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hey I founded a tech startup...OH SHIT I CAN'T CODE. #barcampsg7

  1. hey I just founded a tech startup... OH SHIT I CAN’T CODE @elishatan
  2. What you’re gonna hear • Should you, the non-techie founder, learn programming? • What should you do before learning? • What and how should you learn? • Will learning pay off?
  3. Who’s this person? I'm Elisha Tan. I did Psychology in NUS, graduated in 2010 and did social media marketing at a couple of startups. In late 2010, I was accepted at the Singapore Founder Institute and I founded Learnemy, a web application that finds you instructors for anything you want to learn. I am proficient in MS office and Paint, which enabled me to create the picture you see on the right.
  4. What’s the story? • Spend about 3 months looking for technical co-founder cluelessly • Got into a service partnership with other founders • Quit my job • Did my mockups
  5. Forever alone
  6. Should you, or should you not? Should Should not • If you outsource, you can’t • It will take long for you to tell if you get bullshit. be proficient in coding. • You can’t hire for a job you • Too much time spent don’t know. • You should know your product. • You give programmers respect, and you’ll give the right impressions.
  7. Roadmap Decide to code
  8. Roadmap Decide Fake your to code MVP
  9. Before you code... Learn HTML and CSS so that you can fake it till you make it - - - - Rentoid
  10. Design is hard You want to be a great artist... “Good artists copy, great artists steal” - Pablo Picasso Thatʼs what he said
  11. Firebug is your best friend
  12. Other sites • Learn about design • • • • Testing
  13. Roadmap Decide Fake your Decide a to code MVP language
  14. You are going to be very confused over what language to learn. Python is so AngularJS is easy to learn! Look at him, RoR powerful and easy to he learned Django in 3 is easy to learn and the Use weeks! syntax is beautiful! PHP. Because Facebook uses PHP.
  15. So learn whatever from anyone who’s willing to lend a helping hand.
  16. Ruby on rails Ruby on Rails Tutorial by Michael Hartl Ruby On Rails 3 Beginner To Builder 2011 by Richard Schneeman Rails for zombies by Envy Labs Rails guides
  17. Demo
  18. Bonus Things I wanted to tell you but didn’t know where it fit into the presentation • Join google groups • Start a blog - Remember your SEO
  19. Thank you! @elishatan

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