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Escape Room Alexandria

Find challenges, puzzles, mystery, and adventure games near you in Egypt. Visit your each mini vacation would be filled with excitements with Escape Room Alexandria and learn values like team work, management, and leadership.

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Escape Room Alexandria

  1. 1. There Are Four Rooms in Escape Room Alexandria 1. Prison Break 2. Room 13 3. Slaughter House 4. Vampire WWW.ESCAPEROOMEGYPT.COM
  2. 2.  You have been condemned to death for kill. Be that as it may, just you know you didn't carry out the wrongdoing.  Solve the riddles, find the shrouded objects, control the prisoners and gatekeepers  Utilize your skills and do whatever it takes to get away, and possibly then you'll get an opportunity to demonstrate your honesty. PERSON MAX - 6 TYPE - ADVENTURE WWW.ESCAPEROOMEGYPT.COM
  3. 3. PERSON MAX - 6 TYPE - HORROR  Room13 is an Action Platform horror fun game with overwhelming weapon assembling and tweaking components.  Travel room by room emptying your clasp into swarms of the undead as you open the privileged insights of the maze you get yourself caught in.  Each room has traps to overcome with a specific end goal to advance and each character has certain abilities WWW.ESCAPEROOMEGYPT.COM
  4. 4.  Take after different standards and target in the event that you wish to survive and win the deadly game.  You have forty five minutes to get away from the room before the bomb explodes.  The clock is ticking and you need to locate the key that leads you to opportunity. PERSON MAX - 6 TYPE - HORROR WWW.ESCAPEROOMEGYPT.COM
  5. 5. PERSON MAX - 6 TYPE - HORROR  Play through these Horror games of dull world and get an opportunity to carry on with the life of a Vampire  You are given an hour to explore your way through his reviled nest to get away WWW.ESCAPEROOMEGYPT.COM
  6. 6. Beat the Wizard's Apothecary at Escape Room Alexandria with 9 minutes to spare! Call your friends and make a team and work as teams solve puzzles, find clues, open locks.