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The type of look i want to achieve

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The type of look i want to achieve

  1. 1. The type of look I want to achieve with my music magazine
  2. 2. I want my magazine to take on a similar style and look toNME magazine. This is because I think this magazinecomes across very entertaining as all the covers are full ofimages and information which would appeal to my targetaudience. This magazines logo is its name, its very iconicand is well known. I want to create a similar icon for mymagazine, in the state of its name.
  3. 3. I want my magazine to look like a mixture of all of these. I want it to havethe simple look of rolling stone magazine. However, I would include a bitmore information like AP, so it sticks to magazine conventions. Also, allthese magazine have the same mastheads every week, my magazine willappear to have to same as well. However, I do not want my magazine toappear cluttered, as in my opinion the cover of kerrang on the top leftappears to be too confusing.
  4. 4. To conclude, my magazine will appear tobe informative but not cluttered. It will also have the same masthead on everyaddition so that it will become iconic to mymagazine. I will also only include just one or two images on the cover so that it keeps it simple.