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3 animal kingdom

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Animal Kingdom

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3 animal kingdom

  1. 1. Natural Sciences Unit 3 – ANIMAL KINGDOM CBM SAN CRISTÓBAL – PRIMARY 2
  2. 2. Animals and plants are living things.
  3. 3. Are these living things?
  4. 4. 1) Living things are born…
  5. 5. 2) Living things grow…
  6. 6. 3) Living things reproduce…
  7. 7. Animals are living things There are many types of animals!
  9. 9. Vertebrate animals have a skeleton.
  10. 10. …and invertebrate animals do not have a skeleton.
  12. 12. MAMMALS Body with fur They are viviparous: drink their mother’s milk.
  13. 13. FISH They are oviparous: lay soft eggs in the water.
  14. 14. BIRDS They are oviparous: lay eggs. Tail Wings to fly. Beak They’ve got feathers
  15. 15. REPTILES AMPHIBIANS Live on land and in water. Lay soft eggs in water.Lay hard eggs on land. Dry skin, with scales. Soft moist skin. Live on land and in water. Breathe: with lungs. Breathe: first gills, then lungs.
  16. 16. ARTHROPODS MOLLUSCS Segmented body Soft body Limbs with joints Tentacles Shell Live in moist places (or in water)
  17. 17. Animals move in different ways. Elephants walk
  18. 18. Flamingos fly Sharks swim Snakes slither
  19. 19. OviparousOviparous animals lay eggs.
  20. 20. ViviparousViviparous animals give birth to live babies.
  21. 21. Herbivores eat plants.
  22. 22. Carnivores eat animals.
  23. 23. Omnivores eat plants and animals.
  24. 24. Animals have different hábitats. Some animals live on land.
  25. 25. and some animals live in water.
  26. 26. Domestic animals live in a farm or house.
  27. 27. Wild animals live in the jungle or in the sabanna.
  28. 28. DOMESTIC ANIMALS WILD ANIMALS Dog fish Cat horse rabbit chicken Turtle frog Monkey shark Crocodile lion Giraffe snake jellyfish