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Eu paraphrase

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How to Paraphrase

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Eu paraphrase

  1. 1. Paraphrase How to & Practice
  2. 2. A paraphrase is an extract from another source re-written by another person. A paraphrase contains all or most of the points of the original text and is around the same length. A reference must be provided. Davies, W. M. And Beaumont, T. J. (2007), Paraphrasing, Teaching and Learning Unit, Faculty of Business and Economics, the University of Melbourne
  3. 3. In a nutshell To rewrite the idea from the original text in your very own words Why? To avoid plagiarism, copying and infringing on other’s works
  4. 4. Plagiarism The practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own [Oxford English Dictionary] Copy from internet Have someone do your work Dishonest and considered cheating
  5. 5. How to paraphrase You need to understand what the original text conveys What is the topic and main message? Stumble upon unknown vocabulary? Consult a good dictionary Write down what you understand in your own words
  6. 6. Mix several techniques to give paraphrasing an effective effect Paraphrasing Techniques
  7. 7. Use Synonyms My friend has many cats. A friend of mine owns several feline companions.
  8. 8. The working team forecasted a big increase in sales. Forecast: predict, estimate Big: major, huge, sizable, considerable Increase: rise, growth, boost
  9. 9. Change Order Her name is Jane. Jane is her name. She looks so cute when she has a flower in her hand. When she holds a flower in her hand, she looks very adorable.
  10. 10. Combine Sentences When it rains heavily, don’t forget your umbrella. You shouldn’t be in an open area. Be sure to bring an umbrella, and avoid an open area during the heavy rain.
  11. 11. Van Gogh was a great Dutch. painter. He became famous posthumously. Van Gogh, who was a great Dutch painter, became well-known after his death.
  12. 12. Change Part of Speech Verb ≶ Noun ≶ Adjective ≶ Adverb The department’s summary shows the continuous increase in sale. The department summarizes that sale increases continuously.
  13. 13. Change Sentence Type She studies hard, for she wants to get a scholarship. [compound] Because she wishes to receive a scholarship, she spends a lot of time studying. [complex] The news reported that monsoon was coming to the north. [s/v] According to the news, the monsoon was approaching the northern part. [phrase]
  14. 14. A TV commercial is expensive; however, it is not effective. However: although, but, despite Although a TVC is costly, it is not effective. [complex sentence] A TVC is pricey, but it does not work. [compound sentence] Despite the high price, a TVC does not work. [simple sentence]
  15. 15. The Voice Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration of Independence was written by Thomas Jefferson.