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WCF Davos Barcelona | Visuals we live by

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Slides that accompanied my stories on stories.

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WCF Davos Barcelona | Visuals we live by

  1. 1. Visuals we live by How the images we use shape our world Eva Snijders. Storyteller World Communication Forum Davos Visual Communications CCCB Barcelona, May 23 2014
  2. 2. Welcome to this session
  3. 3. Backstory
  4. 4. Christian Maury This is not a Story
  5. 5. Joan Crisol This is not a Story
  6. 6. Pilar Albajar & Antonio Altarriba L'Ordre série Tyrannies, 2011-2012 This is not a Story
  7. 7. What is a Story?
  8. 8. A story makes sense of our world
  9. 9. And you know what?
  10. 10. A story is always visual…
  11. 11. …in your mind’s eye
  12. 12. Intermezzo
  13. 13. This is Story
  14. 14. Thank you! ¡Gracias! Gràcies! Eva Snijders. Storyteller Co-Founder of Química visual @evasnijders
  15. 15. WCFDavos | Barcelona “Visual Storytelling, an Aristotelic Approach” Montecarlo 2014 - May, 23
  16. 16. We are going to discuss some questions about image, story and visual language. About Visual Storytelling
  17. 17. But first… What is Visual Thinking?
  18. 18. What is Visual Storytelling?
  19. 19. Alexander Mackendrick “Cinema deals with feelings, sensations, intuitions and movement, things that communicate to audiences at a level not necessarily subject to conscious, rational and critical comprehension”
  20. 20. Alexander Mackendrick “Cinema is not so much non-verbal as pre-verbal”
  21. 21. Reality, Truth and other Stories
  22. 22. Errol Morris “If you want to trick someone with a photograph, there are lots of easy ways to do it. You don’t need Photoshop. You don’t need sophisticated digital photo-manipulation. You don’t need a computer. All you need to do is change the caption”
  23. 23. Jean-Luc Godard “Photography is truth. The cinema is truth twenty-four times per second”
  24. 24. The Kuleshov Effect
  25. 25. The Kuleshov Effect
  26. 26. The Kuleshov Effect
  27. 27. What Are Images?
  28. 28. It is not only about violence. You name it: Love… Sex… Friendship… Illness… … And so on.
  29. 29. Kitano Takeshi “The perfect movie would be one that had no sound and the screen was completely blank”
  30. 30. And then?
  31. 31. Luís Buñuel “Mystery is inseparable from chance, and our whole universe is a mystery”
  32. 32. Thank you! @Imastranger