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STEM HLE19: Vladimíra Pavlicová - Teacher placement in the Czech Republic

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Vladimíra holds a master's degree in teaching maths and geography as well as a master's degree from the Faculty of International Relations. Since 2014 she works at DZS as a consultant for eTwinning and European Schoolnet. She coordinates activities to support especially STEM education, she was a national coordinator of the MENTEP project. She is a member of Interactive Classroom WG and Ministry of Education STEM WG.

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STEM HLE19: Vladimíra Pavlicová - Teacher placement in the Czech Republic

  1. 1. Teacher Placement in the Czech Republic 21 March 2019, Malta Vladimíra Pavlicová, DZS
  2. 2. DZS and Teacher Placement  Centre for International Cooperation in Education (DZS) › Established by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of the Czech Republic. › In the field of school education: » National Agency for Erasmus+ » eTwinning National Support Service » Member of European Schoolnet → STEM Alliance (cooperation with CA Technologies)
  3. 3. Teacher Placement (2018)  DZS and CA Technologies & STEM Alliance  4 October 2018, Prague  Group of STEM secondary school teachers  Programme › Walk through the office › Workshop on Lego Agile method › Presentation of IT proffessionals › Shadowing › Unconscious Bias training › Reflection session
  4. 4. Key competencies  Communication (in English)  Creativity  Life-long learning  Critical thinking  Cooperation → These competencies should be taught in schools
  5. 5. Feedback  Great opportunity to spend a day in IT company (to reduce the gap between schools and private sector).  Unique possibility to find out how IT staff really work (which skills are needed / different positions in IT, etc.).  Attractive environment (modern office facilitates collaborative work).  Teachers gained new inspiration and ideas how to motivate students to STEM.  Very nice atmosphere supporting also informal discussion among mentors and teachers.  Good possibility to find out how collaboration works in practice.
  6. 6. Next steps  School visits in IT office  CA Technologies → Broadcom › The cooperation on local basis still continues
  7. 7. Teacher Placement (2019)  11 April 2019, Prague (Broadcom office)  Group of STEM secondary school teachers  Similar programme › Focus on implementation in schools Zdroj: Zdroj: Rosan Bosch,
  8. 8. Teacher Placement (2019) › Future Classroom Lab + workshop on coding Share / Feedback Traditional format 2.0 Independent learning Research Content creation Collaboration
  9. 9. How to cooperate with industry?  Scientix 3 National Conference › 80+ STEM teachers › 15-16 February 2019
  10. 10. How to cooperate with industry?  Scientix 3 National Conference › Workshops (how to teach STEM) › Plenary session – STEM proffessionals » IT (Broadcom) » Nuclear Power Station (ČEZ) » Air Navigation System (ŘLP) » Research in polar area (University of South Bohemia)
  11. 11. Thank you