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  1. industry Erica, Patricia
  2. Industry is a field or economic activity related to the processing/manufacturing of raw materials or the manufacture of finished goods in factories using skills and labor and the use of tools in the field of processing agricultural products, and their distribution as the main activity. So industry is generally known as the next link in the chain of efforts to meet economic needs related to the earth, namely after agriculture, plantations and mining which are closely related to the land. an introduction
  3. Nickel mining commodity has been on the rise for the past decade. In Indonesia, mining production is at level one, but if nickel is not exported to China, Indonesia will become the largest nickel producer in the world. Nickel companies in Indonesia generate a lot of waste. They throw the waste into the sea, thus harming the conditions for life in the sea. company name : the Harita nickel factory more details on privilege it has: the inauguration of factory operations was attended by many ministers & Harita nickel factory gets special treatment, being made a national vital object by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. Location of obi island: North Maluku, South East Asia Causes : Nickel factories produce too much waste and companies don't know where to dispose of the waste, so they dump it into the sea. Effects : The overflow of nickel ore into the sea causes seawater to turn red and damages marine ecosystems, as well as damaged fish tissue cells in Obi waters. nickel factory location data: https://youtu.be/Oyoud99LfRs
  4. Causes : the food company, jack in the box released a new burger menu variant. But they served the berger meat which was not cooked perfectly, so the bacteria still remained. Effects : as a result, as many as 732 people were claimed to be victims with 4 children killed and 178 other people allegedly experiencing permanent organ damage. And cause this restaurant almost went bankrupt. food poisoning jack in the box is a burger restaurant in the US. however the burger caused many casualties, due to the improperly prepared patty meat. location data: https://food.detik.com/info-kuliner/d-4848490/pernah-terjadi-5-keracunan- makanan-parah-yang-tewaskan-ratusan-orang
  5. Cause: because china is the factory of the world, it produces a lot of pollution of that industry. Effect: it damages the health of the chinese people and they worried to have a cancer if they breathe the air and they must use face masks when they go outside. pollution location data: https://youtu.be/zbEnOYtsXHA China is factory world, many factories operate in china, therefore it produces too much pollution which can affect the health of its citizens. experts say air pollution in London exceeds the normal limits set by the European Union. Even so, the pollution in London is nothing compared to big cities in China. China is the country with the deadliest air pollution in the world. About 1.6 million people die from this pollution in China every year.
  6. Cause : The company does not follow the specified SOP, does not care about the safety of its employees, the company is selfish without thinking about the fate of its employees. Effect : Causing victims such as disability to death of employees, more and more unemployment. employee rights location data: https://www.antaranews.com/berita/127296/300-tki-di-korea-kena-phk-akibat-krisis- global https://www.liputan6.com/amp/5109857/begini-kronologi-pegawai-paris-baguette- korsel-tewas-masuk-mesin-produksi Companies in South Korea do not follow existing SOPs to the detriment of working employees
  7. During the Covid 19 pandemic, Japan was hit by a tsunami of corporate bankruptcy.There were 2,000 Japanese businesses and companies went bankrupt. It was also noted that the total liabilities from bankruptcy reached 620.6 billion Yen or the equivalent of Rp. 79 trillion. Many companies go bankrupt cause: Due to the prolonged Covid pandemic, many businesses have gone bankrupt in Japan. the main one is Kyoto. effects: The financial condition of the Kyoto government is currently in a state of red light. The future of the city of a thousand temples is very dependent on central government assistance. moreover, there are many sites that need maintenance and funding. location data: https://www.cnbcindonesia.com/news/20210928064918-4-279620/kronologi- jepang-dihantam-tsunami-kebangkrutan-perusahaan/amp
  8. SOLUTION 2 Produce nickel only as much as possible, does not need to be too much / over. •strength: there is not much pollution •weakness: the opportunities that exist are not optimally utilized, considering that Indonesia is the largest nickel producer in the world. SOLUTION 3 SOLUTION 1 Make distance the factory area from the residence of the population. •strength: so the pollution that affects residents is not too severe •weakness: If there are too many factories, even though they are far away, they will still affect residents because pollution spreads through the air. The government oversees companies to follow SOP properly and provide employee rights. •strength : Does not take a toll on both employees and consumers. •weakness: Not all companies care about it.
  9. Best Proposed Solutions Make distance the factory area from the residence of the population. With the distance of the factory area from people's homes, the pollution produced by the factory is not much absorbed by living things, especially humans. Because the pollution produced by factories is too much and can interfere with activities, especially human health, especially if this pollution is inhaled continuously it can cause cancer.
  10. conclusions so in conclusion, if this solution is implemented, industry will make human life more comfortable and human health will not be disturbed due to pollution produced by factories.