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Evolve18 | Abhishek Dwevidi & Varun Mitra | AEM as Headless or Hybrid CMS

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With the content fragments and content services, you can use AEM as headless a CMS or hybrid CMS. You can manage content from one location i.e, AEM and then expose it to your mobile applications devices, voice assistants like Alexa, third party systems etc. And all this can be achieved without writing a single line of code !

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Evolve18 | Abhishek Dwevidi & Varun Mitra | AEM as Headless or Hybrid CMS

  1. 1. #evolve18 AEM AS HEADLESS OR HYBRID CMS Abhishek Dwevedi 08/17/2018
  2. 2. #evolve18 2 AEM as Headless or Hybrid CMS 1. Fluid Experiences 2. Why Headless? 3. How AEM Supports Headless? 4. Content Services 5. Single PageApplications
  3. 3. #evolve18 3
  4. 4. #evolve18 4 TYPICAL HEADLESS SCENARIOS • Delivery of raw content in native mobile apps • Delivery of raw content to web sites powered by Single Page App (SPA) framework • Deliver raw content to third-party server applications (web, desktop, mobile)
  5. 5. #evolve18 5 WHY CUSTOMERS WANT HEADLESS Omnichannel Demands • Increasing number of channels / end points, including IoT • Increasing number of technologies to support and maintain  Front-end Challenges • Highly customized presentation/delivery needs (M&E industry, for example) • More control over front-end via JavaScript frameworks (Angular JS, React JS, etc.) • Less specialized training and lower learning curve• ITChallenges • Desire to decrease number of servers / environments • Drive towards micro-services architecture
  6. 6. #evolve18 6
  7. 7. #evolve18 7 FLUID EXPERIENCES: THE FOUNDATION FOR HYBRID DELIVERY Design, create, curate and use page- independent editorial text content with embedded or associated media. Content Fragments Experience Fragments A group of components with layout that can live independently Content Services A lightweight, read- only way for accessing content (e.g. JSON) from AEM to deliver to any channel
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  9. 9. #evolve18 10 EXPERIENCE EDITOR FORSPA SPA implementation JS Framework Experience Editor forSPA Content Services AEM Server
  10. 10. #evolve18 THANK YOU!