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Custom LMS Migrator - Entornos de Formación

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Build a Middleware tool to migrate from a home-grown LMS system to a standard open source LMS system like Sakai or Moodle

Entornos de Formación S.L.
Avenida Giorgeta , nº 44 - Entresuelo - Puerta C. 46007 Valencia (España)

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Custom LMS Migrator - Entornos de Formación

  1. 1. CUSTOM LMS MIGRATOR Build a Middleware tool to migrate from a home- grown LMS system to a standard open source LMS system like Sakai or Moodle
  2. 2. Case Study : CUSTOM LMS MIGRATOR Customer profile : A university with a home-grown LMS that wants to migrate the data to a newer standard open source LMS system. Business Situation: To build a success system migration it’s very important for the users to keep the same data in the old and the new LMS, keep courses, assignments, submissions, grades, forum activity etc The Challenge : Create an equivalency model between systems (Assignments, assessments, submissions, forums, messages, announcements, syllabus, calendars, …) and create a middleware platform that migrates the content between platforms progressively.
  3. 3. Case Study : Case Study : CUSTOM LMS MIGRATOR Solution : We made an important analysis of the home-grown system and it’s database model and created an equivalence model between its objects and the new LMS model/objects. After the analysis we created a middleware application with different synchronization processes. Courses and participants. Content Assignments with submissions, feedback, attachments and grades. Forums with attachments and grades. Calendar with attachments. Assessments,attachments, feedback and grades. Private messages with attachments. As the source system contained a lot data, we launched a progressive migration plan that took over one week, so finally all the data was in the destination system. Benefits : Users liked the new system too much and were happy for keeping all their course data history. The new open source system was a really good replacement for their home-grown platform, more features, better responsive design, faster and securer.
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