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Social Media Best Practice for Dietitians

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Social media keynote talk at the Irish Nutrition & Dietetic Institute (INDI) Research Symposium, Dublin Convention Centre, January 2017

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Social Media Best Practice for Dietitians

  1. 1. The water cooler hasn’t vanished; it’s simply become virtual
  2. 2. Marie Ennis O’Connor Social Media Consultant @JBBC Hello! My Name Is
  3. 3. Seth Godin ’Good enough’ stopped being good enough a long time ago. So why not be great?
  4. 4. Social Media the process of people using online tools and platforms to share content and information through conversation and communication
  5. 5. Fall in love with social media
  6. 6. Social media will not work if you don’t put the work in
  7. 7. How Social Media Empowers Patients
  8. 8. Mayo Clinic’s Philosophy of Social Media “Mayo Clinic believes individuals have the right and responsibility to advocate for their own health, and that it is our responsibility to help them use social media tools to get the best information, connect with providers and with each other, and inspire healthy choices.”
  9. 9. “This isn’t an addition to your job. This is part of your job. This is where our patients are these days and this is where we need to reach them.”
  10. 10. The Solution To Pollution Is Dilution
  11. 11. Spot The Fake News!
  12. 12. …but then what about this?
  13. 13. Start Here
  14. 14. POST People Objective Strategy Technology POST POST
  15. 15. Set SMART Goals
  16. 16. Altmetrics
  17. 17. Develop Your Personal Learning Network (PLN)
  18. 18. Follow Journals on Twitter
  19. 19. Tweeting The Meeting
  20. 20. Join Twitter Chats
  21. 21. Google Yourself
  22. 22. Publish on LinkedIN
  23. 23. …and on SlideShare
  24. 24. Be Human
  25. 25. Be Human
  26. 26. Acknowledge and Thank your Followers
  27. 27. Follow The Rule of Thirds
  28. 28. Digital Professional Reputation = EMR Establish Monitor Respond Join Post Network Listen Calm Polite Empathic
  29. 29. Set Up Google Alerts
  30. 30. Digital Professional Reputation = EMR Establish Monitor Respond Join Post Network Listen Calm Polite Empathic
  31. 31. Go Big Go Bold Go Bright
  32. 32. • Social Oomph • Tweetdeck • Hootsuite • Buffer
  33. 33. Geography • National • Regional • Local • Urban • Rural Socio- Demography • Age • Sex • Income • Occupation • Education Psychography • Lifestyle • Attitudes • Preferences • Interests Behavioural • Relevant behaviour • Duration of behaviour • Readiness to change
  34. 34. Normally an organisation has too many segments it would like to reach. Targeting is about choosing which ones to prioritise. Segmenting and prioritising audiences improves reach, enhances relevance and helps put your resources to the best possible use.
  35. 35. Influencers Are Message Catalysts! They are people, sometimes celebrities or influential figures in your sector, sometimes ordinary citizens who are passionate about what you do and have a lot of connections on social networks, with the power to amplify your message.
  36. 36. Once you’ve identified your audience map this information to social media behaviour
  37. 37. • Surveys (Survey Monkey) • Polls (PollDaddy; Facebook; Twitter) • Publically available reports
  38. 38. Doctors Nurses Health Care Professionals Supporters Volunteers Donors Activists Bloggers Celebrity supporters Celebrity activists
  39. 39. Influencer 1k+ Connections Topics Prior Interaction 50+ Klout Score Your Database Start Here!
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