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Survey monkey evaluation

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Survey Monkey

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Survey monkey evaluation

  1. 1. Primary Research Evaluation Elizabeth Plumb - 2049
  2. 2. Adding an image of a person completing the survey allows me to understand the type of demographic I am aiming for and that they understand the survey itself.
  3. 3. Due to most people saying that they do not watch soap operas, the trailer for ‘Surrey Downs’ will have to be eye-catching and thrilling. Therefore to achieve this I will make sure that I could make the trailer also have bright colours and attractive music which is captivating.
  4. 4. Females are seen to be most attracted to watch soap operas, which means that the storyline will include more males than females in the hope that it will attract males as well as females to watch the program.
  5. 5. Eastenders is the most popular soap opera that people watch, which could be because it includes characters of all age and gender therefore my trailer will be attractive to all ages with lots of different storylines to suit the age ranges of the demographic.
  6. 6. Thriller is the most popular theme when watching a soap opera, which could be because it is tense and often ends on a cliffhanger. Therefore to attract the largest number of my target audience as possible I will include these techniques.
  7. 7. Escapism (Katz) is the most popular choice as to why people watch soap operas, which could be because audiences become engaged in the plot and storyline of the program. Therefore I will make sure that I include the following themes to make sure my target audience are attracted to the trailer and program.
  8. 8. Romance is the most favored theme for soap operas, which therefore connotes that the trailer for ‘Surrey Downs’ will include a romantic interest/love triangle to attract a large demographic.
  9. 9. People expect females to be represented as ‘strong and dominant’ in the trailer, therefore they will remain a key role in the characterisation of most of the storylines, to attract different target audiences.
  10. 10. The overall response for making males more attracted to watching soap operas was that a male should play a prominent role in the program.
  11. 11. The overall age range for soaps are adults therefore they include attractive storylines which will be eye-catching to that demographic.
  12. 12. The working class are mainly targeted for soaps as they can relate to overall all topics which may be included in the programme.