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Final presentation

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Advertising campaign for J.Crew

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Final presentation

  1. 1. J.CREW Digital Strategy By: Elizabeth Giuliani
  2. 2. COMPANY BACKGROUND • 1983 Mailed out the first catalog • 1989 First store, New York • Over the years, paired with iconic brands such as Jack Purcell, Timex, Thomas Mason, and Red Wing • Line Extensions: Crewcuts, Weddings and Parties, and J.Crew Collection • Went global in 2011, reached over 100 countries by 2012 • J.Crew Factory (1988) and Madewell (2006)
  3. 3. TARGETMARKET Men and Women Ages 21-40 Soon/Recent College Graduates-Business Professionals Enjoy being stylish at an affordable price
  4. 4. ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN  We want to offer reasons for customers to enter the store or shop online.  Encourage customers to feel their best and share their stories  The career and life success that the customers have while wearing the brand  Boost awareness and show others different uses of J.Crew
  5. 5. Share your success stories with us on social media. “How has J.Crew dressed your success?”
  6. 6. FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, PINTEREST • Monthly contests encouraging customers to post and tag us • Winners will win various J.Crew prizes • “Upload how J.Crew has dressed your success and win a $50 gift card!” • Social media posts will have updates on coupon codes and free accessory giveaways.
  7. 7. GOOGLE ADWORDS  Keywords: “College Graduate” and “Business Attire”  Excellent method of generating clicks per day due to the low cost of Adwords.
  8. 8. MOBILE APPLICATION • Easy and effective way of accessing information about J.Crew • Products, store locations, and seasonal coupons/promotions
  9. 9. KEY INDICATORS • Pay per click • Measuring impressions • Track online spending • Monitor in-store purchases • Contests will give customers an incentive to get involved while tracking how much inventory is being sold.
  10. 10. COSTS  Low costing campaign due to low costs of Adwords and social media.  Adword Campaign: (most costly) • $1.5 Million  Mobile application • $1 Million to create • $6,000/year to administer  Manual work • Manage and run social media accounts • Ensuring all accounts are consistent with each other
  11. 11. CAMPAIGN GOALS  Increase brand recognition as an affordable, yet high end clothing line.  Increase consumer interaction through social media
  12. 12. SUMMARY  J.Crew provides customers with high-end clothing, ranging from business attire to casual, everyday clothes  This advertising campaign will increase brand recognition.  Increase consumer interaction by sharing success stories  Creating a mobile application will give an easy way to access everything related to J.Crew.