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Machine Learning Search and SEO - Zenith; Duluth, MN.

Machine learning is the next great computer revolution, one that is already here. We don’t have to wait for the future; Google has been using machine learning to solve many complex search-related problems for years, and the applications keep growing, including last year’s announcement of the addition of RankBrain to the search algorithm and the impact of machine learning on search. Google's RankBrain algorithm caused major confusion in the digital marketing community. This presentation will show you what RankBrain really is about, what else Google is likely to do with machine learning, and how it impacts your #SEO strategy. This slide was presented at Zenith Conference in Duluth, MN.

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Machine Learning Search and SEO - Zenith; Duluth, MN.

  1. 1. Eric Enge @stonetemple Machine Learning, Search & SEO
  2. 2. Eric Enge @stonetemple Who Am I? Columnist & Contributor CEO & Founder 60+ person Digital Marketing and SEO agency
  3. 3. Eric Enge @stonetemple Eric Enge – Fun Fact 1
  4. 4. Eric Enge @stonetemple Eric Enge – Fun Fact 2
  5. 5. Eric Enge @stonetemple Machine Learning and Deep Learning Our Best Student!
  6. 6. Eric Enge @stonetemple Simple Learning Problem
  7. 7. Eric Enge @stonetemple With a Simple Solution
  8. 8. Eric Enge @stonetemple Much More Complicated Problem
  9. 9. Eric Enge @stonetemple And, Now the Complexity Went WAY up
  10. 10. Eric Enge @stonetemple Machine Learning is a 2 Step Process
  11. 11. Eric Enge @stonetemple Sample Problem: Recognizing a Face
  12. 12. Eric Enge @stonetemple Example of UnSupervised Learning Data Set
  13. 13. Eric Enge @stonetemple A Program Might Discover Some Things it Can Group Together
  14. 14. Eric Enge @stonetemple Then Develop an Algorithm to Match the Data
  15. 15. Eric Enge @stonetemple Related Stories Auto- Discovered by Machine Learning Google News Uses Unsupervised Machine Learning
  16. 16. Eric Enge @stonetemple Neural Networks Making Key Advances Scientists Have Developed New Techniques to Train Networks With Many Layers
  17. 17. Eric Enge @stonetemple DeepMind’s AlphaGo Program Beat the World Champion 10 atoms in the known universe 10 possible positions in the game of Go 100 171
  18. 18. Eric Enge @stonetemple Enter RankBrain
  19. 19. Eric Enge @stonetemple Bloomberg Broke the News in October 2015
  20. 20. Eric Enge @stonetemple “(Rankbrain) interprets language, interprets your queries, in a way that has some of the gut feeling and guessability of people” Notable Quote From the Video
  21. 21. Eric Enge @stonetemple Some Basic Language Analysis Concepts
  22. 22. Eric Enge @stonetemple Basic Concept: Stop Words
  23. 23. Eric Enge @stonetemple Query That Doesn’t Work Well With Stop Words
  24. 24. Eric Enge @stonetemple Top Organic Results for the Query “Office”
  25. 25. Eric Enge @stonetemple “The” and “Office” are capitalized
  26. 26. Eric Enge @stonetemple Another Example of Frequence of Word Usage About 5 Uses in Every 330,000 Words
  27. 27. Eric Enge @stonetemple Sometimes this word refers to a brand
  28. 28. Eric Enge @stonetemple The bags xxx xxxx xx Coach xxx xx x xxxxxxx xxxxx xx handbags. Capitalized in the middle of a sentence Mentioned on a page that discusses beads and handbags Mentioned on a page that discusses bags and handbags Taking a Deeper Look at “Coach”
  29. 29. Eric Enge @stonetemple “Yeah -- being able to represent strings of text in very high-dimensional space and "see" how they relate to one another.” Google Spokesperson’s Answer to a Question I Asked About RankBrain
  30. 30. Eric Enge @stonetemple What Does High Dimensional Vector Space Mean?
  31. 31. Eric Enge @stonetemple Convert Phrases to Tokens
  32. 32. Eric Enge @stonetemple Notice Patterns in Language Usage
  33. 33. Eric Enge @stonetemple Notice Patterns in Language Usage The • Classic stop word • But in some cases critical to phrase meaning • e.g. “The Office” Graphic • Could relate to violence • Could relate to language • Could relate to design • Meaning determined by context Without • Negatives traditionally ignored by Google • But in some cases critical to meaning of page
  34. 34. Eric Enge @stonetemple What Does RankBrain Do?
  35. 35. Eric Enge @stonetemple What Does RankBrain Do? Can result in selecting different algos
  36. 36. Eric Enge @stonetemple Example Queries Cited by Google
  37. 37. Eric Enge @stonetemple What is the label of a consumer at the highest level of a food chain? “Name” To eat, not to buy “The”“Top”
  38. 38. Eric Enge @stonetemple Can You Get 100% Score on Super Mario Without Walkthrough? Negatives
  39. 39. Eric Enge @stonetemple 39 “Our old query parsers actually ignored the ‘without’ part. RankBrain did an amazing job of catching that and instructing our retrieval systems to get the right results” Gary Illyes in February 11th Virtual Keynote
  40. 40. Eric Enge @stonetemple Our RankBrain Study
  41. 41. Eric Enge @stonetemple Built a DB of 500K queries from Google and Bing Suggest
  42. 42. Eric Enge @stonetemple June/July 2015 Google Result January 2016 Google Result Pulled Results from Google on Two Different Dates
  43. 43. Eric Enge @stonetemple 43 Aggregate Results
  44. 44. Eric Enge @stonetemple How Did The Results Improve?
  45. 45. Eric Enge @stonetemple Why Are PDFs So Weak? July 2015 Answer
  46. 46. Eric Enge @stonetemple Now Relates “Weak” to Security January 2016 Answer
  47. 47. Eric Enge @stonetemple Where is Celtics Bench? July 2015 Answer
  48. 48. Eric Enge @stonetemple Now Applies Meaning of “Where is” Better January 2016 Answer
  49. 49. Eric Enge @stonetemple Youtube plus July 2015 Answer
  50. 50. Eric Enge @stonetemple Google Connected YouTube and Plus as a Name January 2016 Answer
  51. 51. Eric Enge @stonetemple Tourist Map of Mdina Malta Pre-RankBrain – July 2015
  52. 52. Eric Enge @stonetemple Example of How RankBrain Impacted Algo Selection
  53. 53. Eric Enge @stonetemple 53 Specific Types of Improvements
  54. 54. Eric Enge @stonetemple Machine Learning Summary Thoughts
  55. 55. Eric Enge @stonetemple Very Hard to Test Edge Cases You Can’t Define
  56. 56. Eric Enge @stonetemple Deriving and Testing Machine Learning Algorithms Takes a Long Time
  57. 57. Eric Enge @stonetemple
  58. 58. Eric Enge @stonetemple When Do We Apply Machine Learning? When coming up with human algorithms proves to be impossible
  59. 59. Eric Enge @stonetemple
  60. 60. Eric Enge @stonetemple
  61. 61. Eric Enge @stonetemple Human Needs Evolve and Change
  62. 62. Eric Enge @stonetemple How Do I Gain an Advantage?
  63. 63. Eric Enge @stonetemple It’s Just a Tool in the Toolkit
  64. 64. Eric Enge @stonetemple
  65. 65. Eric Enge @stonetemple What Are Google’s Objectives? Strong Correlation Between Satisfaction and Revenue
  66. 66. Eric Enge @stonetemple She Has Options Texting Facebook Siri
  67. 67. Eric Enge @stonetemple
  68. 68. Eric Enge @stonetemple
  69. 69. Eric Enge @stonetemple
  70. 70. Eric Enge @stonetemple Brand Authority (e.g. Search Volume) Home Depot vs. Lowes Brand Search Volume
  71. 71. Eric Enge @stonetemple Which of These Authors Would You Trust More? Danny Sullivan Global and World Renowned Search Marketing Expert People You Don’t Know
  72. 72. Eric Enge @stonetemple Leverage Search History Oil filter wrench Oil Car Owner’s Manuals Windshield wipers
  73. 73. Eric Enge @stonetemple You Just Got Thrown Into a World With This Group of People
  74. 74. Eric Enge @stonetemple They Don’t Know You
  75. 75. Eric Enge @stonetemple Go Become a Leader (DO IT NOW)
  76. 76. Eric Enge @stonetemple Some Practical Ideas 1. Are you working on building your brand? 2. Do you have a recognizable expert working with you? 3. Review engagement data on major pages. 4. Check your site search. 5. Review competitor sites. 6. Perform advanced content comparison analysis. 7. Design your site for Smartphone users. 8. Make your site as fast as possible.
  77. 77. Eric Enge @stonetemple Eric Enge @stonetemple +Eric Enge (508) 962-8474 Thank You!