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Digital Marketing ServicesE-Marketing, Web Marketing, Internet Marketing, Online Marketing are commonly seen terms usedint...
4.   Email Marketing & Newsletters: Information and content that makes your products and services         come alive    5....
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Digital marketing services

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Digital marketing services

  1. 1. Digital Marketing ServicesE-Marketing, Web Marketing, Internet Marketing, Online Marketing are commonly seen terms usedinterchangeably to denote online promotional activity. While the internet remains the mainstay foradvertising and marketing in the digital world, the term ‘Digital Marketing’ is more relevant in today’sscenario where there are several other relevant channels that can be explored besides the internet such asmobile phones and smart devices, interactive entertainment media and even shopping slots in TVchannels.Digital Marketing is complex mix of smart placement and smart vehicle selection and it requires a multi-pronged approach in order to be truly effective. There are multiple points on the internet and digital spacewhere a company can potentially reach its intended target audience and each of these plays a unique rolein creating awareness or inducing traffic to an e-retail website. The Digital Marketing package shouldtypically comprise a Strategy, a Plan of activities and a Tracking and measurement system.Embitel Approach to Digital Marketing: 1. Develop a Traffic Generating Strategy: The more the visibility for your online brand, the greater the potential to attract a high level of traffic. At Embitel we explore a range of Digital Marketing campaign options to promote your brand. 2. Achieve Top Rankings in Search Engine Listings as Quickly as Possible: Search engines continue to play an important role when internet users seek out and choose online shopping sites. While SEO content leads to better ranking in search engine listings, the strategic placements of back links speeds up this process. As the concerted effort of the Digital Marketing strategy gradually begins to take effect, websites move up the search engine rankings and this has a positive impact on generating more traffic. 3. Analyse Web Analytics Reports to Fine Tune the Strategy: Web Analytics is the measurement of the number of visitors to a website, their origin of click-through and their behaviour online at the website. It provides clear insights on factors that contribute towards your business objectives and can potentially offer guidelines on areas that need to be fine tuned in order to serve the customer better. At Embitel, we have experts with experience in Omniture Site Catalyst, Google Analytics, Yahoo Analytics and Click Tracks analytics tools.Digital Marketing Campaign Options 1. Search Engine Marketing: Search engines are a primary source of website traffic; Maximize traffic from keyword searches 1. Search Engine Optimization - Manoeuvre your way up the search engine rankings, slowly but surely 2. Pay Per Click (PPC)/Keyword Advertising – Be prominent on search results pages 2. Social Media Marketing: Be present in a vibrant interactive environment 3. SEO Content Development: Talk in a language that search engines expect and recognize
  2. 2. 4. Email Marketing & Newsletters: Information and content that makes your products and services come alive 5. Banner and Display Advertisements: 1. Banners - Brand visibility & Logo recognition 2. Display ads- Brand image building over a period of time, Product ads 6. Press Release and Article Distribution: Kindle interest for your online brand through credible news media & informative channels 7. Blog Marketing: Influence thought, express your point-of view to customers, and reinforce belief in the quality and benefits of your product and services 8. Affiliate Marketing: Forge associations with other sites to capture more eyeballs for your brand and drive additional traffic to your site 9. Mobile Phone Messaging/SMS Marketing: Direct, concise, and quick sales alerts that are short and to the point 10. Multi-device Accessibility: Be wherever your customer is; facilitate access from anywhere, at anytimeContact Us for a more detailed explanation and discussion on the scope of our Digital MarketingServices for your organization.Embitel Contact Address:Embitel Technologies (I) Pvt LtdUnit No:208 to 216, 2nd Floor, Delta Block,Sigma Soft Tech Park (SSTP),Varthur-Hobli , Whitefield Main Road,Bangalore, Karnataka - 560066IndiaPh: +91 80 41694200Website: http://www.embitel.comBlog: