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Evolve18 | Harold Williams | The BBVA Compass Migration Journey to AEM

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BBVA Compass migrated its main public website - to the Adobe Experience Manager 6.2 platform. And at the same time as the migration, BBVA Compass also begin the use of Adobe Analytics. Both implementations were core to the companies ongoing digital strategy. The migration of was the kickoff of a global effort of BBVA in which several bank entities in Europe and Latin America will be migrating to a .com with the similar look and feel. The BBVA Compass team partnered with BBVA Global and Adobe Professional Services to create a world class digital experience at

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Evolve18 | Harold Williams | The BBVA Compass Migration Journey to AEM

  2. 2. #evolve18 BBVA – WHO ARE WE? 73 Million Customers world wide 30 Countries 8200 Branches 131,745 Employees
  3. 3. #evolve18 INEVITABLE CHANGE ❖ Changing Digital Banking Landscape ❖ Customer First Approach ❖ Bankers Hours (Always On) ❖ Technology is Key
  4. 4. #evolve18 5 MAJOR POINTS OF FOCUS ❖ People ❖ Partners ❖ Technology ❖ Processes ❖ Communication KEY FOCUS POINTS FOR OUR AEM MIGRATION
  5. 5. #evolve18 ❖ Migrated over 2,500 pages ❖ Integrated with over 15 different applications owned by other bank channels ❖ Re-branded simultaneously while migrating to AEM ❖ Updated 90% of the content from the prior CMS. BBVA COMPASS MIRATTION FUN FACTS
  6. 6. #evolve18 OUR PEOPLE
  7. 7. #evolve18 Team Roles ❖ Project Managers ❖ AEM Architect ❖ AEM Developers ❖ Web Developers ❖ Content Copywriters ❖ Content Authors ❖ UX Designers ❖ Business Stakeholders AGILE – SCRUM TEAMS
  8. 8. #evolve18 OUR PARTNERS
  9. 9. #evolve18 ❖ Adobe Professional Services ❖ BBVA Global Design Madrid ❖ BBVA Dallas Creation Center PARTNER COLLABORATION
  10. 10. #evolve18 OUR TECHNOLOGY
  11. 11. #evolve18 Adobe Experience Manager Assets Analytics Target Amazon Cloud Hosted Managed by Adobe Managed Services OUR TECHNOLOGY STACK
  12. 12. #evolve18 Author Environments Publish Environments BBVA COMPASS AEM ARCHITECTURE
  13. 13. #evolve18 OUR PROCESS
  14. 14. #evolve18 UX Development Content ❖ UX – UX work proceeded dev by 1 month ❖ Dev – Agile methodology using 2 week sprints ❖ Content – Begin 2 months after UX and immediately after receiving useable page templates. AEM MIGRATION WORK STREAMS
  15. 15. #evolve18 THE CURVE BALL!
  16. 16. #evolve18 16 WHY THE CURVE BALL?
  17. 17. #evolve18 ❖ Mobile Friendly ❖ Fewest Clicks ❖ Obvious CTAs ❖ Clean URLs ❖ WCAG Friendly How do we avoid THIS??? SIMPLE, EASY AND ACCESSIBLE
  18. 18. #evolve18 ❖ BBVA’s brand standards was designed to bring to life the new brand purpose ❖ Create a unified experience across all BBVA touch points. ❖ New layouts, new typography, a new color palette, and all new photography and illustrations. CORINITA – BBVA GLOBAL BRAND DESIGN STANDARD
  19. 19. #evolve18 19 BBVA BLUE PLAYBOOK
  20. 20. #evolve18 Style Guide Which will allow user to view all proper styles we use for color, fonts and brand guidelines. Components Contains all the elements within the webpage. The code needed to develop the components and instructions on how to display them. Prototypes You can view all developmental prototypes and their functionality in this section. BBVA PLAYBOOK
  21. 21. #evolve18 We used prototypes along with authoring guidelines to help authors to quickly put together new pages using a template. BBVA BLUE PLAYBOOK – PROTOTYPES
  25. 25. #evolve18 GOING LIVE AFTER MIGRATION
  26. 26. #evolve18 Customer Communicat ions: Email, Social, Online Banking channels Employee Comms: Bulletins and Special Training for Customer Service Internal Soft Launch and Employee Feedback Public Launch GOING LIVE PLAN
  27. 27. #evolve18 27 DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION – THE NUMBERS WHAT DO THEY TELL US?  BBVA sold more than 10 million units through digital channels in the first 6 months of 2018  38% of total sales for that time period  Compared to 22.4 percent a year earlier and 14.6 percent just two years ago.  Ended June 2018 with 25 million customers using digital channels, 20 million of whom used a smartphone.
  28. 28. #evolve18 THANK YOU!