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How will blockchain disrupt real estate?

Blockchain technology in real estate. Find out how blockchain technology & smart contracts can transform the process of buying, selling, renting property.

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How will blockchain disrupt real estate?

  1. 1. How Blockchain Technology is Transforming Real Estate Industry? Cryptocurrency is still the most exclusive & hot headline in the tech world; but, there is little attention over the latest technology — Blockchain. There is a lot being written about blockchains, bitcoin, and related technologies, and for many real estate experts, this is part of an innovative, new, confusing world of technology. As the online business world, the blockchain is an uprising in technology that will touch all kind of people and all kind of businesses. So people are paying more attention, but many still don’t know what the blockchain is.
  2. 2. So, what are the advantages of using blockchain? Basically, when transferring money in a foreign account or another account, the transaction would include an extra fee charged by your financial institution like banks or other sectors. The party at the other end will receive it after the complete online verification, which may take a few days. But Blockchain is here to change the entire platform. It allows transferring assets digitally without any requirement of a middle authority that verifies the transactions. There is no need for the third party, which means faster & secure transactions without extra commissions like additional charges. And inside of no involvement of a third party or central authority, the whole online transaction is permanently recorded on a public ledger, which means things will be extremely transparent, accurate, fast and secured.
  3. 3. Blockchain technology: the next big thing in real estate Industry Blockchain technology has recently been accepted and used by the commercial real estate (CRE) sectors. CRE professionals are finding that blockchain-based smart contracts can play an important role in their industry. Blockchain technology can potentially revamp core CRE processes like as property transactions alike property purchase, sale, financing, leasing, and complete management transactions.
  4. 4. Here are the ways Blockchain helps in building a completely transparent real estate buying-selling process. 1. Reducing Fraud One thing that the blockchain technology is bringing to the real estate business is the best way of reducing off fraud, which has numerous advantages over the old way of doing things. Based on the decentralization of records, Blockchain is a public ledger system so that it can keep your records as proof of ownership, proof exchange, proof of transaction and proof of existence more securely and transparently so that no one can erase it.
  5. 5. 2. Technology of Transparency Speaking of transparency…In a common real estate transaction, there are numerous stakeholding members. There are the buyer and seller. There’s the real estate registry. There are the mortgage people. There’s the real estate company. And everyone got an advocate. But the advocates could possibly be ignored altogether by the transparent trust and integrity of the blockchain. For the additional stakeholders, this would mean lowered costs and boost-up transactions. 3. Simple to Secure Property Rights Land and buildings registry, which means clearly explain “title” or “property rights”, will become so simple to secure, thereby releasing up a lot of capital. With the Blockchain technology – it can keep your all-digital asset data are so no one can remove it.
  6. 6. 4. More Stable Data at Lower Cost When it comes to CRE property, agents, owners, tenants, buyers, and sellers rely on MLS(Multiple Listing Service), which is approval-based and expensive. Because the data are made available is dependent on what the agents want, there’s no set standard for accuracy of information. But with its p2p, freely usable nature, “blockchain-empowered Multiple listing service(MLS) market would likely have access to more reliable & stable data at a lower cost. 5. Real-Time Accessible Database Furthermore, the massive part of CRE processes and systems don’t overlap, leaving information diffused and not revealed in real-time. But the blockchain would provide a shared and open database expanding in real-time for all members of the transaction. Enhanced decision-making efficiency for parties involved will be the result.
  7. 7. How blockchain-based smart contracts could revamp the commercial real estate? Smart contracts can be used when buying or renting a property. Smart contracts work in apartment leases in the following method: both parties conclude a contract for a particular period of time; an amount or rent is placed into a blockchain, after which the online transaction is considered successful, and the renter receives the keys to the physical property. Some property owner links the apartment lock to the Internet, and if the following payments are not made, it is simply blocked. The deposit is returned to the leaseholder upon the integration of the contract term or is transferred to the property owner’s account if non- compliance with the lease conditions has been recorded.
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