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The Best Way to Outline a Sales Deck - Example for The Slideshare Blog

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"The Best Way to Outline a Sales Deck," was created as an exampled for an article featured on The Official SlideShare Blog. Once you review the example sales presentation, check out the SlideShare blog for more behind-the-scenes details on this presentation.

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The Best Way to Outline a Sales Deck - Example for The Slideshare Blog

  1. 1. meet doododi _g A sales pitch presentation example by Ethos3 *Doodad is not real
  2. 2. The audiences needs are STAGE II RGIIOOIIIIU addressed first: what are their hopes, fears, or concerns?
  3. 3. Apps can tell you the weather
  4. 4. Or how much money you have left in your account
  5. 5. But do they make you happy? “ T
  6. 6. This is where the core message is married to Step 1. STAGE 2: Compohwbiliw It shows how your solution solves, improves, or conceptuallzes what the audience wants.
  7. 7. I _I I is the first app designed to improve your overall wellbeing . _/
  8. 8. Measuring health and harmony 7 *7 V. /
  9. 9. The world needs your STAGE 5: S1-Obijihlj solution. Stability is a place to establish where exactly your message fits in it.
  10. 10. The key is personalized suggestions
  11. 11. Ill
  12. 12. Here, the structure of your pitch or story begins to unfold, backing up the claims made in Compatibility. Think of Deliverability as the nuts and bolts of your argument.
  13. 13. dggdod is ready for the world.
  14. 14. A potential market size of 76 million
  15. 15. Once the vision has been painted, the possibility of STAGE 5: possibim-V achieving this vision is drawn up for the audience. This is a call to action that ties all of the pieces together.
  16. 16. Invest in happiness today
  17. 17. dogdod (This phony business pitch designed by Ethos3)