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  1. 1. PREAMBLE BANK OF NORTH AMERICA Statement of Asset Reserves 13 June 2016 To whom it may concern: For centuries gold has been recognized as the number one world currency and asset backing paper currency. Today, the Sovereign Preamble Bank of North America asset reserves are backed by One Hundred Fifty Million (150,000,000) Metric Tons of physical gold securing its cashless digital gold currency and gold backed bank instruments and financial obligations while servicing the 'private banking' needs of the Aboriginals of North America, i.e., Western Hemisphere. The following Federal Identification No.: 8216, 8217, 8254, 8278 and 8700 United States Treasury Classified Accounts hereinafter inserted and transferred as the Sovereign Preamble Bank of North America asset reserves. The Sovereign Preamble Bank of North America was recently issued by KC43105 one Golden Gun Box, Pagoda Style: Maker Number: 43105, Box Number 1475849, to be used as secured gold asset reserve of the Sovereign Preamble Bank of North America. This golden gun box issued by KC43105 via AK-109 was valued by the Ancient Royal Family (Chinese), IMF & China Treasury at $100 Trillion USD. The golden gun box is a receipt of the amount of physical gold stored and registered with U.S. Treasury, China Treasury, Federal Reserve System and IMF Bank. PBNA was the only bank privileged to use this type of historical asset as a bank reserve. See, e.g., Photos Below. Sincerely, Ernest Rauthschild Prime Minister The United States of North America The Republic of North America The Family of Nations