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YouthMetre presented in the European Parliament

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A presentation given at the European Youth Event in the European Parliament in Strasbourg on 1st June 2018 It introduces the initiative and project and sets the scene for the workshop and further discussion about the tools used to engage youth in policy and the outcomes of the YouthMetre Project.

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YouthMetre presented in the European Parliament

  1. 1. Empower youth to have an impact on EU youth policy Karl Donert, President EUROGEO
  2. 2. Eurobarometer Surveys • Examined active engagement of youth Increasingly distanced from policy making and decisions
  3. 3. European Youth Strategy • EU Youth Strategy, agreed by EU Ministers, sets out a framework for cooperation covering 2010-2018 • EU Member States have overall responsibility for their own youth policy (subsidiarity) i.e. not the EU
  4. 4. European Youth Strategy • Education & training • Employment & entrepreneurship • Health & well-being • Participation • Voluntary activities • Social inclusion • Youth & the world • Creativity & culture EYS indicates initiatives in eight areas:
  5. 5. How well are EU countries doing?
  6. 6. How well are EU countries doing? monitoring and accountability transparency and open data
  7. 7. Empower youth to have an impact on EU youth policy Professor Karl Donert, President EUROGEO
  8. 8. Empowering Youth in Policy Making
  9. 9. A world of geographic information
  10. 10. Cloud Computing
  11. 11. Disruptive Innovation
  12. 12. Structured Dialogue mutual communication process for discussions between young people and policy makers local and regional policy consultation, cooperation
  13. 13. Key Stakeholders young people local authorities local government formal education informal education, civil society policy makers operating at different levels European National Regional Local scales
  14. 14.
  15. 15. YouthMetre • proposes and field-tests an innovative solution in the youth field – the Youthmetre • multiplier training (youth workers) • guidelines and practical examples for policy makers (under OMC) • YM tested and disseminated • in at least …. 20 countries
  16. 16. YouthMetre Indications of: •perceived needs of European youth for key areas in the EU Youth Strategy (Study Groups) •capacity of European public bodies to put youth initiatives in place in line with the perceived needs of youth
  17. 17. Study Groups
  18. 18. Your input is needed Opinions Crowdmapping ideas
  19. 19. Your input is needed
  20. 20. YouthMetre Key features: •a dashboard of European data on Youth •a database of good practice initiatives put in place by European public bodies, as perceived by young Europeans •high profile launch and closing events •training of multipliers
  21. 21. Youth Development Index Based on 87 indicators Related to youth well-being NUTS 3 level
  22. 22. YouthMetre Training Resources / training materials available online Non formal learning approaches
  23. 23. European Commission (2015), Creating Value Through Open Data
  24. 24. YouthMetre: What lessons? • Structured Dialogue – long-term process • Need long-term commitment from policy • Changing relationships between youth and decision makers • Action for change – not tokenism • Many initiatives – not learning lessons • Maintain the data quality on youth
  25. 25. Web: Newsletter: Email: Twitter: @youthmetre #Yengage