruit volunteers 4. Try something new! 5. Great reason to involve your supporters to help 6. You can benefit from the global buzz
  5. PRO TIP: Use GivingTuesday as a launch pad for the rest of your campaign, be sure to connect the two in all your communications. “On GivingTuesday we raised $8,000 of our $20,000 goal! We’re almost halfway there!” This stops donors from thinking of your campaign as something confined to GivingTuesday, that is already over.
  6. How to Participate: • Hashtag #GivingTuesday #GivingTuesdayCA • Are you a partner? • Become a partner: involved/charities • Leverage your Giving Tuesday page which takes you to OR you have an option to include your own donation URL
  7. PLAN: Steps on Maximizing #GivingTuesday 1.GOAL: Set a goal or objective 2.ACTIVATION: GivingTuesday activity/campaign 3.COMMUNICATIONS: Who, Where, What 4.TIMELINE: Lead up and day of 5.THANK YOU: #ThankyouThursday
  8. • Consistent brand on all platforms // email, landing page, social • Integrated – brand + yearend • Matching // Mentioning matching gifts in fundraising appeals results in a 71% increase in the response rate • Build momentum before // Save the date! Door Crasher! • Influencers + Allies • Real time • Recurring gifts OR suggested donation • AVOID: Give to us because it is giving Tuesday • Thank you and report Tactics + Tips
  9. 3 easysteps 1. Set agoal Here are some ideas: • Acquire 100 new donors • Convert 50 current donors to monthly giving • Raise $10,000 for a new program or service • Recruit 10 new volunteers for a specific need or task • Raise profile by acquiring 100 new social media followers PRO TIP: 1. PLAN: GOAL
  10. Get 8 Practical Media Tips > Boston Terrier Rescue Canada set  a goal to raise $5,000 in December  to fund veterinary care for foster  dogs. They created the “GIVING  TREE CAMPAIGN” where  supporters could fund a virtual  decoration or a gift under the tree.  By December 31stthey had raised  $6,680. Setaspecific,tangiblegoalandunderlinetheimpactitwillhave.
  11. 2.Planacampaignor activity Here are some ideas: • Find a corporate matching partner • Kick off your year- end campaign • Organize a volunteer event • Create a thank- you campaign • Launch an #UNSELFIE contest on social media • Some of the best GivingTuesday campaigns are not limited to a day - many last for a week or a month. 2. PLAN: ACTIVATION
  12. Samplecampaign: InthespiritofGivingTuesday,FoodBanksCanadalaunchedaclevercampaignthatlet theirsupporterseasilysharethecausewithfriendsandfamilybydoingwhattheyloveto do:sharerecipes!
  13. Who are we communicating to? Who are our allies and influencers??? - Donors, Funders, Partners - Board members - Staff - Volunteers - Previous donors + volunteers - Event attendees - Email lists - Social media Where are we communicating? - Social media: FB, TW, IG? - Email - Webpage 3. PLAN: Communications- WHO WHERE WHAT
  14. 3. PLAN: Communications: WHO WHERE WHAT cont’d What are we communicating? Goal: what is our tangible goal Activation: Value with impact – campaign or activity Creativity: content -- looking for a story Assets: digital assets – video, photos Call to action - Invite: donate! Volunteer! Share!
  15. 4. PLAN - TIMELINE: SOURCE: givingtuesday-campaign/ Tuesday (One Week Out) Main Message: We are participating in #GivingTuesday. Save the date! 1. Website: Feature #GivingTuesday on your homepage and include calls to action that prompt potential supporters to learn more or donate. Anyone who visits your site should know you are participating in the giving day. 2.Email: Send an email to your community to announce that you will be fundraising next week and need their support. Tell them about your campaign goals and the impact you plan to make. You can even give donors the option to give now. 3. Social Media: Change your profile and/or header images to promote #GivingTuesday. Followers new and old will be clued into your campaign. Add a link to your campaign page in your about section. Post on each platform you use to reach your entire audience.
  16. PLAN - TIMELINE: Wednesday Message: Save the date. Social Media: Post new content to your platforms. Visuals and infographics are great for engagement. Heifer International shared this infographic to encourage their audience to get involved in #GivingTuesday.
  17. PLAN -TIMELINE: Saturday Message: #GivingTuesday is getting close! Get excited! Social Media: Continue to countdown the days or post new #GivingTuesday content. Heartwarming images from the field help foster an emotional connection with your audience. (pay for ads or not to pay for ads…)
  18. PLAN - TIMELINE: Message: #GivingTuesday is tomorrow. Don’t forget to give! Email: Send a new email reminding supporters to give tomorrow and share the campaign with friends and family. Social Media: Continue to count down the days or post new #GivingTuesday content, like a graphic illustrating the impact your fundraising goal will make.
  19. PLAN -TIMELINE: It’s November 27! Message: It’s #GivingTuesday! Act now! Email: MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger, who raised over $50,000 last #GivingTuesday, sends three emails throughout the day. 1. The first is sent around 5 a.m., asking supporters to donate. 2. They send another email in the afternoon updating readers on the campaign’s progress toward its goals and asking them to give. 3. In the evening, MAZON sends a final email letting donors know that their time to help is running out. Contacts who have already donated are removed from the later emails. Social Media: - updating and monitoring social media platforms all day on #GivingTuesday. - Along with sharing appeals, share and respond to posts by supporters. - HASHTAGS: #GivingTuesday #GivingTuesdayCA #Philanthropy #Charity #Donate #Unselfie – what’s your unique hashtag?
  20. 1. What specific objective do you have for Giving Tuesday? 2. What specific activity will you be doing on Giving Tuesday? 3. How will your activity make an impact? 4. How can the public get involved in your activity? Share, tag + trend with us // t: @VanGives I f: @VanGives I #VanGives
  21. Share, tag + trend with us // t: @VanGives I f: @VanGives I #VanGives THANK YOU Save the date: Dec 3, 2019