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Plagiarism Detection Integration - Entornos de Formación

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Integrate multiple plagiarism detection services with the LMS to review the students’ submissions originality.
Entornos de Formación S.L.
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Plagiarism Detection Integration - Entornos de Formación

  1. 1. PLAGIARISM DETECTION INTEGRATION Integrate multiple plagiarism detection services with the LMS to review the students’ submissions originality.
  2. 2. Case Study : PLAGIARISM DETECTION Customer profile : Universities and private corporations who may want to include content review services for their document submissions in order to prevent the plagiarism. Business Situation: The plagiarism is a big problem for universities and companies as the internet contains a huge amount of information that can be plagiated, generating licensing and legal issues. Instructors need indicators in order to grade fairly the assignments so the students develop content by themselves. The Challenge : Integrate plagiarism detection services across tools that involve student content (attachments or text input) in order to generate plagiarism reports. The tools may show originality reports so the instructor will have more information to grade fairly the work.
  3. 3. Case Study : SYNOPTIC TOOL Solution : We integrated different plagiarism detection services with different LMS and their tools. Instructors can set an option to use a detection service when creating the assignment or assessment: Configurable option to show the report to the student. Configurable option to use multiple comparison databases. Show the originality report in the marking screen. The report contains the sources where the submission content has been copied. The student can: Access the originality report of this submissions. Benefits : Ensure that your own content is free of plagiarism Deters learners from plagiarizing in the first place Offers learners the opportunity to get more out of the educational experience Plagiarism could erase all your chances of building a successful career.
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