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"MediaTek’s Approach for Edge Intelligence," a Presentation from MediaTek

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Bing Yu, Senior Technical Manager and Architect at MediaTek, presents the "MediaTek’s Approach for Edge Intelligence" tutorial at the May 2019 Embedded Vision Summit.

MediaTek has incorporated an AI processing unit (APU) alongside the traditional CPU and GPU in its SoC designs for the next wave of smart client devices (smartphones, cameras, appliances, cars, etc.). Edge applications can harness the CPU, GPU and APU together to achieve significantly higher performance with excellent efficiency.

In this talk, Yu presents MediaTek’s AI-enabled SoCs for smart client devices. He examines the features of the AI accelerator, which is the core building block of the APU. He also describes the accompanying toolkit, called NeuroPilot, which enables app developers to conveniently implement inference models using industry-standard frameworks.

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"MediaTek’s Approach for Edge Intelligence," a Presentation from MediaTek

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