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Elite Gamespeed | Speed Training Tips to Run Faster

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Elite Gamespeed | Running doesn’t have to be hard. According to professional runner the goal of running faster is to run more economically without using much energy. For a long distance runner, it will become more important to save your energy for the final shot.

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Elite Gamespeed | Speed Training Tips to Run Faster

  1. 1. When you push yourself forcibly against the ground to propel you forward. According to Newton’s third law for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. So if more force applies to the ground, the farther you will go with each step and the faster you will run. It means strength training is must to improve your speed. Train to improve your strength to body weight ratio is called strength training.
  2. 2. When you run, your one foot gets in contact with the ground at a time. For developing hip strength, balance and intramuscular coordination can be developed by one leg exercise. If you have good relative strength in squat, but unable to balance to perform a single leg squat, then an athlete won’t be able to express their weight room power during sprint performance. Single leg squats are finest exercise to increase unilateral strength and relative strength.
  3. 3. These are high speed exercises that let athletes to produce some of the maximum power outputs of any activity. Triple extensions, learn in this session are the exact movement that occurs when you jump, run or change direction.
  4. 4. What matter most in a 100M race is how you accelerate and decelerate while changing direction or reacting to an opponent. Top speed does not make an athlete faster, it is the change of speed and quickness in game situations that matter most. Get training using sprints of 10-20 yards and drills with sudden starts and stops in order to train reactive ability and game speed.
  5. 5. Action of arms should counter balance the drive of the opposite leg in order to maintain trunk control. Those who utilize poor arm action end up with an inefficient running, poor body control. Take the time to control arm movements.
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