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Overcoming obstacles

Overcoming Obstacles
Obstacles show up in our lives in various ways and I have seen many friends and relatives who have been blessed with great talent and entrepreneurial flair fall by the wayside and end up not fulfilling their full potential, I decided to pen thoughts and experiences and attempt to be a part of the solution.
So, what purpose does this book serve? Well, when I speak of going from the Postcode to the Globe, the postcode represents more than a physical location. It represents a mindset that is limited, and says “I can’t achieve in this life because the struggle is too hard”, or “I’m not good enough”. It represents a perspective that states “it’s impossible, success can never happen for me”. Whereas the globe symbolises possibility, purpose and vision. The globe is an illustration of an attitude and a mindset that believes “I can do it, I deserve to be great, and I refuse to give up no matter what obstacles I face.”
As a reader of this book, you have a choice from today to decide whether you are going to live your life, from this moment forwards, with a Postcode, limited mentality or a Globe mentality that says “I can do it, I’m going to take responsibility for my life and be the best that I can be at all costs.”
I write with the hope that, by considering some of the experiences I have had, and how I overcame these obstacles, you or someone you know will be able to find the wisdom and understanding that will help propel you into a great and successful future.
Hopefully, you will find that my life is an example that it’s never too late to make a change or turn things around. You will see that every obstacle and barrier to success in life can be overcome, and that the level of success that anyone can achieve in life is not limited to their colour, where they live, or what grades they achieve in school.
I am certain, based on my own experience and that of various others referenced in this book, that regardless of the circumstances surrounding your life right now, the way you might feel about yourself or how you see yourself, THERE IS NO LIMIT TO WHAT YOU CAN ACHIEVE.
Overcome your obstacles make greatness a reasonable objective.

Errol Lawson

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Overcoming obstacles

  1. 1. Get Your Copy ofPost Code to the Globe
  2. 2. Accept Ourselvesfor who we AreGet Your Copy ofPost Code to the Globe
  3. 3. Nick Vujicic demonstratesthat regardless ofcircumstances that we areborn into or face there is nolimit to what we can achieve
  4. 4. Get HelpFind aMentor
  5. 5. PeersChoose Our friends carefullybecause we we become like them
  6. 6. Develop an Attitude ofGratitude
  7. 7. Think Like aWinner
  8. 8. What do I Love to do?What am I passionate about?
  9. 9. PracticePracticePracticeIt takes 10,000 hours tomaster a skill
  10. 10. MomentumIs yourslipstreamtaking you toor away from
  11. 11. CourageAre your dreamsbigger than yourfears?
  12. 12. Failure is a detour,not a dead endstreetZig Ziglar
  13. 13. To make moneyis a goal in lifebut not ourpurpose
  14. 14. Get Your Copy ofPost Code to the Globe