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Parramatta's Heritage

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Parramatta's Heritage

  1. 1. Preserving Parramatta’s Heritage
  2. 2. Introduction • The Lennox Bridge was designed by a Scottish man, David Lennox • It was built by convicts between 1836 and 1839 • It is one of the oldest bridges in Australia
  3. 3. What's is the Issue? The issue is that the Parramatta City Council is developing 2 portals for pedestrians, cyclists, parents with prams, the disabled and senior citizens in the Lennox Bridge. This will be destroying our historical heritage and will not work towards our aim of preserving heritage.
  4. 4. History of the Lennox Bridge
  5. 5. About The Lennox bridge • The Lennox bridge is a stone bridge in Parramatta. • It’s a convict built bridge which was designed by David Lennox. • It was built over the period of 1836-1839. • It’s one of the oldest bridges in Australia. • This was David Lennox’s third bridge.. • He also designed the Lennox bridge at Glenbrook and Lansvale. • The Lennox bridge in Parramatta shows significance for parramatta’s heritage.
  6. 6. About The Issue • The issue is that they want to build portals on each side of the bridge to help cyclists, parents with prams, pedestrians and the disabled. • there are very few people supporting the bridge but the rest want the portals to be built as quickly as possible. • Residents of Parramatta were even protesting for two years about the construction of the portals. • To stop the protestation as quickly as possible the Parramatta council wants the portals built by June 2014.
  7. 7. Solutions Some solutions are: • Some of the Parramatta public could go and make a complaint about what they don’t like about the idea. • Some people can make complaints about how there are many people riding bikes and go too fast and might get injured while inside tunnels. • Some of the public may find it hard because they cant trust there children in the tunnel. • Some children may not like enclosed areas.
  8. 8. Solutions • Other solutions are: • Teachers may not like the idea of children going through enclosed areas that have some pollution in them(the pollution from cars on the bridge).Teachers may make a complaint. • The final solution is that if someone was to faint there will be no-one to call an ambulance there parents may make a complaint of them not being seen.
  9. 9. Who’s involved and what are they doing about it? The Parramatta City Council are involved but also the community because we are trying to stop them doing construction on the bridge but the Parramatta council want the construction into action.
  10. 10. What are we going to do? Some things we as a community could do is try to persuade the Parramatta City Council to not go on with the construction and we could send the council a letter before they start or we could also try to protest against them.