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Transformation helps us move forward - Entornos de Formación

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Transformation is the enclave to reach the digitized world, and from Entornos de Formación we help educational organizations to design and implement training plans by providing knowledge and technology and innovation to our clients.

Entornos de Formación S.L.
Avenida Giorgeta , nº 44 - Entresuelo - Puerta C. 46007 Valencia (España)

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Transformation helps us move forward - Entornos de Formación

  1. 1. TRANS - FORMATION The problem now is not to worry about offering good content and the professionals to deliver that content, but rather to attract en masse student clients who fill their virtual classrooms.
  2. 2. TRANS - FORMATION “I had no idea that my classmates were going to be a Libyan, a Japanese and two Americans”, Amparo said happily as she talked about the online master’s degree she is pursuing. We are in the presence of a solid process of transformation where the planet has shrunk and frontiers exist only where we place them. From the point of view of third degree training ranging from the plans of Bologna in Europe to the plans for curriculum development that extend to other cultural environments, all, without exception, are breaking taboos and are prioritizing knowledge, specialization and quality regardless of their place of origin. What is important is the individual, his training, his aptitude vis a vis the labor market he has before him and of prime importance is choosing the correct student who, when all is said and done, is the one who bears the most responsibility for himself. Our students today do not choose areas of study based only on how close the source is to them, but rather they seek to complete their education at the hands of the best people in their field no matter where they reside and online training is the perfect classroom for today’s and tomorrow’s students. There is another point of view, that of the professional… the profile of the student who demands training, the one who desires to learn and arrive at level of knowledge that he thought unreachable, the one who desires to continually improve his training for the purposes of advancement as well as pleasure. In any of these cases it is the demanding student who seeks out the highest level and,
  3. 3. TRANS - FORMATION above all, he could care less about the birthplace of these studies because what is most important is not their location, but rather their quality. Now, from the point of view of the provider of the offer, the businesses, the universities, the business schools and other providers of training the problem now is not to worry about offering good content and the professionals to deliver that content, but rather to attract en masse student clients who fill their virtual classrooms. We should never forget that we are talking about a business, a company. We are talking about business objectives that make for a viable model. There is no longer any doubt. The potential client is in town or close by or even far away and we are of interest to him because we can offer him a better value as compared to the rest of the growing market because what we offer is not just official certification, but also the quality of the learning experience and the results obtained therefrom. Trans-formation is the key ingredient that all the Johnny-come-latelies are just discovering in hopes of carving out a niche in the vast digital world. Our goal at Entornos de Formación is to help educational organizations design and put in place training plans and in the process to educate our clients with respect to knowledge and technology. Mooc solutions, implementation of masters’ degrees, level advancement, in-company training arejust several of the areas in which we feel proud to be part of the overall process. Salva Pellicer may,17
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