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Cyberpolicy laws

  2. Cyber policy Cyber policy regulates all aspects of digital data exchange, including the internet, data privacy and network usage as well as cyber defense Cyber policy must strike a balance between necessary regulation and social freedom , home users small, medium, and large Enterprises ,Government and non-government entities It serves as an authority framework that defines and guides the activities associated with the security of cyberspace. It allows all sectors and organizations in designing suitable cybersecurity policies to meet their requirements. The policy provides an outline to effectively protect information, information systems and networks.
  3. Cyber laws The advent of internet connection across the global scale has enable millions of user to connect via computer. Many users may misuse the network by performing illegal activity on the computer and targets the security of the system and data such activity is termed as cyber crime Cyber crime can be defined as a criminal activity doing things like stealing the personal information of the business trade secrets or other malicious purpose, they obtain these information by hacking , spamming and phishing
  4. Various types of Cyber Crime ➔ Cyberspace the term cyberspace was coined by WILLIAM GIBSON in his book NEUROMANCER 1984, It is a worldwide network of computers that uses internet for communication, transmission and exchange of data, chatting , research , exploring and play , It is a large computer network made up of many worldwide computer networks that employ TCP/IP PROTOCOL to aid in communications and data exchange activities ➔ CyberSquatting is a type of crime where in the hackers register sells and uses domain name of some company with the aim of gaining profit from the goodwill Of its trade mark
  5. ➔ Cyberpunk and cyber warfare in terms of technology the cyber punk is coined as cyber and punk it signifies two primary aspects of cyber punk i.e., technology and individualism. the purpose of referring it as a cyberpunk is to specify the side by side position of punk attitudes and high technology. ➔ Cyber warfare refers to a conflict based on internet. It includes malicious attacks on info and information systems , attacks are capable of disabling official websites and networks and disrupting essential services ➔ Cyber terrorism is an internet based attacks in terrorist activities , it is referred to as a deliberate usage of computer networks and public internet in order to effect the personal objectives by using tools such as computer virus
  6. Cyber crime scenario in INDIA - IT ACT Act and Sections: All Cyber Crimes do not come under the Information Technology Act, 2000. To deal new type of cyber-crimes such as tampering of source code, hacking, and publication of obscene information in electronic form, the new act can be invoked.
  7. The term cyberCrime is not being defined by the indian law , even after amendment made in the IPC act of IT 2000, while on the other hand chapter XI of Indian ITA act deals with offences relating to cyber crimes , the offenses which falls under chapter XI of the Indian ITA 2000 act, ★ Interfering with the computer source code or computer source documents ★ Using others information without permission ex: Hacking ★ Practising breach of confidentiality and privacy ★ Issuing digital signature certificate with fraudulent motives ★ Misrepresenting facts to acquire the license of Certifying Authority or any Digital Signature
  8. National cyber security policy The national cyber security policy 2013 was build to achieve protection against information , its infrastructure and to make the system capable of handling treats associated with cyber crime Objectives of NCSP 2013 ● To provide platform with which protection can be provided at all times (24*7) with appropriate security mechanisms that can be operated all the times ● Imposing various laws for illegal activities involved in cyber space system ● To make organizations elect a chief information security officer who handles all the security related activities associated with cyber space